TL-29 closeout


Submitted by Eric Daniel

While going over the comments many of you posted regarding the Buck 110 utility knife, I came across several references to the TL-29. The TL-29 electrician’s knife was originally an issue item manufactured by the Camillus Cutlery Company. It has two blades; one is a standard 2.5-inch cutting blade and the other is a locking combination screwdriver and scraping blade.

Unfortunately, in February of 2007 Camillus closed its doors for good. As a result, these knives are no longer being produced, no longer issued, and are rapidly becoming unavailable. If ever you wanted a replacement, now is the time to get one.

ED — As a number of you have pointed out, the Link for this item was not working.  I thought I had resolved the issue but now it appears that the site that was carrying the TL-29, Simpson Ltd., no longer has any available.  The only other TL-29s I’ve found available have been on eBay.  Rather than play marco polo with temporary links, I’m going to remove the link here and search for another, long term, source for these knives.  Until then, if you were interested in getting one of these knives, I would recommend you do an individual internet search.

  • George Churma

    That’s weird. Our submarine just got done with new construction and every division got issued at least 8 of those.

  • Rich Skulina

    I was issued one of these knives in 1956. I still have it and use it. A great tool to have in any condition.

  • O.James Glenn

    I need a TL-29. When I click on item it say’s cannot be found.

  • Richard

    Great tool, would like to get another, but the link indicated the item could not be found. Had one issued in ’67 US Navy and still in great shape.

  • Allan

    I have a TL-29 and use it much plus I gaurd it plus it is part of my main tools bag, I’m a Ham radio operator and collect old radio just a hobby. Allan=kb5doh

  • Eric Daniel

    The link has been fixed. You now go to the TL-29 page.

  • Clay Hill

    I had one and had the squadron PR make a holder for my belt. It was great for openning the panels on our Helos

  • Dave Kuntz

    I click on the link to order this TL-29 and I get a screen thats says it cannot be found.

  • The Trooper

    There a beginning and there is a end, to all great tools. I’ll guard mine with my life. Thank you TL-29. You’ll be missed.

  • Russell Scanlan

    I have a TL-29 in my pocket right now. It was an issue item when I was a Marine aircraft mech. It still works and has Sgt. R. F. Scanlan scribed on each side of it.

  • Dave Kuntz

    I would to order one of these knives as I lost mine soon after leaving the USN in 1967. But the link from the TL-29 screen to place the order links to a “cannot be found” page.

  • Jerry

    Link showed that this item could not be found. Sure wish I could get another one of these. Was issued 1 in 1965 while in Navy, great knives.USS WRANGEL AE-12

  • Ed Nichols
    Put TL-29 in the Google search bar and you will find it for $19.95. I put the URL at the top of this page.

  • Click the URL and you will go to the site, The TL-29 is still available for $19.95 plus they have a lot of other neat stuff.
    Semper Fi

    Sorry, here is the link

  • joe treisch

    when i was in usmc -viet nam 66-67,we used TL-29’s in comm company. the TL stands for [telephone lineman],and a pair of wire cutters[notched]roll of black electrical tape,you could fix about any landline wire we used.. joe t.

    • Ellen Tallabas

      I have my Dad’s TL-29 from Vietnam . Found it the other day. He was an aircraft mechanic for the Fighting Bulldogs. Miss him!

  • Anthony

    I remember those they werent issued any more when I was in but all the old timers had one. I was always hopeing to get my hands on one seamed like a decent knife, but I remember none of the locks worked. cool army souviner

  • Erik Crabe

    I found other manufactuers of this invaluable tool on the web. Army Signal Corp issued these in most tool kits, Mine was often “borrowed”.Check out Item 211X767 from

  • ralph

    When I was an employee of a university in the 50’s, more than 400 of these were purchased for .10 each, new at a surplus government installation. It was my suggestion to the purchasing agent to purchase and give one to all the employees in our building. This they did and I still have mine.

  • Larry David Bahr

    The TL-29 was not the name or nommenclature of the knife it was part of a kit which included an Electricians knife
    (like the one shown available at most large hardware stores)
    and a wiremans pliers(Side cutters with a knotch for stipping commo wire and a hole in handle for tieing commo wire to throw over obstacles as trees ETC)and they both came in a nice holster with a flap for each to secure them. They were used by a field wireman in stringing out commo wire and were their only issued tool.

  • christine

    If anyone is looking for the TL-29 you can find this component on its like $17 plus shipping. Are shop uses them every day along with the rest of its components of the TE-33.

  • Jim McClure

    It is hard to imagine that the unit wireman doing without the TE33, This was a pouch containing the TL29 and TL13, Electrical pliers. I quess they have also stopped using the WD1 wire on a DR8 spool also.

  • Steven Lusk

    I was with the Marine Corps Mine Warfare unit in Guantanamo from 1973 to 1975. We were each issued one of these knives because they were perfect for digging out landmines. You inserted the tip of blade into the ground and flipped out a small bit of dirt until the fuse was accessible. Lots of fun there!

  • Mike

    Try Klien tools .I have an antique (wood handles) and a newer one from my days as a construction electrician

  • Lt. Terry D. Owens L

    I would say that there has been more airplanes fixed with this knife and a 4 inch crescent wrench than any other tool ever made. I still have the one issued to me in 1953 at ATU-600, NAS Hutchinson, Kansas. The blade is less than half the original size from many sharpenings.

    • Ellen Tallabas

      My dad wasn’t Marine Aviation Mechanic for the Fighting Bulldogs. I have his TL-29.

      • Ellen Tallabas

        Oops he was a Marine Aviation Mechaic!

  • Tim Turner

    Had one, got rid of it as soon as I saw the danger of the s/driver blade lock failing under applied pressure. In the early 70’s there were reports of the lock failing and cutting off fingers. I have no idea if those reports were true. The TL-30 was/is a much better tool, plus has a can opener which worked out real nice for those real long GQ’s when we were fed K-Rats for some strange reason.

  • Ed Torres

    I still have TL-29 that was issued to me back in 1988 when I was an antenna maintenace PO onoard USS Guam (LPH-9). I have it in my tool bag and no long ago I was just telling my son meaning that knife has for me. It is a tool that everyone must have in their tool box.

  • jim lorusso

    I was issued a knife just like this KL-9 in the late 70’s but its not a KL-9 its a K-22 XCELITE company in New York Camello (looks like camello but so small not sure) has a built in belt loop, I still use it. Maybe its a knock off dont know. but its great and still like new.

  • jeremy

    I Had one of these while in Iraq. Personaly as a knife collector and a soldier this one was the best and got more use out of it than my K-bar. I am kicking my self now for turning it back in with my issue of R&U tools.

  • peter m. johnson

    kline tools! they have (had) this knive.


    I still have 2 TL-29 in mi BELT and is better than the new Gerber.Got one with my TE33 LIMEN KIT,tool box TL101 in 1974 will station in Sinop,Turkey, I WAS A CABLE DOG.

  • Steve Wooden

    I have a TL-29 that was made and sold by Klein tools. Klein makes tools for the electician trade.

  • Michael A. Butler

    I was issued a wooden handled TL-29 in 1957, still have it in my tool box and still cannot get a good edge on it. It was a handy screwdriver, but mine could not and still will not cut hot butter. Back then our pole climber people were issued a switch-blade with a 6″ blade.

  • jim lorusso

    recieved in early 80’s looks just like the KL-9 but its a xcelite k_22 , a little small so spelling might not be right its a cameillu make in New York has a buil in belt loop, its still like new and I still use it.


  • Phil Dittrich

    I was issued a TL 29 in 1956. As,a Parachute Rigger, it was great, still have it. Possible to shave with it.

  • Steve

    Klein Tools 1550-2 still available:
    2-Blade Pocket Knife – Carbon Steel 2-1/2″ Spearpoint and 2-1/2″ Screwdriver-Tip Blades

    * Standard spearpoint blade – 2-1/2″ (64 mm) long.
    * Screwdriver-tip blade – 2-1/2″ (64 mm) long.
    * Screwdriver-tip blade locks open.

    Pictured: 1550-2
    Cat. No. Blade Length Blade Steel Length Closed Weight (lbs.)
    1550-2 2-1/2″
    (64) carbon steel 3-3/4″
    (95) 4.0
    All dimensions are in inches and (millimeters) except where indicated.

  • Steve

    Klein Tools 1550-2 still available:
    2-Blade Pocket Knife – Carbon Steel 2-1/2″ Spearpoint and 2-1/2″ Screwdriver-Tip Blades

    * Standard spearpoint blade – 2-1/2″ (64 mm) long.
    * Screwdriver-tip blade – 2-1/2″ (64 mm) long.
    * Screwdriver-tip blade locks open.

    Pictured: 1550-2
    Cat. No. Blade Length Blade Steel Length Closed Weight (lbs.)
    1550-2 2-1/2″
    (64) carbon steel 3-3/4″
    (95) 4.0
    All dimensions are in inches and (millimeters) except where indicated.

  • John C. Stewart has both Ideal brand and Klein Tools brand of electricians knives in two and three blade models.

  • Drew Brejda

    Klein tools make an identical knife, the Model 1550-2 Electricians Knife. You can find it on the Internet or any Home Depot, Lowes or similar building supply stores.

  • Anthony VanCampen

    Not strictly a TL-29 but Klein Tools makes a very similar two blade knife stock number 1550-2 should be available at your local Electrical Supply house or on line. I know that Stanley / Cooper includes a TL-29 look alike in their Xcellite tool kits as well.

  • Keneth Keane BMC

    I remember my father , a electrician, having that knife. I have a smile on my face thinking what I did with it as a kid.

  • Curt Cooper

    My personal electricians pocket knife (as shown above) was made by Klein Tools, Chicago, IL, USA.

    I acquired it in 1969 in Torrance, CA while working there as a Plant Engineer in a chemical plant. It was given to me by my Maintenance Foreman, who was a WWII and a Korean War Navy veteran. Bob taught me more about electrical stuff and plant maintenance than I could possibly ever know. He died a couple of years ago. RIP, my friend.

    I still have my Klein Electricians pocket knife as I type here.

  • Bill Waite ret. USCG

    I still have my TL-29 from 1976. I was at Yorktown VA.I was @ Wormly Creak. I droped my first knife over the side of the 31footer wile tapeing it for painting . My BM 3 was pi–t at me. I was lucky I got another one.It is a great knife and I use it all the time today. Wild Bill

  • sam zafran

    Feel sorry for you guys. Info First tl-29 had a would handle with tl-29 engraved in it. The tool kit referred to was a TL -33 it contained the TL-29 and a linesmans pliers TL-13 with cutting edges and a notch for wire stripping.Got me one when I left the first time in 49 still got it, it goes with me to my final resting place Sam

  • Tom Glavin

    Mine was issued on the way to Viet Nam in ’65. Have carried it since then. Hinge end of blade is inscribed CAMco on one side and 229 on the other side. CAMco being Camillus Cutlery Company. I wonder about the 229 and T-29. Did it take on a name of its own in T-29? Misplaced it for a few weeks years ago. Found a replacement at Sears–nice knife, very similar, but the screwdriver is hard to open and close. AF CMSGT Ret.

  • Jim

    I still have a TL-29. I earned mine in Marine Corp Avonics in the late seventies. I see the new type of multi tools issued to our Air Force technician’s. In a lot of ways I LIKE THE SIMPLICITY OF THE TL-29.Jim Avonics

  • Jen

    I have a TL-29 Camillus knife that belongs to my father. He is looking to sell. If interested, please post with a conctact email and I will email you.

  • Dave

    I recently inherited one of these knives, or the predecessor thereof. The one I have is world war two-era (or so I was told), with wood stocks. Took me a weekend to clean it up, but it’s a great knife

  • Kimberly Warren

    I have a question but it is relating to a U.S. Army Flag Kit that was found in the attic of my sister-in-law. The previous owner of the home was Walton Erikson, who according to some old paperwork was in the Navy in 1942. My brother-in-law was also in the Navy but served in Vietnam. He said the Navy and the Army used to share things like that. Anyhow, the flags are red/white, one set is diagnol(?), and the other set is red w/a white block, and white w/a red block of color. He believes that these flags were used on the beach for amphibious landings. Is this true? Does anyone know of thier value? They are in perfect shape, except for one single small tear on one flag. We are considering making contact the family to see if they would like them but want to insure them for appropriate value in case of accident. Although they are pretty much priceless in our book, it is always good to insure a package. I would appreciate any information on them.

  • B
  • michael dimenna

    From My father I have two of these knives, one stamped TL-29 Made by UTICA and the other Camillius that has Steel boisters, I imaagine from 1943 when all brass went into shell casings. he repaired aircraft in Tunisia during the European air assult.

  • ken

    got one stamped TL-29 on the real wood handle, knife blade stamped camillus new york.. screwdriver blade has writting military style TO RELEASE PUSH CENTER LOCK TO LEFT and to hanger/loop is much larger than the newer plastic handled ones i seen.

  • Marshall

    You can pretty much find them in a pawn shop. I remember our 31Ks who stole them from our TK-101s, tool boxs that as 31V we where responsable for. A nice kit to have and well used TL-29s are priceless. I bought one the other day.

  • Richard Oglesby

    The other day I was in Home Depot looking in the electrical section and I saw that they had several TL-29 Pocket Knives for sale.

  • Ferretx

    You can find TL-29s on Ebay, I just bought 2, one with a wooden handle, and one with a Plastic handle, both are Camillus.

  • Hutter
  • Hutter

    Is it true that only military issued TL-29’s have the imprint TL-29 on the handle? Is there anyway to date one with the imprint?

  • John Peters

    I have a TL-29 which was made by Imperial out of Rhode Island. I find it interesting that in this day of multi-tools and swiss army knives the TL29 is still so highly regarded.
    SGM, USA, Ret.

  • Will

    Army EOD techs were issued these knives also, they came with a leather holster that held a pair diagonal cutters and then a smaller pocket for the knife.
    SOP was to stick in a pair of Dupont crimpers the nut on the crimpers would fit inside the hollow on the cutters and they would slide in the pocket together.
    Gave you the essentials for placing charges and connecting to either a blasting machine or time fuse.

  • Brian

    I have a post WWII circa 1950-53 TL-29 that is my every day carry knife. It hold a better edge and is more useful than most other knives (USA or German made) that I own.

    • Brian

      Did I mention that mine is actually marked TL-29 on the scale and is Camillus, New York, USA

  • Brian

    Yes and No. The military issued is marked TL-29 on the scale. There were some made that were marked TL-29 but also had a number marking on the blade. If yours has no numbers on the blade then it is Military Issue. Dating them has to do with the number and placing of the pins (small brass pins on the side + the pin that holds the blades in place) and the placing of the bail (metal loop on the end). I have a military issued that has five pins (four brass pins on the side plus the pin through the blades) and a deep bail (there were two bail placements SHALLOW bails are very close to the end, DEEP bails are farther in from the end) mine date from 1950-53. Mine has a black delrin (composite ) handle. If yours hasa wooden handle it is older-pre WWII. I do not know the dates for all of the configs although you can find out at just post a thread with your question in the Q&A section.

    • Brian

      The Military issued are also made by Camillus,New York,USA

  • Brian

    I think it actually stands for Tool-Lineman not telephone.

  • Ted Hazlewood

    I have had a TL-29 since I was in the Navy, attached to VA-76. We went on a West-Pac Cruise 1967 and they issued us one. The electricians got one with stainless handle but us Mechs got the real deal with the wood handles and the black micarta handles.
    I own an aircraft repair in San Diego and I still have my TL-29 and I carry it in the holder that was made by the parachute riggers to this day.

  • Michael DiMenna

    I carry a Camco TL29 every day. As a contractor it is my always ready tool. The point of the knife is a convenient tool for Phillips head screws as long as they don’t need a great amount of torque. I wont risk the damage. I also have two of my fathers Utica’s from the Air Force circa 1940’s. He spent the entire war in North Africa servicing planes for the allied invasion of Sicily and Europe. I just admire those and use them in my studio and office. Of note. One of them was made in 1943 because the scales are steel and not brass. They hold a great edge. I picked up the one I carry daily from a flea market for $2. The stripper/screwdriver comes in handy. A great tool. WOULD’NT LEAVE HOME WITH OUT IT. I ‘ve been carry knife in my pocket since the 2nd grade or about 53 years.

  • David Johnson

    I was also stationed in Sinop in 1974. Worked at Hippy maintenance. I can send some photos if you would like. Did you work at Hippodrome or Ops?


  • KindlyRat

    a search of Discount Cutlery
    has some interesting Chinese replicas!


    i just bought one at an estate sale this weekend. seen it. had a good feeling about it. no one else knew what it was. i got it and 3 other knives for $15. woohoo. great shape. black handle with stamp. extremely tight back. very happy with it.