Cool Tool: Spyderco SpydeRench T01


Submitted by Brizmo

Gotta talk about the Spyderco SpydeRench T01. Expensive as hell, but all the tools are actually usable: lockback knife, crescent wrench, pliers and real screwdriver bits that lock in to a full size handle. All folds to the size of a flip cell phone.

ED — Taken from Spyderco’s website, the T01 has the following features.

  • You can get it from the Knifecenter for $86.95 for a limited time!

  • The original SpyderRench was made in Japan, but was so expensive to make, Spyderco discontinued production for about five years. Now it’s made in China by their Byrd Knife subsidiary. Byrd makes the same thing under its own brand name, differing only in the shape of the thumb hole on the blade. Street price for the Spyderco is about $102, while the Byrd is about $87. The two Chinese versions are actually slightly better than the original Japanese one, but that is a quality tool, too. I keep the Spydercos in my collection, but the ByrdRench in my go bag.

  • A. Nony Mous


    The original was made in the U.S.A., not Japan. It is currently made in Taiwan, the Byrd (ByrdRench) version is made in China. Both are great tools.

  • James E. Rowray

    Does anyone out there have the USA made spyderco spyderench they would like to sell?!? Thanks!!

  • B

    James E,

    I know it’s been a while, did you ever find a USA made spyderench?..I have one. LINB! It’s for sale, lemme know..