iPod Goes Tactical With two Shot Timer Apps

I'd never been exposed to the use of shot timer until that slave driver of a shooting instructor Brandon Wright of ITI subjected Ward and me to the ignominity of the damned device last week.

I was trolling around the forums today and ran across a mention of a new iPhone application that is designed to work as a shot timer and hone your speed.

SISiPhoneApps developed the shot timer with what looks to me like a range of customization and reporting bells and whistles so that you can keep track of your times and calibrate the device for refined acoustics. The SIS timer builds on SureFire's similar app released about a year ago.

This is the second app I've seen for hard core tactical use, the first being Knights Armament's Bullet Flight ballistics app.

Look, I'm an iPhone convert and believe that the darn thing has pretty close to changed the world as I know it. It's pretty cool to see the gizmo being used for more real-world military applications and I hope the development keeps going.

We'd love to hear about any others our readers have seen out in the field, and also if anyone has some first-hand experience with tactical apps, let's get the lowdown.

  • In the external ballistics apps, I really prefer the Ballistic app. While it was at least a few months since i tried it, the Knights program was flashy and looked good in comparison, but Ballistic is more robust (especially the Tactical Field Edition) and is updated fairly regularly.

    Winchester also has a good looking ballistics calculator as well but again falls short IMO to Ballistic.

    I like the Surefire ShotTimer App a lot. The Taurus timer is ok, but not as good. I haven’t tried Shot Timer Pro yet mostly because of the price. It has more to offer than the Surefire but I just don’t need that much capability.

    There is also the Dry Fire Trainer App that looks pretty good and lets you build training sessions.

    For those of us that concealed carry, there are several reference apps including LegalHeat that have the permit laws and reciprocity of each state.

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