Patience Pays off with Tactical M4 (For One of Us)

You know, I've been going through all of our footage from the excellent training we got this week from ITIlooking for some badassery, but it turns out, we just kind of look like a couple of knuckle heads who sometimes manage to clink a target here and there.

Our instructor for the firearms portion was Brandon Wright, an accomplished competitive shooter and former VA State Trooper who couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating to us. Even when I whined and moaned about how sore my thumb was getting from reloading magazines, he didn't  give me a lot a crap — though Ward sure as heck didn't hold back.

Brandon definitely helped us with proper drawing and firing technique with the M9 and got us to the point where we were relatively competant with the darn thing. Likewise with the M4, he showed me a new way to fire by wrapping my forward hand almost totally around the handguard to stabilize the shot.

We worked with EOTech sights and no vertical grips or anything — all in semi auto mode. We started at the 100 yard marker and moved up to the 10 meter post for some close in shots. While Brandon tried his best, we didn't come out of this a couple of Clint Eastwoods by any means (though Ward came pretty darn close). 

But if it comes down to it, at least we'll know which end to point toward the threat (that is if we can get a loaded magazine into it…)…

  • sam c

    This guy needs to learn more of the English language and just not 4 letter words. Just shows his ignorance. He is a totally raving idiot. Does not need to even be allowed to walk the streets……

  • CZEcho

    That looks like fun. I wish I lived in a free country. Out here on the left coast we’d have to sell our souls to Sacramento to get our hands on those pieces.

    Sam, who’d have thought military guys knew anything about tossin’ a few expletives? A better approach to discouraging it is to ignore it, preferring to be an example in word and deed. Make them want to follow you, rather than cursing you behind your back.

  • USSoldier10

    Awesome video . . . definitely need to focus on some speed reloads ;)

    @sam c – a little harsh don’t ya think? I can understand the ignorant remark, but raving idiot? That level of ranting won’t solve a darn (see what I did there?) thing. I’d take CZEcho’s advice to heart and put it into action, it’ll go a lot farther than ranting about it.

  • Derald

    Sam C your a F@%#&$! idiot!

  • I’llThumpya

    i thought the instructor showed alotta patience. Sam wats ur problem?

  • SadSmilie

    Video is down :(