Russian MultiCam and Black Guns


A couple IMINT hits this morning.

Unfortunately the above picture was posted online almost a year ago, but I'd never seen it and I thought in the context of the Army's adoption of MultiCam for troops in Afghanistan it was worth revisiting.

Internet speculation says that the troops pictured above are from the Russian version of Delta force, called Alpha. I've seen some traffic on the net that indicates the Russians are working on a new camo scheme that takes the MultiCam approach but makes it digital.

With the US, Spain, Great Britain and now Russia looking into their own versions of MultiCam, one wonders if we're reaching a tipping point where the basic woodland pattern has been so improved with the basic MultiCam color scheme that we're gotten pretty close to a universal pattern…or have we?

The UCP actually worked pretty well in Iraq, but by far the most coveted performer was the Marine Corps' desert digital. I feel like MultiCam would have worked on some situations (a lot of Iraqi villages are situated along stretches of fertile riverbank) but not so much in the urban fight. This is certainly an interesting time in camouflage development and we'll keep our eye on where things go as they change near daily.


I also ran across this picture of PEO Soldier that really shows how well the entire MultiCam ensemble works — and at the same time it shows how dramatically obvious the gosh darn solid black M4 is. It sticks out like a sore thumb and with all the money being spent on MultiCam, there should really be some effort to blend in that weapon.

  • Russell koch

    The camo fetish lives on! I wonder what the doggies of previous wars would think. Does anyone know what the pile of crap those dudes are walking around is? Rotor or fixed? WTF!

  • Lorcan

    That is a Kamov Ka-52 Alligator.
    It’s a double rotor helo

  • Alex

    I thought the Army was allowing soldiers to spray-paint their ‘M4’s now. Didn’t I see that in a article?

  • Daniel

    does one of those guys have an EOtech

  • Nice piece Christian. The PEO Soldier photo was a very timely find – used it to wrap a piece I just finished:

  • Pete Sheppard

    Those uniforms look like off-the-shelf Multicam on ACU-cut garments (note the velcro patches on the arms).

    Woodland camo became very widely used since the ’80s. In a way, it’s nothing new. Before the recent “camo races”, various nations’ uniforms were slightly varying shades of OD or khaki. You had to see the actual cut of the uniforms or individual gear to tell nationality.

  • SSG Fair

    Actually guys, I think they are Polish, and the reason I say this, is because on my last deployment, I was at Camp Vic in “B” Town, and I saw them wearing multi-cam. I remember getting quite pissed off, that the Polish had it, and we were still running around in stupid ACUs. And yes, their AKs had EOTechs and ACOG equivelants also. They have a similiar rail system as our M4s and can pretty much mount whatever the hell they want. Poland is a former Soviet State, so thats why they are using Russian Helo’s and weapons.

    • Bryan

      The Polish do not fly this typeof Russian helo. The guy on the far right has a Russian flag on his shoulder.

  • US Army 48E

    They are Russian. Guy on the far right – on his left soldier is a Russian flag.

    They are indeed next to a KA-52.

  • Polish SF wear “Suez” camo – a derivative of MultiCam.

  • WB

    looks like the russian equivalent to the apache

  • gunnerxdenmark

    i bett its a blackshark russian *******,

  • gunnerxdenmark

    yea, or KA-50 BlackShark , its the same thing, in basic,

  • Tigger

    You are right, a black weapon really stands out, especially against a light coloured uniform. One of the things I remember noticing when the F88 Austeyr was introduced was that we no longer had a big black rifle (L1A1 SLR – or FN FAL for the non-British Commonwealth countries out there) as a visual reference point. Especially in a landscape that does not feature a lot of black in the colour palette. Now they make the thing in three different colours!