Low Profile Ear Pro

A good looking alternative to the bulky radio headphones used by troops in the field today might be the Quietpro+ Intelligent Hearing System.

Developed by Norway-based Nacre, the Quietpro features an Ear Bud-like earphone set that uses wiz-bang technology to cancel out loud noises like explosions and gunfire, while still allowing voice to go through.

The system also includes a radio interface and wireless receiver, so you can attach all the comm units you need to keep in touch with the FOB or air.

The earplug shuts out the noise but allows speech to pass, thanks to the electronics built into a microchip. In quiet surroundings the sounds that we wish to hear are allowed past, but in a noisy environment, the system shuts out the noise, allowing only speech to pass. The electronics are built into a tiny chip. In combination with a radio, the system is a complete communications terminal for use in noisy environments.

The biggest advantage I can see is the fact that this thing is just a couple ear plugs rather than the bulky, borderline annoying headsets most troopers wear.

The user’s voice is captured in the ear canal, virtually free of noise. This is used for radio communication, so neither a hand-held microphone or microphone clip in front of the mouth, are required. QUIETPRO also functions as a “hands-free” terminal for most types of radio unit.

According to Nacre, the Norwegian army has adopted the system and a news story forwarded to Kit Up! says the system has been tested by the US Marine Corps.

Thanks to tipster CF for the gouge.

  • I’m in an SF Signal Detachment, and we tested this thing three years ago. The earplugs are a deep insertion type – they have to be pretty far into your ears to work and you have to fit each ear to the right size foam piece. And of course with those they aren’t long-term reusable, or, obviously, can be used between different individuals, meaning that you have to stock extras.

    As for function, riding ATVs we got tons of wind noise on these (something they are supposed to not be affected by) while Peltor headsets were crystal clear.

    They wouldn’t work with our XTS-3000s/5000s either. I’m suspecting they only worked with MBITRs because those use the standard U-229/U connection.

    Long story short: Not impressive, we didn’t like them, still using Peltor Dual Comms without issue beyond the occasional broken mic boom.

  • Will

    I was issued this radio and plugs when I worked in the Norwegian army, and I never got them to fit properly, probably more due to my own incompetence, but it was so easier to just put on some active hearing protection with mics instead!

  • I work for Nacre Sales and Marketing. Interesting discussion regarding the QUIETPRO QP Intelligent Hearing System, thanks Will and Daniel.

    The QUIETPRO product has undergone a number of product enhancements over the past few years. Both foam ear tips and custom plugs can now be supplied by the Nacre. The foam tips are now supplied by a company called Howard Leight – to tell if you are using the old or new ones look at the color of the foam – it should be
    black – not orange.

    QP is compatible with many many different radios – but you need to have the right interface cable and software loaded into the QP. The software sets the interface levels for the mics and loudspeakers between the QP and the radio to ensure that you get the best audio under all noise conditions.

    The QUIETPRO provides adaptive talk-through – the function that allows you to hear sounds around you while wearing the headset. It is automatic, it continuously adjusts to the noise around you – to provide you protection. It does allow the user to manually control the level up and down. You can can enhance your hearing (by 5 times) but you can also reduce the level of the outside sounds to reduce distractions (such as wind noise) and help further improve the radio communications.

    The QP ear pieces do need to be fitted properly to give the maximum performance. You need to ensure that you use the right size of ear tip – 5 sizes are available to accommodate al ear canal sizes and shapes. You may need different sizes between left and right. The tip is best fitted by compressing the foam, and inserting the tip into your ear with a twisting and push action, while pulling the ear our straight. Pulling the ear straightens your ear canal which bends and curves naturally. The Nacre website provides a fitting video. http://www.nacre.no.

    We (Nacre) appreciate your comments.

  • Chris

    I’m an SF operator and my team was issued the QP (Quiet Pro) system on a recent deployment. I believe they are the best ear pro/comms devices on the market today. They are a little bit of a pain to set up, but once you do get them sized correctly and inserted properly they are comfortable enough that I honestly forgot they were in. Unlike the Peltor-style systems the QP’s aren’t uncomfortable with a helmet on, they don’t collect sweat and make you hotter in the miserable Helmand heat, and they allow the user to locate the direction of a sound. I would much rather have pains setting up the system like with the QP’s than have the pain come about when I use the system like with the Peltor-type systems. Unlike Daniel Glass, I didn’t have issues with wind noise while riding on ATV’s or in a UH-60 with the doors open. Comms were just as clear there as during a security halt on foot, and with the QP’s microphone being inside the ear there we didn’t transmit wind noise when we hit the PTT, something the Peltors did that made them virtually useless in a 60.

  • Chris

    Thank you Nacre, thank you. I understand that you have a new product coming out and I can’t wait to see it and (hopefully) use it.

  • ryan

    where can a person order replacement tips for quiet pros?

  • M Suda

    Nowhere! Once they sell you their product they’ll leave you high and dry. I’ve been trying to get someone from the company to return my phone call or email for about 6 months. I gave up.

    My unit has about 25 of their units and we loved using them on patrols during my two previous deployments. Few months ago we wanted to send these units with another Platoon that was deploying to Afghanistan but we just could not order those dang ear tips. Without those ear tips units are useless. Our unit could not purchase those ear tips because of budget constraints guys were willing to pitch in and buy it with their own money (such is life in Army Reserves). Unfortunately, Nacre is only in business of selling units. They are not in the business of supporting Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. When I left Helmand Province in summer of last year there were thousands of those units just sitting on the shelves with Marine Supply Office. Not being utilized because of lack of those damn ear tips.

    Too bad, this is great product with lots of potential. Unfortunately since Service members are unable to use the device they will end up on Govliquidation.com being sold for pennies on the dollar to kids playing airsoft

  • Steve McLemore

    Neal, are you still employed by Nacre Sales and Marketing? Have you not been following this thread of conversation concerning Nacre’s main line product? If you haven’t, or if you did not made someone aware of this and I’m sure there are other threads of conversation relating to the QuietPro, both positive and negative, why? Can’t you offer some assistance or provide a resource for getting the replacement foam tips? See the post’s below from Chris, Ryan, and M Suda. It seems to me that Chris gave a raving review for the QuietPro Intelligent Hearing System, and Ryan and M Suda are revealing a problem with the Supply Chain for aquiring the replacement foam tips. the foam tips are consumable items that are necessary the QuitePro System to work. Step up and be counted, guy, make a difference, make Nacre aware of this problem. And solve the problem. We’re talking about nickel and dime stuff here guy, preventing the use of a most valuable accessory to our soldiers battlegear. Heave to, and git on it dude.

  • Steve McLemore

    Chris, Ryan, and M Suda, I’m sorry that you have found it impossible to acquire replacement foam tips for the QuitePro. It is absolutely appaling that something so trivial prevents the use of such a valuable part of your battlegear.

    Thank you for your service to your country to protect freedom and liberty.

  • Justin

    So, i’m in need of some replacement earbuds…..Nowhere to be found? Someone please help?!?!?!?

  • Jimmy