The Weapon of McChrystal’s Replacement

…that’s just assuming he’s let go or resigns after this controversial Rolling Stone article.

In a desperate attempt to cash in on the crisis — and with few angles of the story to grab onto for a “gear blog” — Kit Up! wants to survey its readers on what kind of weapon Afghan War Commander McChrystal’s replacement will shoot…that is IF (and I think that’s still a big IF) he is out of a job soon.

We’re looking into names, but instead, let’s look at that person’s potential preferred primary weapon to prognosticate what branch the guy might come from.

  1. Socom Combat Assault Rifle (Navy SOF)
  2. Heckler & Koch 416 (Army SF)
  3. M4 (Army)
  4. M-16A4 (Marine)
  5. JDAM/M4 w/10″ Barrel (Air Force)
  6. TLAM/Beretta (Navy)
  • Bob


  • Engineer

    I think the SF really messed up their shot at this – Army or Marines

  • Marines HOORAH !

  • Tmash

    Well this is the Obama administration…so Navy cause what makes more sense than a Navy man runnig a ground war.(sarasm)

  • chris

    supposedly Gen. Mattis is the frontrunner, so M16A4

  • David E. Formby

    Obama should fire ALL the so called experts and get military men with successful combat experience as replacements. McChrystal tell them a brief outline of what his plans, tell the department heads what he needs and be honest with the President, even if he wasn’t in the R.O.T.C.. Obama needs to listen and let the military WIN!
    Two Fifties

  • Sgt.Maj. Dan Daly

    Boot General McChrystal.

    Send in General Mattis.

    Get the Army and SOCOM out of Afghanistan.

    Rename Afghanistan, Marinestan.

    And we’ll wait for China there.

    • Tmash

      Really? You think the the USMC can go it alone? Not to mention the fact that the SF guys are some of the best trained and most cost effective units on the planets. I say have all convential force leave. And fight dirty with just SF and airpower. I mean that what we did in A-stan to begin with. And if im not mistaken thay took the Kabul and Kandahar before the Marines arrived and set up camp Rhino.

      • Dan

        You missed the point.

  • Kilroy

    I’m there with you! Rename that litterbox Marinestan and we’ll wait for the Chinese there.

  • Billy

    if he gets assigned by obama he is propably a homosexual muslim, who works at the city hall in Chicago that get’s promoted to general.
    but not after obama gives a great sounding speech that lulles 75% of america right back to sleep….
    so the guy will propably use a supersoaker with purple flowers painted on the side… ;-)

  • Duke

    With Obama in charge? Who knows, maybe “girlscouts!”

    • Frank H

      General McChrystal for President in 2012!

  • TSC

    with you there frank, as an 11B OIF vet , i say let a true warrior bring this country back to the top.

  • brian johnson

    marines are janitors for the rest of us.

  • TopesideDZ

    Marines can’t make a move in Afghanistan without the Army’s support, logistical and medical. Marines with their puny 7 month deployments and 7-14 month reset times have it too easy.

    Let the Soldiers have at it, whether conventional, Ranger or SF, they are the true professionals.