LSAT Test Shoot Video

Here’s a Kit Up! exclusive…We obtained the only publicly released video of an Army test shoot with the experimental M-249 SAW-like machine gun firing cased telescoped ammo.

A couple things of note here…First, notice the weapon’s increased recoil seems to have been mitigated by the long stroke soft recoil system. Also, at around 0:22 you can see from the side shot how the case is ejected in front of the bolt with the links being ejected as the round is loaded.

  • Jon

    I don’t know what video you’re talking about, but the video you posted is only 1:11, thus there is no side shot of the weapon at 1:16 . . .

  • Wake27

    I think he meant 0:16? That’s about where the profile view starts.

  • One minor correction, this is not an experimental M249 SAW firing CT ammo. It may be a squad automatic weapon, but I think the folks at Picatinny designed this basically from the ground up. Parts may be based on the SAW (I don’t really know), but this isn’t an FN product and major components like the extraction system are completely different.

  • dawe

    It’s looks a Stoner LMG to me.

  • RXLD

    That thing`s really got power!Super power!! Got to cost a bundle a piece, i`d reckon!

  • ANG

    looks like a good improvization to the services< but the m249 is still the original :)