New Russian Camo Spotted

A Kit Up! reader sent me a link to a photo gallery of a new Russian army camo that seems a bit of a throw back to Cold War DDR duds.

The new uniform appears digital, but is a dark woodland brown and green that could limit its usefulness in combat situations other than fighting in forests.

Though the soldiers modeling the uniforms in the photo gallery look like they’re 12 years old, there are a few details here that indicate the Russians had put some thought into the design. Like their American counterparts, the Russians look as if they’re starting to wear knee pads and almost everyone’s got body armor on. The helmets look more like US designs than the Soviet bucket from WWII. You’ll also see some detailing in the material makeup of the blouses and trousers that make them look a little Crye-ish.

The camos are interesting — especially since we reported the Alpha guys wearing MultiCam — but by far my favorite is the one with the grey coveralls and FR bandana. Just an AK and a dagger…he don’t need nuthin’ else!

  • Helz

    Glad to help!

  • Deacon

    Russia has money for R&D? Uh oh.

    They should find some more BA looking testers… When I first saw the pic I though “airsoft.”

  • johnny c

    We go back and forth with the russians we copy them they copy us and for good reasons, the russians do have good ideas and we can look at the current gear our troops are using today to see many russian ideas. There is nothing wrong at all with this, in fact it makes for a more effective soldiers. The idea of learn from your enemies has always been a good idea let them field it, see if it works? then adapt to it. Saves some R&D money that’s for sure.

  • roland

    Its looks uptight, Must be good as a sweet camo and workout outfit.

  • Bob

    The Red Army always has been a formidable opponent, not to be taken lightly.

  • M.G.Halvorsen

    The guy in the grey uniform seems to be more urban camoflage. These are serious operators, if my OPFOR memories serve me. Don’t be fooled by the youthful faces. the striped tee-shirt is only issued to units like the equivalant of our Airborne/Ranger units…and, of course, Spetznaz. Bob’s right. Do NOT underestimate the Russians. With good leadership, they are as tough as any I’ve ever seen.

  • Lance

    The helmet looks like a DDR East German helmet only Kevlar. The camo seems a cross between Rain Camo and Fletcher camo.

    The Russians seem to take lessons from East German equipmet.

  • USAF SrA

    I don’t know why everybody is all “Russia’s the Enemy” and all that. The Cold War ended 20 years ago and the fact is they are more an ally than an Enemy. Also, they haven’t been the Red Army since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

    Now, as for the Uniform, I think it looks outwardly like a good design in cut and I’m sure that they are using decent materials. The striped t-shirts are indeed indicative of Special Forces or Marine Infantry. It’s too bad my beloved USAF can’t get me a decent uniform when the Russians can get their troops one…

  • Unimpressed

    Isn’t this a variant of the “tetris” pattern adopted in 2008?

  • pHilo

    Perfect for cess-pool fishing

  • arminf06

    WTF!!!!! Are you kidding me…Reminds me of a bunch of kids at the paintball field not knowing what should go with what????

  • Jay

    The wars are fought with adolescents that have more testosterone than brains. You won’t convince some old fox to do many stupid things we did as young soldiers.

  • Bruce

    Why don’t the USA just invent a Camo that Will Change like a Chameleon on the Soldier in whatever environment you are in, automatically, Invisibility to its best. Just a Thought

  • keith

    Aside from the pros and cons of the camo pattern I’d love to know what the photos show happening. To me it looks suspiciously like JROTC summer training or pre-boot camp familiarization. Young eager but nervous kids in fairly new but mismatched uniforms with a veteran NCO and “experienced” officer type.

  • -Guest-

    This text is riddiculous! They are not copy Americans at all, like autor said. Helmet isn’t like American and they were kneepads years ago than Americans do.
    Russian technology is much better than Americans, they only know to promote themselves in games and commercials….Please do not write stupidity like this any more….
    Russians had digital camo in 1944….When Americans had their first digital uniform???? Try something to read, not to search internet for stupidities like this is…..

  • Sam

    I think it looks good. It defientely is pretty close to the Rain camo. If they threw some dark rust color in there it would be perfect!

  • Bulgarian

    You won nothing! Soviet block colapses by itself. Your CIA and other thousands of useless organizations didn’t see it comming. I’m lucky to serve in the army in both eras, communist and democratic, i know what american and russian soldiers can do and trust me, you don’t want to meet russians in combat…even if they wear AK’s and socks only ;)

  • WB

    Greetings all. These posts and comments are from last year so I don’t know if anything I write will be viewed by those who’ve made comments.
    1st…. to the “bulgarian” What do you believe caused the soviet block to “collapse” on it’s own?? The mere fact that the soviet era is gone is a testament to the fact that an outside force helped in the collapse.
    Do you believe that the economy of the soviet union was propped up by the govt.?
    Do you believe that the soviet union was not able to keep up with basic consumer needs?IE: electricity, food, durable goods, daily needs etc….
    Do you think that the system crashed under it’s own weight? The fact that the eastern bloc nations used strong arm tactics just to keep people from fleeing to the west is a testimony to the fact that the soviet style of government was doomed from the beginning. The socialist model of government is nothing more than a way for a few to be able to remain in control, live the good life while the masses toil under the constant threat of imprisonment or death. EG: north korea, china, cuba, east germany to name only a few. Oh that would include your own bulgaria. I was in a military intel.unit in germany for six years in the 80’s. During that time I saw families attempting to flee to the west only to be captured and arrested. These were families with young children only seeking a better future rather than being under the heel of oppression. American soldiers have proven time and again that they can hold their own and prevail. They have always fought with a moral compass forced upon them by the same governments they are fighting.The soviet regimes of many different countries have fought with no concern for civilian populations and have proven time and again that they use torture simply for blood lust. And before you start spouting off about abu graib and water boarding take a look back and reflect on the numerous accounts of US POWs who have suffered senseless treatments of barbarity with no reason other than to inflict pain and mental punishment. Look back at the numerous atrocities of genocide and rape during the second world war. The germans used rape as a means of terror during their invasion of the soviet union. But, also acknowledge that the russians did the same thing when they fought back into germany. Estimates of rapes were reported to be in the millions. Americans have always had to live up to a higher standard by the rest of the world. That doesn’t mean that there is no blood on the hands of some but those incidents were not the norm. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • Guest

    Horrible! That camo can be effective only in a very dense forest but not in any other areas especially in the semi-steppe, urban and snow environment. IMO the best universal camo is the multicam. Also look at the Mongolian camo! Yes, Mongolian! You won’t believe how it’s effective in many environment!

  • Aussie

    WB mate seems u’ve been brainwashed to repeat yankee made rubbish and eventually believed in it.
    Here is a big secret for an uneducated audience: Soviet Union collapsed because of the fight for power between Yeltsin and Gorbachev.
    Yeltsin was president of Russia, which was 90% of the Union – who’s president was Gorbachev.
    Yeltsin signed Russia’s exit from the SU making Gorbachev’s position obsolete. Other satellite states also split. After yankee politicians have picked up their jaws back from the floor they rushed in screaming they’ve won.
    Read the textbooks mate or sell your ******** to housewives in Colorado.