Discover Channel Series ‘Surviving the Cut’: Ranger Training

The Discovery Channel is pivoting off of its popular “Two Weeks in Hell” series about Special Forces Assessment and Selection process with a new documentary series on indoc training for a variety of operator fields.

The new “Surviving the Cut” series will cover Special Forces divers, Navy EOD, Air Force PJs, Marine Recon and Marine Snipers.

The first episode, which airs tonight at 10pm EDT is on Ranger school and takes a wide-open look at the brutal 60+ day evolution from sand pits to mountains, swamps to beaches. It’s not a particularly revealing documentary — there have been a lot like it over the years — but it’s still fun to watch and the producers do a good job of developing characters and conveying the grit and drive that it takes to get a “go” in each of the exercises.

So if any Kit Up! readers have been through it, want to go through it or are vicarious wannabes like me, it’s definitely worth a watch.

  • Echo

    My fiance was one of these guys that made it all the way thru. My hats are off to these guys, all of them. “RANGERS LEAD THE WAY”

  • 2LT

    i was in the class right before the filming… it was *******nmiserable to say the least but sooooo worth it in the end.

  • Riceball

    Can’t wait to see the one on Marine Force(?) Recon, you see tons on the Rangers, Special Forces, & SEALs, but next to nothing about Marine Recon so it should be interesting to see what they have to endure. I know that Force Recon indoc is pretty tough so I can only imagine what Recon school must be like.

  • kyle

    gotta love that breach and clear. just knocks that guy on his ass

  • It was interesting to see how many people dropped after day (1) considering everything they had to go through just to get there.. ie…Pre-screening selection by their individual units + Pre-Ranger. It was nice to see a few Air Force Cats in this episode.

  • CKH

    When they had the formation at the end, noticed a guy in the back row wearing DPM and a green beret. Nice to see the foreigners enjoying the fun.

  • jay fresh

    I want to see special tactics air force too and TAC-p…

  • HBS

    I have two sons in 3rd Battalion. One thing that’s never shown is the grueling journey the scrolled Battalion Rangers have to make through Airborne and RIP now called RASP before going to Ranger school. They are sometimes singled out for a little extra business since they will end up in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

  • orm-d

    I went in 1988, it’s amazing how little has changed. Interesting nothing on the desert phase.

    • Ted

      Dude they killed the desert phase in the mid-90s.

      • Sleepy_Dave

        That seems an ironic and poor decision, in hindsight.

  • griz6

    When was the filming?

  • Jerry D. Porter

    My grandfathers name was David Porter…I was in the next to last cycle to go through infantry school ( at age 28)at Harmony Church( C-4-2 )grad. 13NOV1986…I would be interested in any followups on Spec. Porter. Very proud that he was honored by the evaluators as, from what I saw, he exemplified the character of our elite very well.