Fantasy or Reality: The Hybrid Sniper/Assault Rifle

“Renound” British customized weapon designer Dalton/Stanley has released the world’s first ever hybrid assault riflewith internal adaptable barrel that extends the weapon’s reach into sniper range.

A specialized day/night optic integrates IR illumination, laser designator and visible light beam is mounted on top Picatinny rails.

the built-in computer measures air particles passing through three invisible beams projected from the front of the weapon. The computer uses this information to calculate wind direction and velocity, resulting in it being able to provide the user with a more accurate alternative target for the shot, presented on the scope’s viewfinder.

The so-called A/SRH C-1 has a built-in bipod, extendable butt stock and 30-shot 5.56 magazine.

According to the manufacturers, the quick-change sniper barrel extension simply twists into place…

There are 2 barrels; one standard and one that is housed directly underneath it. The 2nd barrel is redundant until sniper-mode in enabled. The standard barrel extends forwards and locks, and then the 2nd barrel slides up into it’s place via an internal mechanism. A rotation of the second barrel screws the two barrels together firmly, creating the solid extended sniper barrel you see here. The join/seam is too small to affect the passage of projectiles (the seam is ~20μm).

Real? Fake? Computer animation or a no joke boom stick. I’ll let Kit Up! readers be the judge of that. Whether fantasy or reality, the A/SRH C-1 is a pretty sweet looking gun…

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  1. Sounds like way to much monkey motion, electronics, and complications. KISS and this ain't KISS. 5.56 isn't exactly a sniper caliber, at least not past about 400 yards.

  2. I've seen this before, months ago. Sadly, it's just an artist's concept, rather than a working design. It also appears on the artist's portfolio, here ––S… – along with some hilarious "testimonials."

    "I was able to take two [enemies] down at real close range, and within 30 seconds I was sniping the skull out of the back of a patrolling APC gunners' head. F***ing brilliant!"
    Cpl. A. Hamilton / HM Mechanised Rifle Squadron

    "It's just so goddamn easy. You set it up, point, it tells you where to shoot, and blam – your target no longer lives. What more could you want?"
    Lt. Gen. T. Sanderson / Royal Marine Corps.

    That said, I do believe variable-length barrels will be an important advancement in combat rifle design as soon as the technology becomes practical.

  3. sounds just like a concept gun to me…

  4. This is a promo clip for an industrial design company:…. It is not (thankfully) a real weapons system or it would rank right up there with the Air-Knife and the pistol-mounted bayonet.

  5. It's fake. Too bad, really, it seems very cool. Here's a thread discussing the creation of the rifle:

  6. Bet that weighs a ton. All those apparent automated mechanisms. Boo… Maybe justified in 7.62 NATO but not 5.56.

  7. It's impressive, I'll give it that. But 5.56? please.

    Anyway how is this thing "soldier proof"? How long dies it take to field strip the thing and clean it. I like the targeting CPU though. But rifles have to be easy to use to some degree and simple to maintain. The M16 offers that.

  8. UnderLockAndKey | August 6, 2010 at 8:25 am | Reply

    Oh lord… This is a joke right Christian?

    Please be a joke.

  9. Theoretical opinion: The perfect DMR rifle. Just an assault rifle normally, until they need to take a long shot and they convert it over.

    Real-world opinion: vestigial barrel section in AR mode massively increases the weight without benefit. The magazine well would be difficult for quick reloads. Bipod looks to be flimsy and non-adjustable. If it were manually reconfigured it wouldn't be as complex and wouldn't use as much power.

  10. If it was real, I'd love to see how they'd get it to reliably feed with the mag at that angle. Secondly, the proposed screw on barrel extension may match up quite nicely when the gun's nice and clean, but put a couple mags through it and it won't, plus it would be the first place to blow in the event of an overloaded round or barrel obstruction.
    Neat idea, not so easy in reality though.
    Nice clean animation though.

  11. crackedlenses | August 6, 2010 at 1:41 pm | Reply

    Perfect game weapon. Too bad they can't get that in real life yet.

  12. Uh-huh. Because we need long barrels to achieve accuracy? Nice try. See also: Noveske.

    This looks like an ergonomic nightmare. Far WORSE than a SCAR. Make it go away.

    It'd be great in a video game, on the other hand…

  13. When are we going to just bite the bullet and adopt a plasma rifle. 40W-80W range should do.

  14. Fake! just somebodies imagination concept gun, it's still on paper not one has even thought of to be made yet. Better off with a personal sized rail gun which would be more realistic. this is for sure a big phoney and doesn't take much to see that or they would have a clown at the range showing it off putting it through the tests. Maybe a ray gun would be more real then this gizmo fake?

  15. Clearly a design exercise by somebody who has no idea about real guns or their real world application. Step away from the games console and get downrange…

  16. i've never even heard of a telescoping barrel…xD

  17. LOLz on the telescoping barrel. I can't imagine how anyone would be able to contain the necessary pressures in a barrel that dynamically changes in geometry. The only point of a longer barrel is to contain the pressure for a longer distance and utilize more of the potential energy in a cartridge for a higher muzzle velocity. And then how could you possibly make that light enough to be a practical weapon. Artist see's form follow function and then expects function to follow new form.

    A quick change barrel offers a better solution: cheaper, simpler, lighter, more reliable, etc.

  18. sounds like another poodle shooter per
    the latecol.ooper.

  19. When this prototype gets field tested in AFGN and they realize that a 7.62mm round is more practical for long range surgical removal of live targets, then I will be impressed.

  20. The weapon looks good and is very impressiventer, with all of the moving parts and accesseries. Clearly a weapon of the future. But I would imagine that maintenance could be an issue, especially in the field.. I would also imagine that the manufacturer would take these things into consideration when designing the weapon. The article mentioned an onboard computer system that calculates and allows you to adjust to wind direction and other factors. Surely, when field stripping this weapon, the computer system has to be readily dettachable, and easily reattached due to sensitve parts, and the rest of the weapon must be able to broken down and reconfigured as quickly as the M-16. Without this capability the weapon is not viable.

  21. Fake. Jamie Martin Design is a CG effects company. Its a hoax. Nice video, but not real. The scope tech is out there, designed by Boeing I believe. But the rifle is a nice presentation in CG by the creators, and a PR move.

  22. What ever happened to KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid?

  23. This ain't Star Trek Bubba and that ain't no combat type rifle, sniper or otherwise.
    "Two floggin' barrels sheesh!"

  24. its not fake their are news paper reports on it and personalised rail guns are real they are called coil guns there not a powerful though as a rail gun is a gun with fires its projectile via an electromagnetic pulse so a small bank of compasitors in a gun sized casing is possible just search it and all your point we be void

    know what you write about you fool

  25. cool i what one

  26. Calculates air particles using directed electromagnetic radiation? Even under laboratory conditions with bulky spectrometers you wouldn't get data anywhere near coherent enough to gauge wind speed, never mind the fact you still need to recollect the light to make the calculation. Not gonna happen in that sense, way to many variables at play to even make it possible/worthy of a 5.56 rnd, and you'd prob need to solve Navier-Stokes to do anything alone, never mind it hasn't been solved.

  27. i know that the "INTERVENIION"sniper rifle alredy do asisted aiming,it 408cal so is not asault only sniper.however looks for kiling ALIENS than soldiers

  28. who cares? i want one!, looks like it will make life easier!

  29. It is still under testing .

  30. There is one problem to shoot out of this weapon .This weapon could only be 100 % active only on one mode for long either in SMG , Assault or Sniper .

  31. The whole science of arm fire weapons are input in this single gun . But still does not give 100 % performance as expected . The simple science behind is of pumping action which is entailed from Range to Bullets mechanism.
    The same weapon is still under design of this prototype by the Bullpub which will have power to take out
    from tanks to air-crafts .

  32. KISS is history .

  33. The giveaway to me that it is a CG design, and concept only, is the stylized magazine seated at an extreme angle that would not allow proper feeding most likely. Other than that, it's an appealing design visually, and great concept that I would like to see put into testing regarding the retractable barrel segment.

  34. He said a personal sized rail gun would be more realistic than this design, and you pretty much just confirmed that point if your statements are correct.

  35. Yeah…. I would rater go with a Swiss Arms Sig 550….

  36. This does seem like a concept rifle. Something like this would work nicely if applied to a fictional sniper/scythe called "Crescent Rose" from a show called RWBY. Other than that for simplicity's sake exchanging barrels is more practical. The more complex something is, the more likely it'll fail. Failure of a weapon is the last thing a soldier needs on the battlefield. That's the main reason why the world will stick to conventional firearms for a really, really long time.

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