IMINT: What’s With this M40?

I included the above picture in the previous post on the pirate takedown, but I noticed the M40 sniper rifle the Marine is using has an extended magazine on it.

I’ve never seen that before and would appreciate it if someone could fill in the details of what that is and when it started being used.

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  1. I noticed that Wikipedia mentions a detachable magazine in the M40A5 that entered service in 2009. Can anyone confirm that?

    Edit: Too bad we can't see the muzzle, from what I found the M40A5 should have a threaded barrel for accepting a suppressor. Of course, I wouldn't want to be close enough to the business end of an M40 to see a threaded barrel.

  2. Its a BAdger Ordnance bottom metal for the Rem700 action. It utilizes Accuracy International mags, which in this case is a 10 rounder.

  3. I remember reading a marine corps order where higher capacity, external magazines were to be used on the M40 rifles as many marines complained about limited number of rounds.

  4. I cannot believe that anyone would actually even post the words "bolt action M14". There would be no reason to "convert" an M14 to a bolt-action rifle; i don't even think it is possible. To even DO something like that would mean that the entire action of the M14 would need to be swapped out to that of a bolt-rifle THEREBY CAUSING IT TO NO LONGER BE AN M14.

  5. Remington has been making magazine feed Mdl 700s for years. It is a simple mod to replace the bottom metal with something designed to take an extended mag.

  6. wasn't the army looking into converting their m40's to 300 win mag. would that be way there is a bigger mag?

  7. Looks to be a M24A2

  8. The Army uses M24's, not M40's

  9. This, or what Yankeefist said.

  10. Bolt Action M-14 are you MAD?

  11. Thats exactly it. Badger Ordnance sells a package that comes with 10rnd magazines that works with the short action of the M40.

  12. Army wants to convert their M24s to .300 Win while the USMC wants to convert their M40s to 6.5x47mm Lapua (not 6.5x39mm Grendal)

  13. I am 12 years old, and what is this?

  14. I think it is a possibility but i can't assure that, i can say with sure that Badger Ordnance is one of the possibilities. It is just the new doctrine operating in the field for good old fashion babys. I think it is an useful improovement specially in todays modern common battlefield with multiple engagements and threats.
    M40A3 getting better anda better.

  15. Army wants extend M24 to it's full potential, and it was the first intent of the the rifle so that it ever used an long action from it's beging of existence – let it be adapted to use .300WM.

    USMC otherwise is using another approuch, they are just highering the eficiency of their rifles to the same range of the 7.62 ammo they use today. Better perfonce and less recoil.

  16. It's the Badger Ordnance model, has them.

  17. I don't think a M14 is a bolt ?? Auto—–

  18. it is a 10 round AICS magazine in the Badger Ordnance M5 DBM, which would mean if it is not an A5 then it is a late model A3

  19. Isn't that the .338 Lapua Rifle?

  20. okay here ya go… its an m-40 that has a modified action floor plate to accept removable magazines. now i realize that this is not the exact rifle in the picture, the link is just one company's version. still the m-40 for the marines. a 'bolt action m-14' oh please! the m-14 is a gas operated rifle and the only thing it has in common with this rifle is possible the cartridge and potential add-ons like a scope.

  21. the marines are using the 6.5x47mm in the m-40 now and will be replacing the 7.62×51 mm

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  23. I've seen several documentaries with a 10 round extended mag for the M40, I think a detachable mag is standard for the M40A5, but I don't know for sure seeing as I don't own one, nor have I ever shot one.

  24. haha all you guys are funny, these guys are two of my good buddies…and no there is no such thing as a bolt action M14. the rifle being used here to clarify any uncertainty is the M40A5 that comes standard with a 5 rd detachable box magazine, yes badger ord. makes 10 rd magazines which were designed for the M40A3 modified aka the M40A4 which they simply took out the floor plate of the old A3s and converted it to a detachable magazine system. then shortly afterwards they came out with the A5 which has a suppressor so they began to phase out the existing A3s and A3 mods. I hope this helps all you guys.

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