Inside the XM25 Counter Defilade Engagement System

We shot a pretty good video a few months ago of the XM25 firing during a demo at Aberdeen Test Center in Maryland.

But our boy Glenn Anderson sweet talked the folks at ATK to pass along their promotional video of the 25mm ammo for the H&K made gun and its operating system. This is about as detailed a look as you’ll be able to get on how this XM25 works, and how well it works.

  • Bill Johnson

    Lase then aim at a different point? 2 steps and two acquisitions….?

    • FormerDirtDart

      You lase an object/surface in the vicinity of your target to acquire the range, then change aim point to where you wish the round to go. The round can be directed to detonate up to 3 meters +/- from the range to you initial aim point.

  • Jason

    That sounds like the same military equipment video narrator that’s been doing these type videos since the 60’s. He must be ancient.

  • Stephen

    That guy is AWESOME.

  • Stephen

    That’s parralax, baby.

    • Stephen

      …er–parallax. My fingers sometimes go faster than my mind.

  • Alun

    A 2 point acquisition will take time in a fire fight but the benifits can be great without the need to hump morters & rounds making it a possable consideration members hump enough gear as it is and in a combat zone it limits the ability to react as quick as needed due to weight of kit also it can negate the need to call in a air strike when taking fire on mass anything that can save the time / life of a member on the ground has to be a good thing,Aust troop as like the US has taken up the challange to rid the world of such like,who rain war on women and children and promote death of non belivers of their fath.

  • William Hayes

    Too expensive and too much weight, the over priced electronics and that it will take special training make it impracticle. The weapon should be simplified and able to be edeployed by more soldiers as mission requires. It should be deployed under carbine
    with off shelf laser sighting.

  • MTNpatrol

    It’s a start and should be fielded ASAP to get real world testing. this will generate needed changes.

    As for the”special electronics” hunters can now buy the Burris Eliminator III laser range finding rifle scope that puts a lighted dot on the correct hold for elevation. Windage is up to you (just as it will be for this new weapons system). This scope retails for under $1,000. at most vendors.

    The Eliminator III is fairly robust and so I’ll bet the electronics on the 25 mm weapon are ruggedized as well.

    ** Of course if say the Russians or the Chinese develop Counter Laser weapons that pick up a range finding or targeting laser beam and automatically lock on and fire back we’re screwed.