Training for Deployment — Hollywood Style

We caught up with the folks from Allied Container Systemsat the Modern Day Marine show here in Quantico and (finally) put together a cool video showcasing the features the company can incorporate into a training scenario.

I’m a huge fan of making training scenarios as realistic as possible, but methinks the DoD has gone a bit overboard on hired actors and all the whistles and bells…at least for general purpose forces. I can’t imagine how much this kind of “village” might cost to rent or own, but certainly regular Joes and Grunts could do without the flat screen TVs and oriental rugs.

But when it’s all about building rapport and knowing each minute detail for a specific kind of mission (read special ops) this system could be well worth the cost and effort toward a successful mission.

If any of you have used one of these ranges, let us know what you thought…

  • Stefan S.

    Need to train Joe’s how to kill. In the last 23 years I’ve been in the Army has gotten away from the warrior and more towards the pacifier. Training needs to be as realistic as possible. ALL soldiers need that kind of training. I’ve seen 88M truck drivers driving everyday in IED/ambush alley. Gone are the days of the REMF’s not seeing combat. Combat is everywhere at anytime. To catch and kill the snake you go for the tail.

  • Barbush

    Somewhere in the Malone complex of ranges at Fort Benning, there is a IED training range that uses the same containers that are covered in what seemed to be some kind of spray on concrete. I visited this range while I was in OSUT earlier this year. It was very informative and they were able to simulate a number of situations where IEDs have been known to be found or detonated in recent conflict. The buildings weren’t fancy and overdone like the video, they were enough to get the job done.

  • Unimoger

    This is nothing new, Ft.Irwin has several towns & villages set up. Train as you would fight! Nothing is too much in ensuring that our soldiers get the best training..

  • ATidwell

    Years ago, during the Vietnam war, Ft. McClellan in Alabama had a Tiger Village for training before deployment to ‘Nam.

  • theCelt

    the TV was a bit too much for me.

  • JoeSixPack

    Ask anyone coming back from the sandbox what they think of this overpriced, PC bullsheet.
    Our soldiers need to learn how to kill – not negotiate!

  • TheShadowKnows

    Google it – ACS is Owned by a Jewish Family – The Horsfalls – who have Hollywood Connections to the Obama Administration, and thus the contracts and money roll right in…

  • dominick

    Ft Knox has a small Iraqi city set up——- complete with goats role players a large building where a helio can hover and or land to do a insertion

  • Spending

    How much is this favor to Hollywood from Obama costing taxpayers?

    Why can’t the Army/Marines train their own people – incompetence?

  • FollowTheMoney

    This is simply Barack HUSSEIN Obama scratching the backs of the people who bankrolled him – i.e. Hebrews in Hollywood

  • Jan Hebert

    What year was the Tiger Village started at Ft McClellan