A Meal in a Bottle

It’s a permanent fixture on the shelves, desks, under the bunks and even on the dash boards of troops’ Humvees and MRAPs.

People in the military are fitness hounds and those big barrels of protein shakes that are said to help add muscle and bulk have turned into a billion dollar industry.

But with all those goopy drinks floating around, why not turn that process into something more useful than workout supplements?

Wilderness Athlete is a small company that seems to be trying to do just that. Aside from their nutrition bars, sports drinks and performance vitamin supplements, the company has developed a shake designed to be a lunch in a bottle called the Meal Replacement Shake.

In today’s fast-paced society, taking the time to prepare a healthy meal is often not an option so people turn to fast food, candy bars and unhealthy snacks when they are hungry. Many of the snacks people choose are high in fat and sugar, low in protein and nutrients and can quickly add inches to the waistline.  With the Wilderness Athlete meal replacement shake, people have an option that is healthy and quick. Add 1 scoop of the meal replacement powder to 10 ounces of water and mix to enjoy a satisfying shake that tastes good and satisfies hunger.

The delicious power-packed shake provides between 230-240 calories per serving and is a balanced blend of highly digestible proteins that include an ideal spectrum of essential amino acids and staged carbohydrates necessary to fuel the muscles. To go the extra mile, the shake has been beefed up with more than one-third of the daily recommendation for fiber for healthy digestion and to slow down the delivery of all the nutrients, providing a longer lasting energy source.

How many times have you gone on patrol and rat F-ed an MRE for lunch on the move? I know I’ve had to do that lots and if I could just mix up an astronaut meal in my Viva bottle I’d be a whole lot happier.

Now I don’t know how these things taste, but Wilderness Athlete says they make ’em in chocolate and strawberry. A 15-serving jug of the stuff goes for $35, about the price for a big ‘ol jug of Monster Milk…

  • James

    Other than the tuff macho name and label, how is this really any different than the Ensure line of meal replacement/supplements? Hopefully it tastes better; I was on an Ensure diet when my jaw was broken and that was some nasty stuff.

    • Jim_Turnipseed

      The chocolate Ensure isn’t all that bad

  • Ben

    The idea of meal replacement shakes is not new, MetRX, Dymatize and others have had these out for years. All they are is protein shakes with lots of carbs. What would be new is trying to market these to the DoD to replace or augment MRE’s.

  • Stefan S.

    Not for everyone. Protein is hard on the kidneys in liquid form (Shake). Some people get Montezuma’s revenge from protein shakes. Nothing like the squirts in a MRAP in IED alley!

  • Chris Denham

    This is not a protein shake it is a true meal replacement product complete with fiber. Stefan is right too much protein is hard and the kidneys, basically anything that is out of balance is hard on the body. The Meal Replacement by Wilderness Athlete is just that, a well balanced meal replacement product. It was not designed as a supplement for gym rats, it was created so that an athlete with a clean water source could have a healthy meal even 50 miles from the nearest grocery store. One ounce of product equals one well balanced meal.

    • rvnfo

      sounds as if you work for the company… would you mind declaring if you do? – it will add/detract from the potential bias in your comment.

  • EBsocal

    Went to there web page & looked at this product. They show nutritional label that shows 15 60g. servings = 2lbs. . No where do the show total wt. The price listed on web page is $34.95 + shipping. Or $17.98 per lb. + shipping. Price makes this a expensive product. Much better idea is to drink Muscle Milk,taste great, & eat a granola bar. Where I live, S.O. Cal. I buy 2.5 lb. Muscle milk for $20.00 & no shipping charges. Muscle Milk has good nutrition and granola bar adds fiber, carbs & crunch. When a product isn’t offered in any retail stores> buyer beware.

    • Doogash

      Great advice. You should have a guest/tester slot on KIT-UP!………..Doogash

  • EBsocal

    With any energy or meal replacement drink READ THE LABEL. After all of the SUPER CLAMS carbs, protein, fats and palatability are the major considerations. It has become very trendy to take nutritional products and package them under labels that reflect specific tasks being preformed. As example, EX SEAL started Intensity Nutrition.
    I have helped, in non official capacity, of pre-deployment training for NAVY SPEC. OPS. operators.
    When in training these men need 6000 to 7000 calories a day to supply there energy needs. Time constraints make It difficult to eat enough food to supply there energy requirements. Training takes time and drinking & eating on the go is required. When consuming this many calories cost can be a major consideration. No supplements supplied by the military.
    I mix my own supplement drink for fueling on the go. Easily digestible carbs & protein are the fuels of choice.
    I located wholesale suppler, Honeyville Food Products, where any order is shipped for $4.49.
    Carbs include maltodextrin at 50lbs for $52.00, fructose 50lbs for $69.99 and dextrose 50lbs for $50.00.
    Protein is 80% whey concentrate at 44lbs for $226.00. Per serving cost is less than 50% of good value commercially available products. Compared to Wilderness Meal Replacement cost would be about 85% less? If extra vitamins & minerals are needed there are is huge selection at any grocery, heath food or drug store.
    Search internet under, energy drink formulation, that will help with the correct mixing of ingredients.

  • Kilroy

    Pretty sure Christian got paid for this write-up. He’s a total shill for the tactical companies targeting the military. They didn’t even bother sending you a sample Chris?
    There are many other companies out there offering the same exact product concept. Check any GNC for a selection.