Kit Up Navy SEAL Watch

Move over Luminox: The Resco Patriot has SEAL blood coursing through its movement and DNA.

I was catching up with my good friend and former platoon mate (and founder of Tactical Assault Gear) Chris Osman over lunch today and noticed his bad ass time piece.  When I asked him for a closer look and description, he informed me about the history of Resco and that a Team guy was hand making watches in Coronado, CA.

I’m a big fan of KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) and am a minimalist at heart, and the Resco obviously has both incorporated into the design.  Rugged and elegant.

I’ve got a call into Resco to get the low down on their upcoming models.  In the mean time, you guys can check out their website.

Out here-Brandon

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Kit Up Navy SEAL Watch illum

GX Luminous Compounds used on the RESCO Patriot Dial.

From the Resco website

The Patriot line is the only watch that has been field tested through every phase of NSW training by actual operators providing feedback and design input. The result is one very rugged timepiece worn by more actual SEALs than any other watch claiming to be the “Official Watch”. While there is no official watch of the US Navy SEALs, if there ever were one, the RESCO Patriot is it.


kit-up-theories-international-politics-zombiesHow you equip yourself for a zombie apocalypse depends largely on your personal belief systems.  Are you going to focus solely on self-preservation?  Or is restoring order to your country a transcendent objective?  How willing are you to share your resources with strangers?  And how discriminating will you be in shooting other human beings?

Author Daniel Drezner tackles such moral dilemmas on a global level in his book Theories of International Politics and Zombies.  Drezner is the real deal, by the way, a professor of international politics at Tufts University and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Here’s how he breaks down America’s potential responses to a global zombie pandemic by ideology:

Realists would not risk American blood and treasure being the world’s zombie police.  In fact, they would take advantage of the outbreak in other countries to advance our own political and economic strength.  It’s every country for itself, especially under these circumstances.

Liberals would focus on global cooperation to quell the problem through international bodies like the United Nations and the World Health Organization.  Even if not every country pulls its weight, we will be better off by at least trying to coordinate our policies with other governments.

Neoconservatives would take swift, unilateral, military action and start establishing strong anti-zombie bastions worldwide.  There’s no time to haggle with second-tier players about what the best course of action is.  Zombies are an evil threat and must be dealt with decisively.

Constructivists would use the zombie epidemic as a means of uniting humanity’s differing worldwide cultures.  They would emphasize what we all share in common as people and establish a moral peer pressure for nations to act bravely and nobly in the face of the zombie crisis.

I find it interesting that these philosophies are also relevant on a micro level as they pertain to the individual person facing a zombie apocalypse – where every man’s home is his castle, and his land his kingdom.  What would your approach be?




Kit Up: Demo Ops: The C4 stay behind...

Jack and I were talking the other day and our conversation surprisingly (well maybe not) ended up in swapping demo stories. I dug this up from the archives.

This is a classic old school C4 stay behind charge. A classic, snatch and go…and leave behind a little love to keep’em distracted while you high tail it outta there with the HVT!

4lbs C4
Det Cord
Time Fuse (time it, cut it and secure detonator)
Electrical tape
A steady hand
A non sparking cutting surface for C4 prep
Demo school…


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It looks as if an unfortunate grudge match is brewing between A-TACS and Hyperstealth.  The Canadian based Hyperstealth sent A-TACS a cease and desist letter regarding their new A-TACS-FG woodland pattern stating that it copies and infringes upon a number of different Hyperstealth patterns including, “Ghostex Alpha and Delta, SpecAM, SOPAT, Eurospec, and CAMOPAT”.  A-TACS has in turn filed a lawsuit in order to protect themselves, as they want a court ruling to state that their pattern does not violate any Hyperstealth patents.  We’ll see where this goes, but I like innovation in this industry and hope that a lawsuit doesn’t end up making both companies weaker in the long run.

For more information shoot over to Tactical Gear and Military Clothing News who did a great job with this story and also posted the court documents so readers can decide for themselves.

Kit Up! contributor Jack Murphy is a former Ranger, Special Forces Soldier and is the author of the military thriller Reflexive Fire.


Even if the Army does nothing more to improve the M4, the service should be applauded for its decision to dump the three-round burst setting. It’s ineffective, never used and hinders accuracy with its inconsistent trigger pull.

But switching to a full-auto setting does raise an interesting question — does the infantry need full auto when most battle-seasoned veterans — including special operators — agree that semi-auto fire is highly effective for suppressing the enemy?

I posted a story this morning on Military.com that looks at the Army’s shift to full auto, what it will mean to soldiers and how it might affect training and tactics.

I can’t really see a downside to it. Back in the mid-1980s — before the shift to the M16A2 and the three-round burst — active-duty infantry units kept to a strict rule that rifleman only fired their M16A1s on semi auto. Today’s combat-experienced infantrymen are even more disciplined.

Having a more consistent trigger pull can only help rifleman shoot more accurately.

Hopefully the Army won’t ignore the full-auto setting the way it did the three-round burst. It could be a useful tool in certain situations, but only if the service devotes the training time and the ammo needed for units to become proficient at controlled, full-auto fire.


kit up scubapro frameless

The ScubaPro frameless

I’ve been diving this thing since ScubaPro first came out with it.  I meant to post some dive related Kit sooner, but maybe it was that rude Scuba Pro girl I ran into (you know who you are lady..and apparently your booth mates did too) at DEMA a year back that made me hesitate. [click to continue…]


The picture below is a Polish “commando” at CIJWS (India’s Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School). He’s apparently using a Tavor there, which is pretty interesting. Several countries use Israel’s bullpup (including Portugal, Nigeria, Ukraine and others) but this is the first time I’ve ever read or seen Polish soldiers using one…though since India uses them in large numbers, this may be a simple matter of visiting Polish soldiers using local weaponry. Exercise Tiger Claw was a recent joint Indo-Polish SF exercise conducted in India (the Poles announced it on their National Defense website, and it’s on India’s Defense Forum, so it’s not violating any COMSEC). As you may recall, Brandon wrote about GROM recently, and Jack the 1ST Polish SF Regiment.

In any case, I haven’t been able to dig up anything on why the Poles might be trying out the Tavor, if they are on any real scale, nor much of anything about the exercises involved in Tiger Claw (which isn’t surprising, and probably wouldn’t be something we would report if we did know). I’d like to say I know some GROM or Indian SF operators, but I don’t. The closest I’ve gotten was when I almost got the chance to attend the British Jungle Warfare Tracking School at Brunei…but that trip was canceled, and now all I can do is eat Indian food once in a while. I’ve attempted to establish comms with the CIJWS and requested some more information or even permission for a couple of us to attend a course with them…I’ll let you know if I hear anything back.

Polish commano trying out the Tavor

Joint Polish-Indian SOF training. Kit Up!












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