First Look: The H&K 416C

This is the first exclusive look at a new carbine from H&K which takes the 416 platform popular with the spec ops community and turns it into a sub-compact rifle.

Designed to meet a requirement for British special forces, the 416C is more than simply an AR with a 10 inch barrel, says Dale Bohner, H&K’s government sales director. The rifle also has a whole new MP5-style collapsable stock and a shortened buffer to make it just as powerful as a full-sized 416 but in a truly bantam package.

We’ll have some video posted on this shortly but I just wanted to get this up now for a first look.

  • Moondog

    A 5.56 out of a 10″ barrel is not as powerful as a 5.56 out of an 18″ or 20″ barrel, or even a 14″ barrel. If you want and need a subgun, chamber it in a good pistol cartridge, not a rifle cartridge. The 10mm kicks butt in a subgun, or a 45 acp.

    • More on that in a bit Moondog. I got to shoot the newly updated Kriss and it was pretty awesome.

  • Dan

    If the Mk18 had so much success, I don’t see why this wouldn’t
    But the stock…. WHY?

    • FormerDirtDart

      My guess would be that being 4.25 inches shorter with the stock collapsed would make it that much easier to carry the weapon concealed.

    • Hammer

      Portability, concealability, weight, etc etc

    • Hammer

      Concealability, portability, weight, low profile, etc etc

  • Matthew

    Why do the barrels keep getting shorter with every M-4 derivative?

  • carg

    MP5s dying a slow death.

    Sub-carbines; more range than a smg. But just as compact.


    SMG’s have poor/ineffective penetration.

  • Ambrose

    NYMIKE- Then you obviously haven’t heard of the FN P90 chambered in 5.7x28mm or the H&K MP7 chambered in 4.6x30mm. Both are submachine guns and both have excellent penetrative capability against CRISAT armor, even at over 200 meters.

    I would take either choice over this new 416.

    • NYMIKE

      Yes, I know them quite well. They are not quite subguns (being a new type of medium compromise cartridge) , and while they offer some advantages, they don’t have the knockdown power of a 5.56 round. Also, there are logistical problems with issuing weapons in uncommon calibers – especially to spec ops groups who are looking for room clearing weapons. I have handled the P90 – I don’t find it as sleek an controlable as an Ar/416 type weapon.

  • csd

    From HK sources:

    HK53 – collapsed length 23″, barrel length 8.3″
    G36C – collapsed length 19.69″, barrel 8.9″
    HK416C – collapsed 22″, barrel 8.9″
    HK416 (smallest variant) – collapsed 27.6″, barrel 10.4″

    HK53 is a pretty common weapon for British close protection units.

  • Mike

    It looks like a cross between the M4 and the MP5.

  • sture

    Penetration with you MP5 or any other 9mm smg, just get your hands on some swedish M39B 9mm. I have seen the performance during my mil service. You will need riffle plates to stop a those bullets, kevlar wont. not even level IIIA or ballistic helmets will stop it (will penetrate both walls) . The cartridge is absolutely DEADLY and was designed to penetrate and to penetrate. it was produced in massive numbers during the cold war, but are now starting to get scarce.
    9mm can be devastating even on hard targets when you got the right military cartridge like M39B. Not some target practice or civilian defence cartridge designed for unprotected targets.
    For CQB id take a MP5 with M39B over any short barrel AR system any day. 556 is a riffle cartridge period.