SEALs to Keep Combat Uniform

SEALs wearing the Navy Working Uniform Type II -- Blackhawk HPFU

We’ll be posting a story on this afternoon about the delayed decision and issue of the Navy’s new working uniform in Type II and III camouflage.

What we can tell KU readers now, however, is that Navy leadership has decided that the SEALs — and those “in support” of SEAL teams — will be issued the more high-tech combat uniform and will not be subjected to the “garrison” cut of what might eventually become the final NWU Type II and III design.

If this is a bit confusing, we understand. Be sure to read the story we wrote on the progress of the Navy Working Uniform Type II and Type III at and the further (informed) speculation of the controversy over which design will be picked in our post at Kit Up!

Now it seems the SEALs have won their fight to keep the big arm pockets, angled chest pockets and articulated cut of their NWUs, while Riverine, EOD and Intel specialists could still be subjected to the clout of the Seabee community, which wants a more garrison style along the lines of the Type I NWU (though still in the Type III woodland scheme, not the blue and gray “fleet” camo).

We’ll be disclosing some other information about legacy Navy uniforms in the story to be posted this afternoon — we’re giving Navy HQ a chance to respond to some follow-ups. So be sure to check out the News at this afternoon for an update.

  • Ryan

    US military should really just drop the whole “uniform” designation considering it’s not very uniform at all.

    That looks almost exactly like the Corps’ Marpat. In fact if I haven’t have found the exact same picture on another domain I would have thought those were marines…..ESS goggles and all.

  • Jason A

    I think those are Marines to be honest with you. In the Marine Corps, that MiTCH helmet though is only worn by Recon, MarSoc, Force Recon and ANGLICO units.

  • Riceball

    The pattern adopted by the SEALs, I forget the name, looks a lot like MARPAT from a distance and is virtually indistinguishable from MARPAT except upon close examination. I think it differs in color some and, of course, the lack of EGAs embedded in the pattern.

    Anyway, I really don’t understand why the Navy needs so many different uniforms. They their new NWU for regular sailors to replace dungarees, that I can understand, but then they have different uniforms for SEALs, and a different uniform for SeaBees, and on top of that they have DBUs for people who are not associated with either the SEALs or SeaBees but who need a desert uniform1 What a cluster****! The CNO should just put his foot down and tell everyone quit their griping and just come up with one design of field/combat uniform for everybody in the Navy whether they’re a regular sailor, or SEAL, or SeaBee and with the money saved maybe they could buy another ship or one more Super Hornet or something.

  • Dan

    the only place where that might not work is the flight deck. all pockets on the flight deck must be sewn shut but the rest of the fleet is fine. flight deck guys might need something else.

  • Javier

    That pattern is the AOR… Dont remember if 1 or 2
    The pixel pattern is different, they look alike but you can get the differences

  • Bob

    Be careful, there is some inaccuracy here as to NSW having a different “cut” of uniform than the rest of the Navy (CBs, RIVERINE, EOD). The final version of AOR1 is shipping already.

  • strikehold

    Pixel pattern is the same actually – just a slightly different arrangement to the colours and the tones of the colours (and no EGA logo).

  • Casey

    Wow. Here I was thinking we were fighting a war, not hosting a fashion show.

  • It’s called AOR-1 and AOR-2…

  • I am a SEAL Reservist and I have been curious about this uniform for some time now. The Crye unis are already issued to the guys, but with the kneepad holes, you can’t wear them around in garrison (99% of time spent in the Reserves!) so they are basically field uniforms only. But why? When I was in Iraq, I wore whichever uniform the unit who owned the battlespace wore. Some days it was MARPAT some days ACUs. It seems unwise to create a completely different uniform for NSW which the enemy can identify and say, hmmm, that’s NSW. The same goes for garrison. At this point, only NSW, EOD, and Seabees DON’T wear the blue gangsta rap digicams so we can be PIDed at a distance and our facilities can be more easily targeted INCONUS.

    NSW should just wear the MARPATs minus the EGA and be done with it. The PCU/Crye unis are cool and all, but seem pointless. The new PCUs make us stick out like a sore thumb.

    My $.02

  • SeabeeBiob

    As a reserve Seabee in an NSW support role, this is a cluster. I saw the “testers” running around last year in Gulfport, MS. They give the uniforms to the paperpushers and Chiefs (like me), the kids don’t get to wear them in the field and work in them. I hate the Blueberries as well, worthless and cheaply made.

    I agree with FroggyRuminates, just issue the MARPAT and call it good. If you NEED the high speed, then use it.

    • crackedlenses

      Huh, you are the first Navy guy I’ve heard gripe about the “Blueberries”. Everyone else I’ve heard liked them as an improvement over the overalls and khakis…..

      • Hammer

        The blueberries (AKA Smurf in a blender/Smurf vomit) is despised by many. It looks retarded, has an elastic waist, pockets that are sewn in an inefficient fashion, and the list goes on. If the Navy wanted to be smart they’d have gotten the same uniform the Coast Guard wears which is essentially a BDU in navy blue.

  • Zach

    Navy is trying to rip off the Marines with AOR1 & 2 and then The Airforce is trying to copy the Army with that tiger shit ABU….

    Whats up with this mid life crisis on camo?

    All branches should wear the same shit and SOF what ever the hell they want.

  • Steve-O

    I’m with Zach on this one, one uniform for all. Make the differences with patches or the like. Maybe two uniforms one for Army one for MC.

    • SeabeeBiob

      We did…woodland BDU’s.

  • SEAL5326

    As an Active duty SEAL of 26 years, I will say the difference for operational SEAL units is huge. to put thing in a perspective most can understand… the difference between a garrison cut uniform an an operational cut uniform is similar to the difference between running a 10k in denim jeans or running shorts.

    To the people NOT running the 10K its a simple fashion choice, to the runner its a LARGE advantage to wear the article of clothing designed to be worn while running.

    This choice by NSW was never about fashion.

  • AusSailor!

    I have worn both Green and 3 color Desert BDUs as well as the new smurf uniform on 4 continents. I hate the smurf uniform as much as anyone. But I do agree that it is a hell of a lot better than wearing kakhis or dungerjams, or utilities. I think the digital bit is BS, but I then you get a bit of white or grey paint on your uniform or have a blue ink pen shit it self and no one can tell.

    So yes it looks horrible, but the camo patern works for the concept they envisioned.

    I am with one of the units that will get Type 3 when it comes out, we have our order in and since we are a unit of 5 Sailors we get it. My Marine Corps Major boss has been giving me shit about it for a while, but said that he likes it better than the MARPAT. I agree.

  • Riceball

    What I don’t understand is why bother with a garrison uniform at all? It’s not like the Navy doesn’t require the average sailor to have a dozen different uniforms as it is; wouldn’t it be far easier and cheaper just to do away with the garrison uniform and issue everybody who needs it the field uniform? What I find the most ridiculous about these garrison uniforms is what’s being defined as garrison, I know that in the Army considers those large FOBs in Afghanistan & Iraq as garrison and there’s no wearing Multicam there and as I understand it there’s no wearing of the NWU II or III by SEALs in the States and I’m guessing that probably applies to training too, which, if that’s the case, what happened to realistic training and training like how you fight and all that?

    Back when I was in the Corps, back in the 90’s, there was no such thing as field uniform and a garrison uniform, we all wore cammies no matter if were in garrison or in training, or were deployed. That’s what we need to go back to and fortunately, what the Corps has been sticking with. One utility uniform for all MOS’s for all occasions be it in garrison back in the States or patrolling the streets in Afghanistan or Iraq. Of course, the snake eaters can still use whatever uniform they feel works best for them, they’ve earned the right to wear whatever they hell they want when they want.

  • Crustycrab

    I got out of the Army over 50 years ago.Looks like things haven’t changed.

  • Joe

    Let the seals have whatever they wannt and make it so as no one but the seals can wera that. Thats what they want. To save cash the Goverment could get with one manufacturer of a new hightech concealment fabric since thats where we are headed and make a good deal to deal with just them and them alone and get a great deal for them doing that. Here are 4 awesome concealments . I have been wearing the desert ver. in a defender fabric in flightsuits in africa for some time. Best stuff available right now.
    check out the 4 patterns they offer its good stuff.

    Its great working for a contractor you can wear jeans if you want.

  • Just so you guys know…this picture was taken during the filming of Act of Valor.

  • anshori Al-jawaldi

    The left one is wearing FROG marpat with modified velcro on the sleeve’s pouch (supposed to be in 2×2 in.) and the right one is wearing Blackhawk HPFU (notice the small pouch on the lower end of the sleeve)

  • Ralphie

    Why did the navy get rid of the working blue uniform? That was by far my favorite..

    • DGD

      Hell yes! Gunfighter blues! Stoopid navy…