The Best Tactical iPhone Case

Kit Up! received a brand new (and much saught after) piece of gear that has made a huge difference in our staff’s (my) life.

It may be small, it may be plastic, it may be black. But it does have a minuscule label that says huge things.

My iPhone 4 is one of the best pieces of gear ever invented my man. Its destruction would throw me into terrible depression and borderline psychosis. How to best protect it?

Why Magpul, of course.

Who better than the masters of AR accessories to construct the worlds greatest iPhone 4 protector. Strange, I know, but I must say, the Magpul Executive Field Case for the iPhone 4 is by far the best case I’ve ever had for either my iPhone 3 or 4. It’s low enough profile not to be obnoxious (Otter Box) but still has enough bulk to take most impacts.

It grips well, keeps the screen usable and, most important, doesn’t inhibit after-market chargers and cables (a major gripe with early non-Apple iPhone accessories).

And there’s that subtle element of Tacti-Cool in the whole thing. Only your bros who know the deal will know it. But I can see sniper A pulling out his iPhone to deploy the Knights Armament range app or door kicker B launching his shot timer app at the range and sprinkling in that extra ounce of image sporting a Magpul iPhone accessory that can result in a pound of performance.

  • Tim

    No protection from moisture: worthless in the Pacific Northwest.

    I should know. I destroyed 3 iPhones here before finally breaking down and leaving it in the bulky Otter Box. (On that note: AppleCare and insurance is worth every penny…)

  • Guest

    It´s a pity Magpul won´t ship one of those to Sweden….

  • Roger

    How much does Magpul pay you for the endorsements?

  • Sam

    I just think it looks cool haha

  • Casey Scott

    I’ve been using one of these for about a month now, and I love it, for all the reasons mentioned. I’ve tried an OtterBox in the past, and while it definitely protects my phone, it also makes it a huge PITA to access the charging port, headphone jack, and silent switch. I’m comfortable trading off that level of protection for something that actually allows me to use my phone and doesn’t add significant bulk.

    My only complaint about the EFC is that the cutout for the headphone jack is on the small side – it will work with standard Apple earbuds, but some aftermarket connectors will not fit.

    • Toorisky

      Drill and drill bit…

  • Marcello

    Once again, nice info-mercial!


    The Oakley Iphone 4 case trumps this one anyday…

  • MarkM

    The endorsement is mostly for being tacticool bling for a Mallchild. Is it anti-bacterial for when it falls in the latrine pit, too? Really?

    As for the apps, there’s a reason real snipers use Rite in the Rain journals in the field. They know how to operate their gear, it won’t beep at some stupid moment, and the batteries never run out.… << "This map reflects a depiction of approximate wireless coverage and does not guarantee service." KISS .

  • “sought”

  • Guest2

    You can try Magpul PTS distributors. (Magpul PTS is the Professional Training & Simulation, making Airsoft accessories, and sometimes selling non-firearms Magpul accessories)

  • NyC PoPo

    Read about it in Professional Soldier forum. Recently bought one to replace my otterbox which I previously thought was the best. The protection is on the money and it is slim in size. I don’t work for the company nor do I own stock in Magpul. I appreciate when my brethen point me in the right direction on buying well made items and I am simply reciprocating.

  • notoo7

    I will stick with my Otterbox

  • TooRisky

    To some who think this is some infomercial… well it is to a point, the blog is called ‘Kit-Up” and unless you fashion everything you make, then ya have to buy stuff… The Blog shows you the useful, neat, and handy things on and off the market… So just ruck it up there buttercup and deal with it… Or don’t read this blog, but for Gods sake will ya just stop whining…

  • dauntlessCelt

    The insurance is worth every penny ‘cuz their products aren’t.

  • Seriously? You’re going to **** and moans that was an infomercial or a paid endorsement? Have you ever actually seen an infomercial or a paid endorsement? You realize editorials and many other forms of journalistic endeavor are about having an opinion? He didn’t lay that out as an unbiased comparison. He said quite clearly up front that it was his opinion and he liked it. That’s hardly some kind of underhanded, evil journo attempt to brainwash you into buying something. Engage in academic debate about real issues or you’re just being a bitchy ********. Post an intelligent rebuttal for the benefit of other readers or start your own blog. It’s pretty easy (and weak) to respond with a snarky comment. Takes a little more effort to respond intelligently and academically. Just sayin’.

    • Marcello

      Yeah, i’ve seen my share of infomercials and paid endorsements. And, to me, they look awfully a lot like this.
      I’m obviously aware that editorial writing is all about having an opinion and sharing it with the world. I’m fine with that.

      But I think that phrases like “But it does have a minuscule label that says huge things” and “And there’s that subtle element of Tacti-Cool in the whole thing. Only your bros who know the deal will know it.” is more like supporting a brand than expressing a well thought out opinion on a product.

      And when this happens on a blog i read for its high quality content and elaborated opinions it looks out of place to me and i don’t think it’s wrong pointing that out.

      Have a look at this piece from the same author:… it’s basically the same kind of article, but there he shares his experience about a product.
      Here he sounds more like Steve Jobs in one of his famous reality distortion field keynotes…

  • Sam

    I wonder if it fits an iTouch

  • counsel

    Does Mag also make a similar product for an android phone that the military uses to translate arabic and farsi?

  • Richard Kilgore

    LOL fair enough. I didn’t take it that way, but taken in context I can see how someone might. I’ve seen him take pains to seem dispassionate and academic in the past, perhaps he could’ve been more care with his description here. I thought it more of a smart-aleck kind of ‘tacti-cool’ reference, but I respect your perspective!

  • Ahhh shoot

    The best part of this case is I CAN STILL SLIDE MY PHONE IN AND OUT OF MY POCKET! I haven’t found any other case that I can do that with. This is a cheap and cool looking case and even though it is not as protective as the Otterbox or other cases it is perfect for the average person who enjoys “tacti-cool” accessories.

  • LeR

    Hi, try at

  • guest

    It doesn’t.

  • bagman

    Wow! lots of whiny ******* on here. It’s a cell phone case……. a cell phone case…… If you don’t like it or the article……. Don’t buy one and read somewhere else.

  • JoeG

    buy one of these… this is what the military iphone case with a KNIFE BLADE check it out

  • Stephen

    Nope they only make it for the iphone, which I think is horse ***** wsih they did becuse I would get one so fast!

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