(Small) XM25 Punisher Update

While I had program manager LtCol Chris Lehner on the horn the other day discussing the M110 replacement/rebuild, I asked him for the latest on the XM25 Counter Defilade Engagement System.

Here’s what he said:

We just reset the weapon which is part of providing it to another unit because one unit has used it — very successfully — while they rotated out their replacement now has it and we already have a bunch of engagements with that as well. Our plan was to get that in the Soldiers’ hands, train them prior to the spring offensive. And we have accomplished that mission because they’ve got it in their hands and the spring offensive is just starting.

Lehner promised a more detailed update in the next PEO Soldier roundtable with reporters, probably next month.

  • time wasted

    so. . . . . . basically nothing?

    neat pic tho

  • The XM25 punisher needs to be pushed into high priority mode. The early field reports on this weapons system are coming in with very positive results from Afghanistan. The officers and contractors in charge of this program need to triple down on their efforts to field more then expected weapons systems out to Afghanistan pronto. I’d horse whip my officers on this one if I was in charge?