Laserlyte’s Green Laser Gun Sight

If you’re the type that likes to trick out your carbine, then you might want to check out LaserLyte’s K15 Kryptonyte sight, now in desert tan.

It mounts onto any modern rifle or carbine with three-inches of Picatinny or weaver type rail and is constructed of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum.

The bright green dot makes target acquisition fast and efficient. The green laser can be seen in daylight up to 100 yards. At night the laser can be seen up to a mile away.

It provides 1.5 hours of continuous-on power on a single CR-123 battery. It also features a momentary-on setting that works with a 10-inch long tape switch that can be mounted on your weapon with provided Velcro strips.

It weighs 5.4 ounces and retails for $249.95. It’s also available in black.

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  • Mac

    Pressure switch activated. This is not a LAM device. It is however , an affordable option.

  • Riceball

    What advantages does this offer a conventional single tube green laser that you can buy for guns? Sure, I guess it has that tacitcool look since it resembles a AN/PEQ(?) type laser but unless it also offers an IR laser it just seems overpriced and oversized. And even if it did offer an IR on it, how many people (outisde of LE, military, & contractors) are going to be shooting at night with IR goggles? Is this thing actually geared towards professional shooters or is it meant as just another tacticool accessory?

    • FormerSFMedic

      Your right Riceball, this truly is one of those accessories that doesn’t really offer a lot to anyone. If this setup had an IR laser as well, then it would make more sense. However, it would be even more expensive. That’s one of the biggest problems with green lasers. The technology just isn’t full circle yet and it cost a lot to manufacture them, making this setup way overpriced. I might add it has a sort of cheap look to it too. If someone were serious about the use of lasers and night vision, I would suggest the new civilian version of the D-BAL. It offers everything that its mil/le counterpart does in a slightly less powerful setup. Tacticool is never a good reason to buy anything for defensive purposes.

    • Sam

      It has a huge advantage over single tube lasers or big advantage over say Lasermax offerings as the Laserlyte Kryptonite can be top mounted on a rail underneath, in front of or behind a rifle scope, and the Laserlyte doesn’t shine it’s beam into the front sight post of the rifle.(if the rifle has a front sight post) A Lasermax or a tubed laser cannot do that.

      That’s the advantage this product has. Now whether a rifle needs a laser at all is another matter ;)

  • 82nd Trooper

    What is the point of this article? It reads like a press release.

  • jim

    JUUUUUUUNK! BIG TIME JUNK! get it out in the bush and it breaks and falls aparts. A friend had one and it only took a day in the bush and it was KIA. Better off saving your pennies but i am sure it’s great for the range generals.

  • Doyle

    The laser is great I have one on my FNAR 7.62 X 51. Only thing I do not like about it is it is not on the same plane as the barrel so where ever it is sighted in at… it is only good for that distance as it will be off before and after the sight in point because of the offset mounting.