How Not to Hit Your Target

Our friends over that the Firearm Blog posted an awesome video that I encourage Kit Up! readers to take a good look at.

Many who’ve deployed or fought in Afghanistan will recognize the style: hold the AK above your head and pull the trigger on full auto. Perhaps that’s why there are so few direct rifle fire casualties among coalition forces (as compared to indirect fire and IEDs).

But you can also see these guys have some tactics going on. The bounding and flanking maneuvers are clear (but could be from local officers rather than foreign trainers).

  • Ahhh shoot

    I saw a picture the other day of a guy sitting in an office chair in the middle of the street firing his FAL at Libyan troops. It is awesome to see people fighting for their rights but frankly I am surprised these guys haven’t been wiped out yet. I have seen airsoft weenies with better fundamentals! Then again going back a few hundred years our regular army wasn’t much better. Somethings gotta be said for having a righteous cause I guess.

  • Robert

    Isn’t that what is called suppressive fire. or keeping their head down? Full auto fire is great for individual and unit morale. American troops did almost as badly in Viet Nam..

    • crackedlenses

      Suppressive fire doesn’t help much when you hit close to nothing and you’re the rebel having to scrounge for ammo; aiming almost always pays off…..

  • “Hey, guys…


    these things on top…

    guys, these things…


    …these things on top are for aiming.”

  • Why not just cut off or remove the butt stock on the rifles and save themselves some weight? I mean, come one! The guy who was shooting in prone didn’t even bother to put the rifle straight!!!!

    Oh well, what do I know… I guess this is how you win a revolution.

  • Morgan

    I suspect very strongly that they weren’t firing at anything in particular. The chap letting off the recoiless rifle is cracking jokes, there is no urgency in the rebels movements. They don’t seem to be taking cover against any incoming fire. I think they were just showing off for the cameras. And wasting ammo.

    I’m more impressed at what you can bolt onto the back of a pick up truck. These rebels could learn a thing or two from the Chadians, who sent the Libyan army packing in the 80’s during the ‘Great Toyota War’. Right now, they are an amateur pack of hot heads.

  • strikehold

    You know Morgan – the same thought occurred to me as I watched it as well. They seemed to be just TOO casual about the whole thing.

    Rule Number 1: Don’t believe everything you see on TV…

  • DisplayNextToComment

    That actually looked … fun?

  • RMCFrank

    NATO has yet to do the job? The goal of the bombings was to disable Ghaddafi’s air assets and air defense systems, which was (no surprise here) a success. As for Ghaddafi being killed… what if no one actually kills him? What if he’s forced to surrender/is handed over?

    Not trying to call you uninformed or anything, it’s just that I find your opinion brings up points worthy of debate.

  • Lance

    Prove how poor quality Libyan Islamist fighters are. The reason why they are not winning against Qaddafi’s forces.

  • SomeJoe

    Well…they haven’t killed Ghaddafi..and they haven’t reacted in anyway that would lead me to think that they would go on a killing spree. The idea of that is speculative. However, there may be a group that wants to take revenge for the eventual ousting of Ghaddafi and start a similar campaign as in Iraq. That..I see more likely.

    I do agree with your other points however.

  • SomeJoe

    I amazed they don’t shoot each other. Not a thought in anything they are doing. Just load up a quick as you can and chuck rounds in that direction. Well…it’s not the way to win a revolution. But it is a good way to waste ammo and maybe shoot your buddy. No wonder they want the Wests help. They should talk to some western women. They could at least teach them how to go to the restroom as a group and in an orderly fashion.

  • Sal

    I think they WERE actually shooting at something. if you watch the part where he shoots the rpg, you can hear bullets ricochet near the camera.

    • Morgan

      Yeah, you’re right. Trees.

  • Morgan

    Just to clarify, the rebels are not islamist, in the sense that they are not attempting to impose a religious rule in Libya. That they happen to be muslim is irrelevant. Poorly trained and ill disciplined, yes.

  • Bruce

    Man, I thought these guys were US Navy SEALs dressed in civilian clothes, judging by the way they shoot.

  • cloggmann

    In the middle east it’s very common for people to empty their guns in front of the camera. They know liberal western media will use the footage to advance their cause.
    The worst case of this was Mohammed al Dura who was shot on camera by his own “brethren” as a martryr in the media war.
    yeah, gotto love arab values…

  • Matt

    I could do better with a .22 bolt action.