Weekend Debrief: 6/18/11

Here are some stories we didn’t write about from the week that was…

A Soldier from Task Force Redhorse in Afghanistan takes a rifle hit right in the head and gets back up. Not sure if it was an Enhance Combat Helmet (probably not) but this is clear evidence that a helmet can take a hit from an AK and not cause so much head trauma the victim’s brain is Jell-O.

Special Weapons takes us through a few options on how to shorten your AR into a bantam-weight bad@$$

Our friends at the Gear Scout took the SKD Pig Rig plate carrier for a long-term test drive and liked it a lot. Stay tuned for Kit Up!’s review of the Tyr Tactical Pico Plate Carrier sometime next week.

Make sure to check out this video from BBC on the UK’s EOD techs. Kit Up! has enormous respect for US bomb disposal teams and this video series shows clearly how dangerous our friends from across the pond are seeing it.

[Photo: A Hungarian Special Forces medic, standing, evaluates a multinational team of Romanian, Latvian and Croatian SOF medics as they prepare to move a simulated casualty to safety as part of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course held in Udbina, Croatia. (U.S. Army photo by Master Sgt. Donald Sparks, SOCEUR Public Affairs Officer – photo approved for public release by Master Sgt. Donald Sparks, SOCEUR PAO)]

  • Whoops

    Whoops! “how to shorten your AR” link goes to the Soldier getting hit in the noggin story instead.

  • john

    Looks like another “multi-national” exercise as an excuse to put TDY funds in foreign military pockets. De facto 100% funded by the US – for people that would actually never deploy to use those skills (or they may deploy, but actually never be used off the FOB since their nations would not allow them to put in a combat situation, just consume the US paid-for KBR amenities). The show of force of having allies on the FOB is good enough.

    That’s just an assumption at least, and we all know what to assume means…some us also know what NATO really stands…Gates officially spelled it out a week ago.

  • GI Joe

    At least the UK cares about its Bomb Techs and considers them elite. The US Army seems to think ours is just like everybody else, can be mass produced, and keeps trying to make them like the rest of the BIG Army. Consequently they are getting the hell worked out of them and guys that have no business being Techs are in the MOS or getting promoted tearing the MOS apart at the seam.