Blue Force Gear Sheds Ounces With Pouches

We all hear about how the services want to lighten the load on their troops — particularly with the mountainous fight they’re in trudging the Afghan hills.

Well Blue Force Gear has developed a formula to shed as much as 50 percent of the weight off of magazine pouches and other MOLLE accessories using a new blend of materials.

Called the Helium Whisper, Blue Force Gear has essentially taken its Ten-Speed line and hybridized the construction to eliminate the webbing MOLLE attachments and replace them with a one-piece High Abrasion Resistant Neoprene.

The new technology fuzes the printed elastic material on the front of a Ten-Speed M4 mag pouch, for example, with the HAN backing. Officials from Blue Force Gear who briefed us on this say the neoprene material (which is the same type of tough fabric used in Blue Force Gear’s pack bottoms as well as the material that makes up Zodiac boats) has several manufacturing advantages — which cuts down in cost and sewing errors — but it also makes it easier for troops to attach the packs to gear that has mis-aligned MOLLE rows.

Blue Force Gear raised a couple good points about the advantages of their new pouches, including how the overall weight savings could mean more troops on an assault helo and less trips to the FOB for fuel. But one of the most compelling factors to the Ten-Speed design overall is that when the pouches are empty, the elastic material forces them to lay flat, keeping a low profile and guarding against snags.

One of the things that concerned us when we handled the new pouches was the durability — they seem a bit too flimsy to hold up to the rigors of operations in the combat zone. But Blue Force Gear assured us that the Ten-Speed line is battle proven and that the new HAN backing is stronger than 1,000 Cordura.

This product is so new that Blue Force Gear only has hand-made prototypes to show off right now and it’s unclear yet how much they’ll cost. We’ll be anxious to hear how these things perform in the field once they’re pushed to units for T&E.

  • Jack

    I’m all for saving weight but implying that using this material is going to save enough weight on a soldiers gear that they’ll be able to load another soldier into the helo is a little crazy. We’re talking ounces per pouch which may lead to a few pounds per soldier. Still cool though.

  • Lance

    No flap to keep your mags clean or dry? no way id stick to the older ALICE pouches.

  • SteelMedic

    i would love to see these tested out in afghan before i even consider buying these. I really don’t feel like paying for something that won’t hold up to a combat deployment.

  • 0311 Devil

    Due to its elasticity, it looks like it could also double as a handy field pocket poosy. Can it be easily washed?

  • I’ve got a few ten speed pouches in my daily carry bag. I’ve met a few of the people from BFG who are awesome and they make some really good kit but one thing keeps me from using them as a daily carry pouch: it’s difficult to put a mag back in the pouch under stress. Don’t get me wrong ten speed pouches have their place but I wouldn’t suggest having all of your pouches BFG ten speeds.

    • speed is 4 speed

      you’re suppose to put everything back after the fight’s over, chief.

      • Panzerhund0311

        I can remember in the days before a “dump pouch” or MOLLE, or what ever high speed stuff is out there now. The LBV vest was light and it served me well. Also the ALICE system did well during my time in service. I can recall how difficult it was being able to put the spent mags back in to the mag pouches. I just use to stuff them down my flack jacket to retain them!! I would be rolling all over in the prone attempting to get the mags back in the pouch! With my kevlar helmet covering my face, flack jacket all over the place, web gear all twisted up!! I can only imagine with all the kit that our warfighters are wearing today on how hard it must be to retain mags with today’s kit if it wasn’t for the dump pouch or what have you. I sure wish they had them back in the 1990’s!! As far as weight reduction? Is a few ounces in weight gonna matter? How about the durability of the lesser weight gear? Will it still hold up? Also,this is real warfare and training we’re talking about….not an airsoft game or 3 gun match!!!

      • It’s not a perfect world “chief.” I’m no HSLD guy but the way I’ve been taught is to perform tac reloads during a lull in a fight, you never know when new threats are going to pop up so it’s best to have a full mag in the gun.

        • LARPer

          It’s Airsoft forchrisakes, relax, it’s just pellets and a referee.

          • When did I ever say I was talking about airsoft? I’m talking about real-life situations with real life consequences. This isn’t an airsoft gear site, this is a real world gear site.

          • Dork

            is that ur girl kissing ur right cheek?

  • Marmatt

    I’m more impressed by the SOD-esque MC printed zipper track…

  • Panzerhund0311

    @ Chuck Taylor…..Dude, I’m pretty sure that you never been in a “real-life” fire fight with deadly consequences lurking around your neighborhood. The need for a daily carry bag with a few ten speed pouches seems to me to be a bit ubsurd ! (I had to look up to see what a ten speed pouch was?) Where do you live where you need to carry a rifle with so much ammo? I could understand if you are living in a Border State, or if there has been a outbreak of zombies in your town…But after I looked at your facebook page, its clear to me that you play airsoft, love the HSLD stuff and mostly have never served in the US Armed Forces. So Chuck, take it easy with the all the guns and ammo before you have a negligent discharge… Magpul videos , airsoft, Call Of Duty, and tactical oriented websites don’t make you a better shooter or a high speed operator. Being a Combat MOS military service member , L.E.O. professions, overseas security contractors will make you a high speed smooth operator. Stick with your airsoft game and your 3 gun matches. I recommend you carry a quality handgun with decent ammo, a well built knife and train regularly with them. Keep the rifle and the mags at home for the zombie invasion or war with China, N. Korea and the jihadist next door…

    • SECOND Chance

      I second that. Wanabee airsoft homo.

    • Join theMilitary

      I’m sure this homo has a pair of Arc’Tyrex $800 dollars pants, he bought for himself–just so he can feel high speed airsoft.

    • Did I ever say I had ten speed rifle mags in my bag? No. For your information Ten Speed refers to any of Blue Force Gear’s elastic magazine pouches, not just their rifle mag pouches. I have two pistol mag pouches so you’re assumption that I’m carrying around a rifle all the time is wrong. Thank you for the advice, but it is unwarranted. I already have a quality handgun, decent ammo and train regularly. Frankly I could care less about being HSLD.

      I don’t understand all the assumptions that I’m some airsoft poser. All I did was offer my opinion on my experiences with BFG pouches and extrapolated that if one WAS HSLD that they wouldn’t want to replace all their pouches with these.

      • Dragon Slayer

        Shut yer Suck! MindGames Productions is run by a bunch of non-OPSEC thinkin’ homos (most w/ military backgrounds mind you).

        • Panzerhund0311

          @ Chuck Taylor…..At lest you have Converse sneakers named after you!!! Maybe they can make a tactical boot in your honor too! Just ask them to make them with more support in the ankle, and better soles for special missions that you go on…..

  • Airsoft = realCOMBAT

    LOL…..I just picked up a “fleshlight”….it can be attached to any M4 or M16 with a rail system only!! It can double as a real flashlight for tactical night time raids when killing insurgents, Talibans, zombies and commies! Then when your back in the rear, it can be used for some self love too! Its the best piece of kit I’ve ever had!

    • Sick Mofo

      LOL… since this is now the post DADT military, are there flesh replicas of men’s anal cavities? Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake would be nice. Af-Pak Bacha Bazis are the Bomb, great culture these retards we’re helping out are.

  • SFC Pearson

    Flesh Light is demeaning, in my days we simply went outside the base or had ladies brought in to us to get laid. Now you guys are resorting to Flesh Lights and Blue Forces’ new elastic pouch to get your nut off? Simply Un-American!!! Bring back the good old days!

    If SOCOM personnel get to party in Dubai or Bangkok or Zamboanga, why can’t the regular infantry grunt? Riddle me that!

    • Panzerhund0311

      The fleshlight and the Blue Force is “disease free”….I was tired of getting my bore punched while I was down in Panama at JOTC and on my Med cruise while on float….The Corpsman loved seeing me….also…I know that I’m not fathering children in foreign lands…..It may be a bit Un-American, but if you ever go to Panama and see a kid with green eyes, big ears and crooked teeth….tell him you aint seen me….I figure he’s about 11 now…Back in 99 they gave all that stuff back to the folks down there… dad tells me that every once in a while, someone calls and only speaks a little English and asked “Where Marine who promised the big PX in the sky is???”

      • SFC P.

        Man, I don’t even know where one would put the batteries on that Flesh Light contraption. I hope they have an extra large version sold. Yes, you’re right about the STDs w/ the live p*ssy experience, but they pretty much all have cures, maybe except for genital herpes–but, hey that only shows thrice yearly, so it’s worth it.

        If the youngsters are scared of STDs, then at least get a soapie in Phuket, Pataya or Bangkok. We’re getting short changed in Iraq/Afghanistan, at least OEF–P.I. our boys there are getting ALL the lovin’ they want, and then some.

      • Gettin your bore punched eh? Pre DADT or post?

        • Bacha Bazi (Af-Pak)

          I don’t think you can catch anything thru the backdoor, bro. Maybe AIDs, but AIDs is cool now according to Hollywood.

          • You can’t catch anything takin it up the keister? Whatever you need to tell yourself dude. Haha

          • Lookup BachaBazi

            Think about it, Genius. Your ass is the dirtiest place in your body, the only thing you can catch is AIDs thru blood. I’ve never heard of ass herpes or the drip from your ass. Ass crabs? Ass warts? Never, it’s just blood borne disease.

          • Fabulous Frank

            maybe he has a virgin ass.

    • Freedom1

      Why can we read the rest of the comments? Kit Up is restricting us of our first amendment right!!

  • starfox

    BFG is sweet.

    @Charlie – get a dump pouch man.

  • Silovik


  • Guys, please be respectful of other commenters…no need to do a peepee size contest here.


  • Bob

    Initial T&E of a few early prototypes was actually conducted by a few SF guys who just returned from the Stan. Despite wear marks, the product held up well.

  • SleepyDave

    I see the trolls have been feeding here. Anyways, I think this does seem like an interesting idea, the attempt to shed ounces in as many places as possible to optimize the soldiers loadout. Between this and LSAT, I think there’s some real potential here, but I think I’ve pretty well made my opinions known on how any reduction in weight for the grunts will be subverted by the brass. Any word on an ultra-light dump pouch, since getting the mags back in in a hurry looks like it might be an issue?

  • MarineOne

    Why don’t they start designing lighter stronger vests. I’m all for the protection but 40 pound vest plus another 30 or 40 pounds in supplies gets pretty heavy.

  • ghsd

    it looks like u can just rip off the straps on the back

    • Y21R

      I have my doubts on that. Im guessing its the same build as any other of BFG gear, strong bartacks. I’ve been using my 10 speed rifle pouch for over a year, hard daily use not in a bag or airsoft. Zero wear issues so far.

      • Kyle

        well if it works…

  • Y21R

    Marineone, BFG has a new plate carrier coming out, very light, very versatile.

  • quicksaber

    Well I hope the price comes down a single mag pouch coast $26.95 but the double is $27.95 and triple mags pouch cost $28.95. The nice thing is you can place other things in mags pouches like smoke,pistol mags,gloves and radios and what ever else. The only problem I can see is you can’t stack other pouches on them because there is no molle on the fronts. I own the triple mag pouch and like it but it is sitting on a front of regular triple mag pouche on my chest rig and I only use it when I need extra ammo for the range or a class.

  • They have, check out Mayflower Research or Tyr Tactical

  • SleepyDave

    So, any further word on this? I got to thinking about it, and while the ounces per soldier logic doesn’t really mean much, folks like myself who love to shave weight and bulk in interesting ways would probably love to have something like this, if of course I had any current use for it. But hey, given the development cycle, by the time I need it, it’ll be available to dirty civilians like me.

  • Josh

    I had a BFG ten-speed pistol mag pouch for my tour in Afghanistan recently…. I liked ok, but the mags came out whenever the SLIGHTLY caught on something. I can’t speak to how secure the rifle mag pouches are but I definitely do not recommend the pistol pouch.

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