Predator to Offer Hot New Compensator

Some of you might have heard some preliminary scuttlebutt about this radical new compensator that allows the shooter to tune the amount recoil for his particular rifle, caliber and barrel.

The so-called EFFIN-A has ports that can be closed or opened to match the rifle’s climb, scientifically adjusting the gas emission to keep that muzzle on the black.

The EFFIN-A Compensator was designed to allow the end user the ability to adjust the manner in which the gas exits from the weapon. The EFFIN-A features 7 columns and 4 rows of exit ports that can be either opened or closed through the very simple use of set screws. The exit ports are not threaded completely through to eliminate the possibility of the screw being over turned into the chamber. This feature also allows the screw to “bottom out” increasing tightness and ensuring that it will not work itself out under the pressure of the gasses being released by the weapon. This Compensator also features the ability to “Stack” multiple comps end to end giving further options to the end user.

We received word that Predator Armament will distribute the EFFIN-A and is now accepting pre-orders for the tricky new device for a dealer exclusive price of $90. Company officials say the compensators will probably ship in late August or early September.

  • Justin L

    Lol I wouldnt want to get shot by those airsoft guns in the video…

  • Nmate

    Are those a bunch of set screws? Oh that’s great, I’m sure they’ll never be lost…

  • Rorschach

    What about the possibility of someone not tightening down one of the set screws completely and, upon firing, one of those babies turning into a projectile flying directly down the firing line?

    • Ares Armor

      This problem has already been addressed, solved, and tested before releasing. no issues with over 10,000 rounds fired.

  • the PartyisOver

    this goes to show you, that the only ones winning the Global War on Terrorism are companies like Blue Force, 5.11 and Arc’Tyrex.

    they go to Vietnam or Indonesia, get something made for 20 bucks and turn around then sell it for 800 bucks at taxpayers expense.

    and people wonder what the debt ceiling is–gov’t waste. If airsofters wanna spend this much money on gear, yeah, but please please purty please don’t use taxpayers money for this.

    • I don’t know about 5.11 or Arc’Tyrex, but BFG manufactures EVERYTHING at their Savannah, GA location. There’s also this little thing called the Berry Amendment, which requires that DOD gives preference to domestically manufactured textile goods. That means 100% USA, all components and manufacturing has to be done in the US.

      • VTGunner

        I don’t think it’s 100%, but maybe a kajority. I mean look at all the components that are made by say, Boeing, around the globe.

        • I said textile goods, not aerospace goods. After several years of exemptions and changes to the legislation the Berry Amendment now pretty much only applies to textile goods. Any clothing, ballistic fiber material or nylon tactical gear HAS to be “Berry Compliant” in order to be given preference by the DOD for procurement. If a manufacturer cannot source a component domestically and no alternative can be found domestically then they can apply for a waiver, but it’s rare.

          Given that Berry Compliant textile goods have such a huge advantage for procurement it’s virtually impossible to win government contracts for your textile goods if they aren’t Berry Compliant.

          • TROJANII

            Like Army berets?

          • The Army thought about using chinese manufacturers to augment production when it became evident that US manufactures couldn’t meet production deadlines (that is one of the reasons you can get a waiver for) BUT the plan was never implemented because of the political backlash.

      • Oxy

        i’m pretty sure it’s not “100%” there, chief.

      • Ares Armor

        not sure on Arc’Terex but 5.11 manufactures both overseas and here. The overseas stuff goes to the civilian stores and the “here” stuff goes to contracts. We ONLY manufacture “HERE”

    • Ares Armor

      We manufacture 100% in the U.S. It is against our company policy to use foreign labor or materials.

      • waz

        no wonder u mark up so much.

        • ares armor

          Do the math killer. your comment doesn’t make sense. we PAY more for our products to be produced because we want to keep business in the States. we do not “mark up” so much. thanks for the reply though.

  • Wake UP!

    IT’s like Tulip-mania, buy ’em while they’re HOT, because once we draw dawn from all current wars (to focus on domestic problems), we’ll simply stop buying over-priced designer gear (for those that want to look good and feel rich in war). You’re right the only demand at that point will come from the airsoft community, and since these are 30 yr olds still living with mommy, economic conditions will eventually render their airsoft fancies untenable (read: they are gonna eventually have to get a job, maybe in China).

    • Ares Armor

      Not sure what airsofter would need a comp. And we make ALL of our products 100% in the states. To include materials. The china comments don’t apply to us.

    • Ares Armor

      look us up and see how many government contracts we bid on… and how many we are interested in… Zero

  • Pvt. Balls

    800 bucks 4 hi speed pants is nothing compared to the Joint Strike fighter program.

  • FormerSFMedic

    Come on guys, stay on point! If you wanna discuss airsoft, do it someplace else. The discussions in the comments section on this blog has declined because of off subject comments. Christian does a fantastic job and even gets ideas from “commenters”. Please stay on subject. There are some people that really learn a lot from what some of us have to say.

  • FormerSFMedic

    @Ares Armor- Iam intrigued to see what this comp is capable of. Being able to fine tune the ports to a specific shooter and load sounds promising. I’m thinking of buying one and doing a review somewhere if I get a chance.$90 is a damn good price if this thing does half of what it says it does.

    • DauntlessCelt

      I would love a review from you. It looks impressive.

  • Just Do It

    the Alamo Scouts did their ops with nothing more than a toothpick and a sharp knife. They lived off the land and did their missions. I don’t think they asked for comps or 800 dollar pants.

  • Talon

    Is it me or has there been an abundance of douchebaggery in the commentary section recently? The anonymity of the web has really upped the douchebag factor of alot of people.

    • Jesse

      Office chair jockies need a forum to vent their frustrations of everyday life, hence ill will on others. It is interesting how people will complain about something being too expensive when made in the USA since labor costs are considerably higher. However, these same people are happy to complain about cheaply made Chinese gear that falls apart. Reality can be a dry biscuit to choke down your gullet.

  • Kevin

    The more I think about this product the more I like it. It looks like hell, which doesn’t matter much, but being able to tune it yourself is appealing. I am not sure if I would want to deploy with something like this because of the little screws, but I would love to try it out.

  • Efren

    What if you get dirt or mud stuck in those holes?

    • ares armor

      What if you get dirt or mud stuck in any compensator’s holes??? You clean it. Just like you would clean the rest of your rifle….

  • Daniel E. Watters

    Interestingly, the US Army Ballistic Research Laboratory and Human Engineering Laboratory were playing with a similar adjustable muzzle brake concept all the way back in 1962. You can find the report on the DOD’s Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) website as “Summary of Studies Conducted with the AR15”.

  • I just had a thought. How good is the gas seal with those set screws? Because with that thread off front to the compensator you could put on a silencer mount (say an AAC Blackout flashhider for example) and seal off the vents when you want to use the silencer. But if you say travel to a state that doesn’t allow silencers you could just open up the ports and regain some of the recoil reducing capabilities that the silencer gives you.

    • Ares Armor

      No Gas escapes when it the port is closed.

  • RealityBites

    if the Vietnamese or Indonesians can make the exact same thing and give the end user some extra savings to go to Walmart and buy groceries, then I’d go w/ the most cost effective product.

    sure we can subsidize you guys by buying American, but in this economy… the BEST value wins.

    • Jesse

      This kind of thing will definitely get the economy back on track. Our service economy will just snap itself back to action. WE don’t need any manufacturing stateside till everything is back to the comfortable norm. Here is a better ideology, buy nothing till the economy is back on track, then all that money you saved can go to American made. You can live on rice from Indonesia too.

  • SFC Williams

    I just don’t think compressors, unless you’re an assaulter, are really needed. How far are the average firefights in A-stan, again? Do the math. This is just the old, “if Delta or SEALs have it, I should too” attitude, even though I’m just motor-T.

  • Lemmings

    Dude, there’s so many wannabe SOCOMs out there, that you guys at Ares Armor, have nothing to worry about, you will be billionaires selling comps, like those balance bands they sell at malls. If NBA and NFL athletes are wearing them, I should too!!!

    • SKRII

      yup and charlie taylor (see above) is one.

  • Smurf

    have u guys talked to ATF?

  • Former Infantry

    I don’t get it. I’m not convinced that the AR15/M4/M16 rifles have enough recoil to warrant a compensator much less one that allows the shooter to “fine tune” it to the shooter’s preference. IMHO, the time it takes for such an effort can be better spent teaching our Soldiers how to PROPERLY APPLY THE FUNDAMENTALS OF RIFLE MARKSMANSHIP (which they are severely lacking).

  • CavScout62

    As a disabled veteran with a skeleton that is becoming more brittle due to GWS I have become very recoil sensative. I love to shoot though on a regular basis. If this compensator works as they claim and, they make it in .30 caliber, I may just be able to shoot my .300WinMag again! Hoooraaaayyyyy!!!!!!

    • James R.

      Take up golf, man. From a PT perspective, youre getting more out of golf than shooting.

  • AT4

    My beret was made in Canada. I wonder if that’s compliant.

  • SleepyDave

    First, as a former airsofter, I can tell you that there is rather a lot of bad behavior coming out of that sport. Making it cheap just made it worse. They can be good training for some things, but no one should have any illusions about how well an airsofter would do in an actual firefight. Conversely, I’ve also seen Marine 0311s walk into the sport and get them their butts handed to them because they couldn’t play the game by its own rules.

    Second, I see this being a highly-useful product for the race gun crowd, and thats not a bad thing. Tuning your weapon to the slightest detail is an incredibly critical thing. Not my thing, but someones thing.

    Third, I applaud Ares for being American Made. Thats rare enough these days.

    That all being said, set screws bother me. Are you guys selling packs of replacements for lost screws?

  • Not being a smart ass, but I’m looking forward to the day when some invents a weapons system that will go to war with out the grunt to carry it, fire it, clean it and maybe get killed because it don’t work. If they cam come up with this weapon system so that the grunt can set at a desk in some office and fight the war then I’m all far this. Now let’s get to work and come up with one.. This is just a thought, but I know there is someone working on it all ready as I type this

  • FormerSFMedic

    Mark up? Their stuff is lower priced or on par with the closest competition! Check your information before you post it. The EFFIN-A comp is a bargain at $90. I paid $150 for my BattleComp and my Surefire MB556. It’s $125 for a PWS FSC556 and the same for a Surefire FB. If this new comp holds up and does what it was designed to do, then $90 is a small process to pay.

  • jka

    looks cool, i would love to see a review of it from a grunt and a sport shooter.

  • Jason

    This is called innovation, and the guys at Ares are thinking out of the box which leads to better gear in the future for everyone. Good job guys and I am one of your competitors! Semper Fi!

  • Ranger

    By design, this compensator can not be more effective than the popular ones already out there (Rolling Thunder, Miculek, SJC Titan, Cooley, JP Tank). All those that claim this is the next best thing probably spend a lot of time on, want a Battlecomp, and prefer shiny/fancy/pricey muzzle jewelry to take pictures of and brag about online. This comp is even more of joke in that instead of the manufacturer designing, testing, and tuning a great comp design, they just drill a bunch of holes and plug them with set screws so that the customer can do all the testing and tuning themselves! Hahahaha!

  • whiterabbit

    will the 7.62 work on the 300 win mag?