New Tactical Tailor Battle Belt

Tactical Tailor has a new ‘Battle Belt’ due out in September (it’s in production now). We got a look at the prototype back in mid-July when it was still new enough there were lines notations all over it, and really liked what we saw. (That was actually in Virginia Beach; a large fellow who’ll remain nameless actually wore it and little else to sing karaoke at Luna Sea, and during the subsequent foot pursuit into Pirate’s Paradise.) They gave us a first look.

The TacTailor Battle Belt is an over-belt, part of their Fight Light line. It’s designed to wear over a duty or rigger’s belt. It will initially come in 2 sizes, medium and large, offered in coyote, multi-cam and A-TACS. It’ll have an optional 4-point low profile suspension system if desired, something you can wear under a plate carrier, IOTV, etc. It’s lined with air mesh for comfort.

“Some operators wear soft armor vests with hard armor over the top, and sometimes drop their external…they wanted a battle belt to keep more first line gear on them and comfortable,” GW Ayers of Tactical Tailor told us. “So we reviewed the different likes and dislikes from guys in the field about all different styles of belts and harnesses…we got a lot of help from some of the guys at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.”

There will be MOLLE/PALS points on the exterior for mag/spent-mag pouches, handcuff pouches, belt holsters and similar items. However, drop-leg holsters and sub-loads can be slid up through access points to hook onto the interior belt itself so it won’t fold or drag the outer belt down.

Though for the initial run you’ll have to choose a standard duty belt or rigger’s belt to run inside it, Tactical Tailor will soon be offering a new belt style as a third option. It will be designed to wear on its own or as part of the Battle Belt. “We’re developing a hybrid belt, due to demand from operator’s in the field,” GW explained, “A bastard child of duty belt and rigger’s, something with the stiffness of a duty belt and the safety ring of rigger’s belt, Personal lanyard retention point on the rigger’s belt seems to be the main desire. That’ll work inside the Battle Belt like a champ.”

The hybrid belt is still in development and will be out in a couple months. Hopefully someone out there will make some in our size, though it’ll probably take a while before they do.

Tactical Tailor doesn’t take pre-orders, but it should be up on the website on or about September 16th. The system looks to be less than a hundred bucks; the battle belt itself will run around $70.00 retail, battle belt harness $32.00.

“Keep in mind that this is a base model,” said Ayers (who loves karaoke) told us. “There may be an ‘A1’ model in a few months after we get more input from the field.”

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  • I want one of those in OD or Ranger green.


    This looks like the Vietnam era LCE I wore in basic, albeit a lot more comfortable.

  • Lance

    Yeah its ok, but not for its costs ill stick with my ALICE gear for now till its cheaper.

  • Brian

    Offer it in OD. No other top tier tactical gear manufacturer is.

  • jackalope

    Will there be slots for sub-loads? Why only two rows of MOLLE? Three or four would be better. OD or Ranger green would be welcome.