The CZ550 I reviewed (pictured here) is chambered for 308win, has a NF scope (3.5-15power) and the barrel is fitted to accept a SureFire suppressor (not tested..Sorry Charlie T, the SureFire guy was a no show). While I would not have this in my personal collection, this is a great utility rifle that would make a good deer rifle, be at home on the ranch and makes a decent urban sniper rifle as intended……

Location: Marc Halcon’s Alpine Range
Rifle: CZ 550
Caliber: 308 Win
Scope: Night Force minute reticle 3.5-15 power
Bi-pod: Harris
Shooter: Me
Weather: 80 degrees F, sunny with a slight 2-3mph right to left (gusts to 5mph) wind going to a boil.
Holding 2.5minutes at 500 yards and 3.5 at 700.
Ammo: Hornady 165 grain
Overall Score 60-100: 80

Other Example Scores:
Barrett MRAD 338 Lapua: 92

Off the CZ website “The CZ 550 UCS is a fresh rifle concept built with a compact profile for maneuverability, reduced weight and “cold first shot” predictability. The rifle uses proven bench-rest principles by using a short stiff free floated 16” bull barrel with a target crown for consistent barrel harmonics and amazing accuracy. This barrel is enhanced with a Surefire muzzle break for soft recoil and QD suppressor compatibility. A Bell & Carlson fiberglass stock, aluminum bedding block, oversized bolt handle, polished action, Teflon coating and a crisp single stage trigger complete the package. The balance and maneuverability of the CZ550 Counter Sniper make this rifle ideal for many tactical situations. Includes 10 round detachable magazine.”


My 3 round group at 100 yards

The video (You Tube Channel) gives a quick look the rifle up close. The CZ is a great utility gun but like I said earlier, not something I’d have in my personal collection. The action was a bit sloppy which created some feeding issues from the internal magazine. Don’t get me wrong this was a fun rifle to shoot and would make a lot of people very happy.
Brandon Out….

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