CZ 550 Urban Sniper Rifle Review

The CZ550 I reviewed (pictured here) is chambered for 308win, has a NF scope (3.5-15power) and the barrel is fitted to accept a SureFire suppressor (not tested..Sorry Charlie T, the SureFire guy was a no show). While I would not have this in my personal collection, this is a great utility rifle that would make a good deer rifle, be at home on the ranch and makes a decent urban sniper rifle as intended……

Location: Marc Halcon’s Alpine Range
Rifle: CZ 550
Caliber: 308 Win
Scope: Night Force minute reticle 3.5-15 power
Bi-pod: Harris
Shooter: Me
Weather: 80 degrees F, sunny with a slight 2-3mph right to left (gusts to 5mph) wind going to a boil.
Holding 2.5minutes at 500 yards and 3.5 at 700.
Ammo: Hornady 165 grain
Overall Score 60-100: 80

Other Example Scores:
Barrett MRAD 338 Lapua: 92

Off the CZ website “The CZ 550 UCS is a fresh rifle concept built with a compact profile for maneuverability, reduced weight and “cold first shot” predictability. The rifle uses proven bench-rest principles by using a short stiff free floated 16” bull barrel with a target crown for consistent barrel harmonics and amazing accuracy. This barrel is enhanced with a Surefire muzzle break for soft recoil and QD suppressor compatibility. A Bell & Carlson fiberglass stock, aluminum bedding block, oversized bolt handle, polished action, Teflon coating and a crisp single stage trigger complete the package. The balance and maneuverability of the CZ550 Counter Sniper make this rifle ideal for many tactical situations. Includes 10 round detachable magazine.”


My 3 round group at 100 yards

The video (You Tube Channel) gives a quick look the rifle up close. The CZ is a great utility gun but like I said earlier, not something I’d have in my personal collection. The action was a bit sloppy which created some feeding issues from the internal magazine. Don’t get me wrong this was a fun rifle to shoot and would make a lot of people very happy.
Brandon Out….

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  • burkefett

    Is there a reason that the MP5 is being ranked in the same list as a number of precision bolt action rifles? Last time I checked, you needed some pretty serious kentucky windage to hit anything with a 9mm at 700 yards…..

    • Brandon

      burkefett, it’s a weapons rating system and can be applied to any category or gun, rifle or p shooter

      • burkefett

        That’s all well and good, but how are you supposed to actually get an idea of what a weapon is worth if an MP5 is judged on the same scale as a Cheytac .408. They’re two different weapons systems, yes, with two wildly different rolls on the battlefield. While certain features (ergonomics, for example) could *sort of* be judged using the same system (though really, they shouldn’t be) there’s absolutely no common ground between a 9mm submachine gun and a .308 bolt action rifle. I’m not going to be kicking doors with a hunting rifle, and I’m not going to punch paper with a 9mm at 700 yards. It’s pretty silly to put them both up next to each other and say that they belong on the same scale. I always figured that the Kit Up! blog was a little more informed than, say, a top 10 list on the Military Channel.


    Me still likey very much!!!! great article. Nice groupings Brandon!!

  • Go Navy!

    I would rather stick with a Remington 700. The CZ is probably one of those plinker rifles.

    • SGT ROCK

      Yep a head plinker!, it’s a weapon and even if it was a .22 i am sure like the pros you would make it work and keep the count high.

      • Go Navy!

        SGT Rock: Yes if I had to, I would duct tape a knife at end of the rifle to make it work. Unfortunately i don’t have any experience with CZ and their rifles. So at this point, not sure about their quality on rifles. I like their handguns.

  • farmboy7.62

    How did you score a 95 with a pea shooter?! Is that an error? Were you out with the Mad Duo last night?

  • Go Navy!

    Was the H&K MP5 a typo? How did it get on the list? Isn’t MP5 a CQB weapon? I would like to add the GSG5 (MP5 look alike in .22) to that list.

    • FormerSFMedic

      I believe Brandon put the MP5 on the list just to give us an idea of what his scoring method has come up with in the past. Since he is a sniper, naturally there is going to be more sniper rifles than other platforms. He isn’t comparing the MP5 to the CZ in terms of performance for a specific mission, but comparing how the two have added up to each other as working firearms. Brandon, you can correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Brandon

        Yes! Finally someone gets it! lol….Thanks brother-Brandon

        • Go Navy!

          Thanks Brandon for the clarification. I know it was your rating system. It was just odd to see MP5 listed along with the other sniper rifles. Great article. Hopefully you can head back out and do some more testing. It’s good to see some reviews on non common rifles. (I didn’t even know that CZ makes rifles).

  • Fritzthedog

    Nice anecdotal experience- I’d like to see a test wherein you to eliminate some ballistics variables from your “testing”.
    Different rifles, same caliber, same conditions and same shooters- see how many “sames” there are in that statement?
    Also, a skilled marksman shooting a familiar platform will likely always score better that with an unfamiliar platform.

  • Lance

    A Winchester Model 70 Stealth or Remington M-40 or 700 Police would do the same if not better job.

  • Thor

    Hmm, that is a much shorter barrel than I have on my CZ552. It also is a different magazine configuration. I expected the longer barrel that I have and a better “score”. Of course, maybe I just need to put myself behind a higher end platform to see what I am missing too.

  • That’s a shame you didn’t get to test the SF suppressor, maybe the rep got wind of your intentions to test their POI shift claims and got scared! ;)

    • Brandon

      Charlie….I think he was more likely hung over from a wedding the night before! lol….I may get an opportunity in a few weeks and will update my personal blog with the intel if any

  • Bump

    If you’re comparing the CZ to Accuracy Intl. or Barrett, those rifles cost in excess of $6000, while the CZ comes in at $2400 w/ Surefire muzzle brake, installed.

  • I would imagine that a mass production rifle, compared to a high-dollar semi-custom, would fall short of the semi-custom, just like comparing, say, a Remington R1 1911 with an Ed Brown or Wilson Combat. Different levels of workmanship went into them.

    That being said, however, I have seen matches shot with 700 Police models, Winchesters, Sako rifles, and even Savages that have kept close pace out to 1000m with the accuracy international and other high-dollar rifles. Some of the production guns are even very close on the quality of action and trigger as what you get with a custom.

    All that being said, if I want to gauge the quality of a rifle, or a handgun, I’m going to ask an expert marksman or shooter what they think and how they rate the gun against the best.

    These are the people that are as close to a ransom rest as you’re going to get, they’re dialed in to every aspect of the weapon, and they know how the rifle should perform. What we get, then, is an honest opinion of what the rifle is capable of and how it compares from an expert. This is valuable in that i can take his word on the way the rifle shot compared to a “perfect standard” and can gauge accordingly whether it’s worth the money or not.

    I am slightly disappointed Brandon didn’t go into more detail about the rifle and how it compares, what his likes and dislikes were, and what he felt fell short compared to others, but since his goal and job is not to rate rifles for buyers, but rather just to give his two cents on how he liked the gun, then it gives a quick overview of whether or not he considers it worth owning as a professional.

  • Brandon

    Hi David-Good feedback…it’s hard to fit it all into a blog, that’s why I’m trying to just score it. What I liked was the rugged construction and that the barrel came suppressor ready. What I didn’t really like was that the bolt system seemed loosely engineered and was sticking on me when cycling. Also, for the money, the gun isn’t manufactured very well (my opinion….and back to my first point). There isn’t much in the way of innovation either….That about sums it up….

  • timothy

    I was interested in one of these when I first saw it, but I kept asking why I would choose this 16″ bull barrel bolt rifle over a 16″ or 18″ precision AR10? The answer is I wouldnt. I dont see why you would put a short barrel on a bolt rifle. If it had a 20″ then Id take it, but its priced way too high. You can get the Savage Precision Carbine and shoot just as good if not better and it costs only $800.
    Why sacrifice all that velocity loss of a 16″ barrel for a “sniper” when an “urban sniper” can get around just as quick with a 20″ and be able to shoot further and have better terminal ballistics with the added velocity

  • ac

    i read on the remington m700 tactical coz i was very much interested in th weapon.
    the reviews were terrible. im still looking for a 308 rifle and im thinking of going the cz route, i have a cz 75 pistol and it has never jammed on me as yet.
    i would really like the remington with new design barrel. any other input the 2 brands weapons.
    much appreciated