Glock Issues Recall for Gen4 Recoil Springs

I don’t own a Glock, but I have heard the new Gen4 is glitchy.

GLOCK Inc. announces that it is voluntarily exchanging the recoil spring assembly (RSA) on its new Gen4 pistols shipped since August, 2009, to ensure each pistol’s performance meets the company’s demanding standards.  With several variations of the RSA in the market today, GLOCK’s goal with this voluntary exchange is to standardize the RSA to gain the best possible performance in each pistol.

GLOCK’s product development team has modified various elements of the RSA.  The new RSA compensates for all design modifications made to the Gen4 and allows the pistols to function up to GLOCK’s rigid quality standards and reliability goals.

Consumers should note that Gen4 G26 and G27 models will not require a modified recoil spring.

The replacement of the Gen4 pistol RSA can be performed as part of the regular field-strip process; consumers do not need to take the Gen4 pistol to an armorer.

  • Anthony

    I have never needed any replacement parts on my Sig p220 or 226 and they are nearing the decade mark with a few thousand rounds through each. You Block fans can keep this airsoft feeling hunk of junk.

    • NGPOG

      Now is that a decade of range or duty use?

      • Anthony

        I’ll admit it mostly range use. The worst it has seen has been a a few 3 day tactical courses and idpa comps.

    • NGPOG

      What new generation of any product isn’t buggy at first. Also, would that be a decade of range or duty use?

    • farmboy7.62

      Watch it there buddy…Sig’s quality control these days is one giant abortion. Multiple high profile trainers have noted that of late Sig’s have been utterly failing.

      Never had to “break in” my glock. My gen 3 G22RTF has run like a sewing machine.

      • Anthony

        I have actually heard that. …such a shame.

  • tangonine

    I carry my P229 but the 2 Glocks are always in the go bag. Going to go ahead and replace the spring.

  • SleepyDave

    So, there’s a non-specific problem with the guns thats being fixed by a replacement part that I don’t recall anyone saying they needed, and most of the people who are getting it don’t have the foggiest idea why…I do believe I’ll go ahead and save a few bucks to puck up a Gen3 17 for my service handgun.

  • FormerSFMedic

    LOL. So Glock is telling people to get their GEN 4’s RSA replaced, but not telling them why? Nice. Sounds like something they would do.

  • FormerSFMedic

    I know why their replacing them though…..

    • CavGuy02

      go on…

      • FormerSFMedic

        The GEN 4 9mm guns were outfitted with the same RSA as the .40 guns. This caused big problems with the 9mm for obvious reasons. The .40 guns had problems as well, with the springs, the assemblies, the end caps, etc. Glock will never admit this, but the problem is widespread. The .40 guns have something like 3 different variations of the RSA and this will make a forth. That should tell you something right there. Basically Glock changed from a single spring (reliable) setup, to a problematic dual spring that has yet to be fixed. Again they will NEVER admit any of this.

        Here is the interesting thing. GEN4’s have been having extractor/ejector issues as well. Cases being thrown straight at the shooter, weak ejection, or no ejection at all is common. So the question is, “is it the ejector, extractor, RSA, or a combination of all of these that is causing the problems?” There is actually a lot more to the story than what I just put down here. Suffice to say the GEN4 bugs are still being worked out. My theory is that Glock has failed to listen to advice, hasn’t changed with the times, and continue to cut corners in machining standards and materials.

  • Lance

    I use a Beretta M-92FS Police Special for work never had a jam or broken part with it when having proper ammo. I just cant trust plastic guns.

    • swilliams

      Didn’t people say the same thing during Vietnam. Don’t give me that Mattel M16. I want my wooden M14.

    • Mike Birchfield

      Lance- April 2003 I was just soutth of Baghdad with the 101st, cleaned my M-9 with issued cleaning tooth brush to get the dust out, did a functions check and the M-9 would not fire in double action mode. The problem for the “most tested” combat pistol was the tooth brush disloged the leaf spring in the right side of the frame while brushing out the dust! M-9 / Beretta was then,is now and always has been a piece of junk!

      • Lance

        Mike the Army is to blame. The M-92 is a great pistol with proper lube and use of proper cleaning gear your one dislodge parts when cleaning I don’t blame you on this the Army is poor on cleaning tips the same for the M-4 and why they had problems not the M-4s fault its the Army. The USMC has better weapons training this day and age and far less malfunctions in the field surveys found out. I can say I can out shoot any SiG or Glock with my M-9. I have done it in dusty conditions and muddy conditions.

  • crackedlenses

    Now all the Glock-haters will have a field-day jeering at the “plastic” pistol…..

  • farmboy7.62

    Just bought me a Gen3 RTF. Couldn’t be happier…I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end for Glock.

  • Bill

    Ah, nuts. Don’t care for them new fangled pistols. Keepin’ my old reliable six shooter, never let me down.

  • DBM

    I own a Gen3 27 with the double (captive) recoil spring and have had no problems. Sometimes these recalls can be a little confusing, so can I assume my current configuration is A-OK?

  • jKron

    The issue with the new RSA is the spring will not push back light ammo. If you are shooting anything over 115 grain in a gen 4 Glock, you will probably not see any malfunctions. With the replacement RSA, they are sending out you can shoot light loads and not worry about a malfunction. The purpose of the heavier RSA in the gen 4 was not to shoot target rounds or super light 115 grains, it was made for a combat, hot round. You can shoot 147 grain all day long in the gen 4 and not worry about shit. I dont have to worry about this issue because I carry a gen 3 :p

  • slip

    No problem for me, I have one and mine is perfect. From day one i orderd a solid tungsten guide rod and sweet spring from Glockmeister. Any pistol i have gotten in the past and future always gets the personal pref add ons. No matter the brand or size from my BUG to my main weapon. Those range generals i see are posting their cr@p what a joke.

  • farmboy7.62

    Truly is. My brother has a Sig, manufactured in Germany about 10 years ago. Outstanding piece of kit. Didn’t have to break it it or any of that crap…the thing just runs. Wonderful trigger compared to our Glocks.

    • guest

      It is very sad. If you want to buy a Sig, it must be W. German for it to be “sig” quality that we all know of. If you want Glock legendary reliability — you must be gen 3 or older Glock.

      Who is left? People have already hated on Beretta ever since they got the M9 contract.

      SW M&P?!?!

  • FormerSFMedic

    The problem is with 115 grain loads also. Trying to fix an undersprung .40 with a new RSA that doesn’t work is a bad idea. Then they turn around and put the same RSA in the 9mm guns. WTH! Glock needs to fix those newer GEN 3’s effected by their corner cutting as well. Glock never ceases to amaze me.

  • Stormcharger

    Extraction and ejection are directly related to the recoils springs. If the spring resists too much slide velocity is lowered to the point that the empty case is not ejected with enough force to overcome the grip of the extractor, thus hang ups and cases ejected on less desirable trajectories.

    It’s not the first time that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to lowering manufacturing costs has not worked out… However, until someone tries a new way of doing things, how can you know if it works? Though, this sort of thing should have shown up in testing before thrown into the product.

    • FormerSFMedic

      @ Stormcharger- I agree with you on why a recoil spring might give a shooter ejection problems. However the problems with the GEN 4’s and recent GEN 3’s are not completely related to the RSA. The extractors have been a huge part of the problem as well. Actually it’s been a problem within the community for awhile now. Whether its the MIM process or sloppy tolerances, Glock should have listened to what we were telling them.

      I also agree with you on the fact that Glock should have found these problems before the guns even left the factory. It just goes to show that Glock did not do their T&E!

  • Lance

    @ Mike Birchfield

    The Army’s poor maintenance of weapons is to blame not the M-9 itself. The USMC had them for years and not as many breakages reported needs more training that’s all and more armorers maintenance. Ive out shot Glocks and SiGs all the time with my M-92FS.

    • Ken

      Maybe it’s the shooter bud. Glocks, Sigs, H&K and Berretta are all top tier proven guns- not to be disputed. I agree about the Army quip, but I’ve never heard of an M9 failure except for failures with magazines and people not switching out the ammo in them.

    • glenn hamilton

      whats that mean? {outshot more Glocks}? Does not make sense.
      By saying that, do you mean 92fs are a better gun than Sig or Glock? I do not agree with you.

  • Bg

    This may sound dumb, but how do you know if ur glock is a Gen4 or not???
    Is this recall specific to only Gen4’s?
    Thanks and forgive my ignorance

  • Ken

    Yup, the M9 is an old weapon that the Army fires outrageous amounts of ammo through every year. They get beat up by their owners and often are not cleaned or have the magazines cycled through enough. Although I’ve fired the M9 many times and never had any problems, I’ve always thought that big Army should have bought Glocks or Sigs, but I’m sure a gun without a safety would never float.

  • tangonine

    I believe it’s specific to Gen4 pistols. I called them and read off serial #s and both mine (a 30 and a 17C) were good (no RSA replacement required).

  • mstaff

    nothing like those 2 Sig recalls of the past 2 months, first on the P238, then the 1911-22 – no Sig doesn’t have any recalls.

  • Matt

    I’ve got a glock gen 4 .40 cal. with over 1200 rounds put through it. STILL no problems……

  • Don

    I carried a gen 2 M17 for 10 years. I stopped counting rounds fired after I reached 22,000. I gave the newer g3 guns to the young guys, having all the faith in the plastic M17. We had one gun with a double charge that kicked out the magazine, split the frame, but kept on shooting. My M22 G4 has only had 75 rounds through it in an IDPA match. I hind sight, I’d rather have a M17. Early Glock M17,19 and 21 gave serious problems. After the retro-fits they were just fine. Just looking at the G4 spring, all I saw was potential for trouble. It became too complex.

  • Don

    This is a command failure. Just like with the M16, the whole unit didn’t take care of their rifles, trucks, power equipment, or themselves. When commanders don’t demand more from their sergeants and troopers the whole system collapses.

  • Don

    I think getting a M17 for duty is a good idea. I carried a M17 for about 10 years. I stopped counting shots fired after about 22,000 rounds. I retired nearly 10 years ago. I bought a M22 Gen 4 and a M27. Now I wish I had bought 9mm models. I liked how well the 9mm shot and I know I could outshoot myself had I used a 9mm instgead of a .40.

  • Mr. Farknocker

    I recently bought a gen4 22 Glock. Changed out the barrel with the 9mm conversion and the glock experienced failure to extract with cheap 115 gr 9mm rounds. Problem was caused by limp wristing the gun. As soon as I tighted up my grip, the problem went away. The gun still spits shells at you however.

  • Warren

    I have a Glock Gen4 Model 22. I have over 12,000 rounds and noticed a problem this past Friday. While firing the gun, the spring came through the hole in the slide about 1”. It prevented the gun from firing. I also had the same problem when I racked the slide after cleaning. I brought the gun in this morning and was told there was a recall on the spring. They gave me the 1-800 number to call for replacement. The rep at glock said that the model and serial numer of my early gen4 qualified for the spring replacement. I explained what happened and he stated that the new spring was redesigned with a spacer on the front of the spring that would prevent that from happening in the future. He took my information and stated that a replacement is on the way.

  • Justin

    I recently bought 2 Glock 17s and a 19. The Gen 4 does not like 115 grain ammo and continuously double feeds (on only one 17 and the 19). My regular duty ammo showed no problems. My new spring is coming and after speaking with my team’s armorer, this should remedy the problem.

    And for you Sig lovers out there, I’ve been shooting Sigs for years, but the Glock system allows me to put many more rounds down range faster and more accurate. Besides, I love using interchangeable mags for my undercover, off-duty, and duty weapon.

  • Tom

    I have a gen3 19rtf and a gen4 27 among many other pistols, as of now the gen4 Glock 27 is my go to gun when I want an auto loader. I’ve put several thousand rds through it with zero malfunctions, I love the thing

  • jaybird

    I also have a Gen 4 .40cal. and I’ve put about a 1000 rounds through mine and haven’t had a single problem. I’ve been using mostly 180 grain and some 165 grain.

  • Todd

    Just got mine. A lot less side to side play in the spring due to a better designed spring guide. We will have to see how it performs. Speaks highly of a company to do such a selfless thing. GLOCK LOVE!

  • corporal frank wood

    i have two new glocks, the g22 gen4 and g23 gen4 and have had no problems with either pistol with the original dual springs that came with the guns, and my g23 gen4 was used in defense of my person twice and did not fail me. but if the new springs lock up better in the muzzle end i am all for it and welcome it.
    i don’t look at the recoil spring on gen4 pistols as a recall but an upgrade in my opinion, the muzzle end in the recoil spring assembly is to help the spring lock up better thats it and not a failure of original spring (dual)

  • lance curry

    well i bought a gen 4 glock 17 nothing but stove pipe fte…. mine has the new recoil spring now they are replacing the ejector #336 with the #30274 whats next ? no one takes pride in what they sale anymore. what happened to the good old days when eveything was hand made. well they still do that like wilson combat but its gonna cost. the other day they had a recall on my wifes shoes. man take a little pride in what you do glock
    im probably going to sale my glock to heck with mailing it in and waiting weeks or months to get my gun back just for another recall. when buying guns its hit or miss. peaple say oh my sig is better what ever i have seen sigs go bad to like when they released theyr new 1911s so what ever your fooling yourself if you think you cant buy a bad gun from your favorite manufacturer

  • Sean

    ya but ive never had an glock be so large that most people can fit it in there hand without adjustment plus a glock dosent look and feel like a blowing ball.

  • TimP

    Just fired my G19 with replacement rsa installed.Unfortunately I changed it out and returned the original 2 weeks ago. Big mistake, I should have kept it. I never had any problems myself, my wife had ftf due to lim wrist. The problem I have now is brass in the face about 20% of the time. Before the replacement I could eject brass into my catcher like clockwork now I can catch them with my teeth. Keep your original rsa until your satisfied.

  • Randy

    I have had 2 kabooms on my Gen 4 .40 cal. and have not even shot 50 rounds through it . Glock has no answer for the problems even after it was “UPDATED” by them , they want say it is a recall , just “UPDATE”……

    • Randy

      oh and I was shooting 155 grain Federal ammo

  • s.h.

    Just changed my spring in my gen 4 9mm. Had no ftfire before but glock suggested I change to the new one. Big mistake had 3 jams out of 110 rounds 100win. White box 10 hornady critic def loads all jams were win. Called glock they said try different ammo. I told them no problems before changing spring. They said try them again that I may have gotten a few bad rounds in that cheap ammo. Going to try again. Glock said call back if trouble continues and we would go from there.

  • glock only to 6 months to listen and fix the gen4 recoil spring problems, and when they fixed it they did it for free with an express mail replacemnt so what more can you ask for?
    the gen4 recoil springs only needed a end cap, and the 9mm springs only needed to be reduced a small bit in power and bam back on top again.
    i own 3 gen4’s in three caliburs with no issues holla.

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