Review: TYR Tactical’s Brokos Belt

I was a little skeptical whether I’d want to wear the TYR Tactical VTAC/Brokos Battle Belt for all three days of a Larry Vickers advanced tactical pistol course. Christian and I agreed to try out the Brokos belts on the course this past weekend at the US Training Center in Moyock (formerly Blackwater HQ).

I thought it might be overkill since this style of belt is made to stand up to the suck of combat conditions. But after I customized it with my holster and a few TYR pouches, I was sold on the concept.

The backpack-belt design distributes the weight evenly on your waist. It’s wide cut and internal padding make the Brokos belt a rock-solid platform for your kit.

The VTAC/Brokos belt allows you to weave a gun belt over top of any of the sections of PALs webbing for mounting belt holsters or other kit more securely.

I found it convenient on the Vickers course because I couldn’t walk to my truck whenever I wanted ammo or water. I could carry everything I needed on my belt. In addition to my three extra pistol mags, I found myself shoving handfuls of extra 9mm ammo into my dump pouch so I could reload on the firing line.

And while I still think the concept is a bit overbuilt, it was very comfortable to wear for hours at a time. It’s also nice to be able to take off all of your kit and put it on very quickly.

Here’s a video Christian put together showing the highlights of the VTAC/Brokos belt.

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  • theGuest

    I think I would enjoy having this. I don’t like carrying a backpack or other pack around but I like having storage room on my person.

    Oh and ya’ll have great jobs.

  • pcleech

    Good review, thanks! Also, I noticed that you’re also wearing Vertx Pants. How did they hold up to 3-days of training?

  • Lance

    Looks nice and comfy a bit of too much Velcro for me. But nice belt. differently give my LC-2 belt a run for its money but in the end it may win because of its metal hooks.

  • Riceball

    On your waste? Don’t you mean waist?

    • Matthew Cox

      Yeah, thanks.

  • Alex M

    No velcro on the belt whatsoever. You may be thinking of the Blueforce gear SOC-C belt.

  • Flippy

    That’s very similar to a belt that’s made to order by a friend of mine, his has two rows of webbing double stitched giving 20 ‘slots’ for MOLLE/PALS fittings.

    It comes with either a roll pin or QR buckle on the belt and has the provision for drop leg platforms and a harness ( or yoke as we call it) to be fitted. I wear mine almost daily with 3 x 2 5.56mm mag pouches, 2 x pistol pouches and a holster, keeping the front of my armour clear.

    It fits nicely underneath my Osprey and is very comfortable worn all day with no problems.

  • Matthew Cox

    Actually, the Vertx pants I was wearing were about two years old and a little tattered. The course was’t too rough on them. I have been pleased with these pants overall. They are rugged and fit well. The only beef I have is they tend to get a little warm in the summer months.

  • wow

    I’ve never cared for these belts. Great for when you have to qualify on the range so you can take everything on and off when you leave or relax, but in the field and on deployment, I prefer an extra thick riggers belt like from Tactical Tailor or TAG. Tuck in the FROG shirt and hook your drop leg holster to the belt, plus any mag pouches and you’re GTG. If you got a hump it on a patrol, less weight and more breathability is preferred in my book.

  • Frank

    The main advantage of “battle belts” like the Brokos is that they distribute weight much better than traditional riggers or gunner belts.

  • robert

    Good review but who makes all the accessories like the dump bag and where and how much, thanks.