Eagle Airborne Assault Pack

I’ve always been a fan of Eagle’s products.  It’s nice that they offer a lifetime warranty but, we all know what that’s worth in the field….NOT MUCH. Good thing Eagle makes their gear to last.

I still remember full pouch failure (single stitched) on my Blackhawk M60 200 round pouches…a lot of good their warranty did me on a 20 click Recon as a SEAL 60 Gunner…….They may have improved their quality assurance program but, I’ve boycotted that company ever since and never looked back.

The AAP is a great pack from EagleOut Here-Brandon

From Eagle:The Eagle Airborne Assault Pack (E-AAP) body and exterior pockets are constructed of abrasion and water-resistant material.  The handle/connector strap is sewn to the top and all the way around the sides with 5 cord thread on a class seven machine.  The 1 3/4” Type 13 is the actual width of the parachute harness hardware, giving you a true, secure hook-up.  The connector straps are stowed under the side pockets with a webbing flap and a side release buckle.  The top also has ONE-WRAP Velcro® to hold the side release buckles out of the way when not in use.
Heavy-duty YKK® zippers

  • All zippers have paracord pulls for noise suppression
  • All pockets and compartments are fitted with “O” grommets for drainage
  • “D” rings and webbing loops on straps for routing and attaching extra equipment
  • Fully adjustable sternum strap
  • Top of pack has reinforced holes, with a Cordura ® and Velcro® flap, for radio antennas and wire routing
  • The handle, which doubles as the parachute harness connector straps, is a 1¾”, 7000 lb. tensile strength, mil. Spec. webbing
  • All side pockets are fitted with 1” mil. Spec. Cordura® webbing and side release buckles for extra wear resistance and decreased buckle slide

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  1. In the beginning, just after 9-11, Blackhawk was one of the only companies doing innovative tactical gear for the operator. I remember running one of their plate carriers over a low profile soft armor vest. While that vest worked fine for the older TTP's and shooting techniques I was using at the time, I find it just gets in the way now. The point is, other companies like Eagle have truly left Blackhawk in the dust! I can think of no less than a dozen companies off the top of my head that have much higher quality and more innovative user friendly products than Blackhawk.

  2. Very true about Blackhawk. I have apair of boots that have been replaced 3 times because each time something crazy tears up on them. Quality has gone downhill unfortunately.

  3. Looks awesome. Modernized ALICE pack.

  4. Also, the Marines have gone with the SERPA holster as well, I've had the same Eagle 3 day assault pack for years now. Its held up for many deployments home and over seas. I picked up a new Eagle 3 day pack in muliltcam and it's made in the Dominican Republic. I hope the new one lasts as long as my made in USA Eagle. I never have had an issue with my Blackhawk gear yet. I just have odds and ends from them anyway. Does anyone know if Specialty Defense (SDS) is a subdivision of Eagle?? Or is it BAE Systems??

  5. Generally think Eagle gear is decently built -but antiquated in both design and features in general. I think the same of London Bridge as well. Give me a Mystery Ranch 3-day Assault.

    Why the built-in harness? Just for proficiency jumps? I wouldn't want the extra weight on a mission, but for those proficiency(pay) jumps, it would be nice to just leave it packed in the locker and only use it when you had too -all rigged up.

  6. The same can be said for Eagle. I used their gear in 90s in SF and they were always a top gear manufacturer. Unfortunately in recent years Eagle was acquired by an outside group and manufacturing has gone down hill. There's a reason people in the know look for Eagle gear that was made a few years ago vs at present.

  7. I'm sorry, I just don't see any features on that bag that make it any easier or better as being a jumpable pack. It's almost as if jumping was an after thought and someone added a few pieces of additional webbing and called it a jump pack.Which is sad seeing how Eagle makes the original PDB. If you're looking for a real jumpable assault pack that can be front/rear mounted using QRAs or Single point release (SPR) you need to look at the TYR jumpable assault pack.

  8. Wow! A blast from the past. Eagle is still making these? There are such better packs out there. The Eagle AAP is a heavy, outdated design, No PALS (seriously?!?) and it doesn't have a frame. It's no better than a medium ALICE pack. OK, it's slightly better than a medium ALICE pack.

    BLACKHAWK! (notice how I'm the only one to spell it correctly) was the only choice back around the turn of the century. I've still got one of their medic bags, I think it was made in the States too. Unfortunately, their quality went down hill fast when they outsourced to Viet Nam.

    I'll take my Kifaru, or a Mystery Ranch, any day. Yes, they are expensive but remember; you get what you pay for. My Kifaru Marauder still looks brand new and I've had it since early 2003. I know a couple of guys who have gone through numerous "day packs" (like the AAP) in the same time period.

  9. You guys need to dig deeper into the actual details of base fabric that is used in the packs, the most durable packs are always made from Cordura which is made in the US like Eagle and Mystery Ranch uses. Cordura is not the same as "Kodra" or "Polyester" which is an off shore product and made to hit a price requirement for casual basement operators. You cant toss around brand names without fully understanding the materials and why they are used.
    Dana's Mystery Ranch packs are clearly the best designed and built of real Cordura to last a lifetime. Eagle uses Cordura, but the designs are more like the bulldozer vs. Dana's MR ferrari.

  10. It is more complicated than that even. There are various qualities of coatings on the material in addition to the grade of Cordura comes into play. Pick up a Mystery Ranch and feel the "hand" -the way they feel. You can tell the difference between them and Eagle, BlackHawk, even TAG -they just know their materials and demand quality.

  11. I remember a while back hearing that SERPA was selected by either USASOC or USSOCOM. The staff at those levels making those selections is 40% broken BTDTs with green books full of operational contacts, 60% people from the outside who got the job by virtue of being 1P qualified (right out of OCS) AND a picket fence PULHES. Hardly matters, dudes on the line will buy or trade for their own gear or their local command will buy them what works. But it is funny to get e-mail blasts citing the latest prestigious entity whose support staff selected their gear…

  12. Been less enamoured of Eagle since the buyout. (the Eagle refugees at First Spear are doing STELLAR work, though). The Eagle and LBT packs take me back but the fact remains that they're 20th century designs. Yeah humping weight in armor sucks but it sucks waay less with something like the Kifaru AG suspension. They need to do an assault sized pack on THAT suspension. Tried the MR BVS–Kifaru still beats it. So yeah, nice antique. Slow news day?

  13. Tried that Kifaru suspension when they came to our base for some show -found it ineffective, and it because it's a Kifaru, it just doesn't carry a load well. Haven't tried the Mystery Ranch BVS yet, but heard it works well and you it will carry a load well. My CrapHawk! assault pack is actually holding up well, but I don't like it.

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