Hyperstealth’s innovative approach to urban camouflage

“CUEPAT-2 (Canadian Urban Environment Pattern) version-2
This is the unconventional pattern in field trials, previous computer simulations showed this pattern to be quite effective for both outdoor and indoor urban environments. The perceived depth within the pattern throws off the ambient and focal vision from noticing the target.”  -HyperStealth

It’s definitely unconventional and while I’m sure this pattern will have some detractors, if you want to innovate you have to take risks.  I’d be fascinated to find out how it preforms in the field!

Kit Up! contributor Jack Murphy is a former Ranger, Special Forces Soldier and is the author of the military thriller Reflexive Fire.

  • Bob

    Now this definitely looks interesting and rather… unconventional but I do have a question..

    How exactly does this camouflage pattern work when most/all soldiers, etc have plate carriers, camelbacks, body armor, etc over their clothes? And that MOLLE webbing really screws up some camouflage patterns..

    I can see this being potentially use for snipers who are standing up and not wearing ghillie suits in an urban environment but even then I would think that all the accessorizing and paraphernalia would generally massively impact performance…

  • Wow

    Oh god, please don’t buy Canadian. Time to stop buying from foreign countries and help out our own businesses.

    • nigger

      HyperStealth is Canadian, dumb fuck. Hence why it’s crap.

      • Hahahahaha

        No shit it’s Canadian you retard. That’s why I said don’t buy it IDIOT.

        • jay

          Yeah. Buy five billion and counting ineffective US camo. Don’t even think of buying a Canadian effective urban camo, that was developed with $30000 dollars.
          Why do you think the Marines got a patern based on the well known Canadian Cadpat? They got it because it’s good.
          Hyperstealth is the best company on the planet when it comes to camouflage.
          But go ahead. Keep buying the five billion glowing light bulb called ACU. Bwahaha.

    • Thechansen

      If it’s in use in the US military it has to be assembled/made in the US. Like an Italian firearms company opening a US factory to produce sidearms for the US military. Money goes to a foreign company but at least jobs are created domestically due to DoD rules.

  • Drew

    Being that we haven’t sold CADPAT to anyone, I dont see that we would sell CUEPAT, which from what I hear is not even decided which CUEPAT option we will go with for the CF, if we will even use it at all.

    Also as of yet, we don’t use MOLLE, so that’s a non-issue.

    I noticed this said CUEPAT-2…where did CUEPAT-1 go?? aka what’s it look like?

    • Lex

      No ones seen CUEPAT-1. It’s that good. :-|

  • gunslinger6

    I like the thinking of trying soemthing new, but not sure how this will work

  • Snakeeater
  • Fritzthedog

    Fail- human visual acuity is not easy to dupe. The best things that work in urban background are colors, contrasts and shading that obscure the human outline. This is just going to look like a disco shirt at 20+ meters.

    • DecentWeasel

      I dunno – when I zoom out the stuff turns into a series of horizontal stripes, which (in my book) is a solid place to start, at least. Though your comment about breaking outline reminds me of the Berlin Brigade camouflage the UK tried on their tanks in the ’80s!

  • cbmont

    Skills keep you hidden and alive, not camo, and sure as hell not that camo!

    • Anony-moose

      Agreed! I don’t get why people disliked your comment. They’re just mad that you don’t like a shirt idea that’s nice as a design, but ineffective as camouflage.

      • cbmont

        Yeah, excellent pattern if you are a bouncer outside a local bar and want to remain hidden.

  • defensor fortisimo

    it beats the normal canadian camoflage pattern of flannel

  • Odin

    Looks like a damn Salvador Dali painting….

    • SleepyDave

      I was going to say Escher. Needs more warped clocks to be Dali’s work. Either way it makes my head hurt, and its going to be completely useless the second you put a plate carrier over the largest continuous panel of fabric. Its like that Pencott or whatever thats pretty much just a photograph of a tree. Its not going to work because you don’t actually see the image.

  • Go Navy!

    So we are considering adding yet another camo pattern? What about multicam and ATACs?

    • gungslinger6

      i am not familiar with ATAC but from what i have seen it looks like it would work well in urban area. i remeber seeing a pic on this site of a SF with ATAC pack in the stan and it blended in with the mountain pretty well

    • Riceball

      This is a Candian pattern that’s probably being developed for the Canadian MoD, not the DoD.

  • Lance

    Looks laughable.

  • show me the science

    If affect the eye’s ability to focus is a benefit to camouflage why dont we see this on uniforms?

    The idea of camouflage is to blend in and not be noticed, having a distinct high contrast shape mid way up your torso sounds like a convenient aiming point to me…

    • DecentWeasel

      I guess it could lead one’s eyes around, but like I say, I zoom out and I just see gradients and tiger stripes.

      “Affecting the eye’s ability to focus” sounds, if anything, like Multicam, with its blurry, out-of-focus background layers…

  • Bandito762

    Reminds me of the dazzle paint schemes used on ships in WWII

  • reflexivefire

    If it’s stupid but it works it isn’t stupid!

  • SubscribetoNone

    If my buddy was wearing that it would give me a headache. Interesting concept though. I think it needs more color(s)/shades or something.

    Tell me if I’m wrong

    • Youaskedforit

      You’re wrong.

  • John

    If you had any basic understanding of economics, you’d understand the problems of trying to manufacture everything in house.

    With your logic, I hope you enjoy your pro-rated American electronics.

  • yoda

    Lol yes.

  • Fix that headline.

    • reflexivefire


      • SeventhGradeSpeller

        Approach is not spelled approuch. I guess it doesn’t really matter.

        • reflexivefire

          Holy hell! Valid point.

  • yoda

    What’s the point of this cammo? Almost everyone will be using a plate carrier or some kind of chest rig. The pattern will be behind a vest anyway so I am not sold.

  • SeventhGradeSpeller

    Who said it works? but yeah good comment.

  • reflexivefire

    Hey folks, if I’m not mistaken this is basically a prototype. No one is talking about making this their primary uniform or saying that we won’t be wearing plate carriers over it. Think of it as a concept or idea. If a unit was to adopt this pattern I’m sure it would go through some revisions after testing and field trails anyway. I can’t speak for Hyperstealth but take it for what it’s worth.

  • Jamesvini

    When i saw it i thought of this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/a3/Esc

  • Scout

    This product is just a play – a slam in the forehead to anyone who still thinks all the crazy varieties of camo is still a significant and worthwhile factor in combat. Get rid of it all and go basic Green (or khaki) for everyone except snipers and special ops in combat. “Hey Cheech! get a load of this one.. Let’ s make it into a shirt design and sell it to the guvmint…Yeah man ! Those cats will love another new camo design!”

    A cool looking concert t-shirt will have the same effect. By subtly distracting the enemy with your cool shirt – while you aim.

  • Scout

    Well actually… classic flannel plaid is pretty darned good if it’s in the right colors. Red /Black plaid works real well with animals.

  • bbb

    You apparently have never seen what someone wearing woodland MARPAT or Mulitcam looks like in the woods.

  • defensor fortissimo

    well that covers al qaeda what about the rest of the world?

  • cra

    If you want to go running around in the desert in your OD greens and blue jeans go right ahead; I’ll take something that hides a bit better than that….

  • Mr. Canada

    No comment.

  • reflexivefire

    I read some clarification on this today from Hyperstealth. Whichever pattern gets selected is going to end up on MOPP suits for the Canadian Military so the issue of the pattern being covered up by kit/body armor isn’t relevant in this case. Sometimes it’s worth holding back the wrath of god until getting the full story!

  • Long Thrust VI

    For a time, the British Army in Cold War West Berlin painted their vehicles in a similar “hard edged” pattern.

  • kris

    What good is.the pattern on the back going to do with body armor on?

  • Kanny

    Basic green or khaki? That’s visible as hell! Camouflage saves lives.