Navy SEALs: Act of Valor

Bandito Bros productions
is one of the few Hollywood production companies still keeping it real. The truth always comes out with the content and these guys aren’t screwing around. I met one of the founders Scott through my good friend Billy Tosheff a few years back and he’s solid.  I have some good friends in this movie, and I have to admit I got pretty fired up watching the trailer.  I thought you guys would enjoy.

You’ll notice that the footage is straight up legit, the story lines are real and based off actual missions in the Teams.  This is rare in the Hollywood world of scripted reality TV.  For example, it’s widely known by insiders in the Spec Ops community that the  The History Channel’s Top Shot show is rumored to “fix” their competitions in order to drive ratings and create more drama.  I have a few friends that will not go on shows like this for exactly that reason.

Act of Valor= Real Operators, Real missions and Real Kit….doesn’t get any better than this gents.  There’s also some great equipment shots that you won’t see in a typical Hollywood action flicks.

Enjoy the trailer and let us know what you think….Brandon

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  • Venom

    Thumbs up if you’re happy that Jake Zweig left Top Shot.

    • Venom…he’s either liked or hated by the SEAL community!! Jake definitely has a fan base of haters out there!! My friends that know him say that they wouldn’t want anyone else is fire fight though…Have you seen those targets they’re making out of his pic? I heard that Jake is suing the guy who’s printing them….making friends.

      • FormerSFMedic

        I don’t think suing Mike is even worth it. Excuse my language, but that’s a bitch move. Why doesn’t he just turn around and make a Mike target? In my opinion Jake has a troubled past and that’s why he is the way he is. I would expect more from a SEAL though.

        Anyway, the trailer looks pretty cool. I love to see real SEALs doing their thing in a movie. Anytime we can educate the public a little bit, its a good thing.

        • I agree with you FormerSFMedic. Glad you like the video! -Brandon

  • Steve

    Bandito did a recruiting vid for SWCC a few years back, if you like fast boats and stuff going boom you should check out their site

    • Steve…they started out making some kick ass recruiting vids for SEAL/SWCC. There’s some good fast boat footage in Act of Valor for sure! -Brandon

  • VTGunner

    Just watched the trailer….must say I’m excited for an accurate movie for a change.

  • Deepwalker

    was that supposed to be M4 with supressor using subsonic ammo? or supersonic ammo?

  • Probably supersonic…subsonic ammo is hard to get in 556

  • major.rod

    All credit to the SEALs, a tough bunch for sure. Anyone but me notice you rarely hear much about Special Forces or CAG, well at least in the press or media?

    • Brandon

      I honestly think that because we have a west coast presence hours from LA is why Hollywood I always tapping the teams. Also worth noting that Delta was represented widely in the hit show “the unit”.

      • reflexivefire

        SEALs have by far the best PR. Civilians always tell me unequivocally that SEALs are “the best”…they get that vibe from somewhere. Special Forces has some lame recruitment vids that in all actuality show mostly footage of Rangers.

      • major.rod

        Brandon – (just the good ones, not the cheap ones: Navy Seals (w/Charlie Sheen) – written by a former SEAL, GI Jane, Tears of the Sun, Transformers (active duty SEALs starred in it, SEAL mission series on the Military Channel and the plethora of documentaries, BTW Operation Redwing is in the making)

        I’m going to enjoy this movie but SEAL sagas are a little more than just proximity to Hollywood. There is relatively nothing out there about the numerous SEAL missions in Nam.

        • major.rod

          Brandon – Almost forget about seasons of Magnum PI and Vin Diesel in The Pacifier! (Lovced Magnum PI).

          But you have to look past that. How many work out books, video games, SEAL watches/diving knives/bots and beer coozies are out there? Its hilarious and there is more to it than “proximity to Hollywood”.

          • Brandon

            Ok ok you win!!! Damn…magnum pi was a great show!

          • major.rod

            It was!!!

            Don’t know why folks are giving us negatives. Thought we were bothe pretty positive. Some thin skins out there!

            Best and thanks for sharing the news.

          • major.rod

            It WAS! Rumor is Selleck’s going to do a 20 years later kind of movie.

    • Marcus

      Showtime has a show called Strikeback that has a former Delta operator as one of the lead characters. Special Forces has had the A-Team recently.

      I think the more direct action nature of the SEALs fits Hollywood a little better. It’s a bit harder to show an ODA training a militia for combat. That’s a bit more mini-series than blockbuster.

      • USASOC > NSW

        Those shows you just mentioned do not feature Active Duty Delta/Special Forces Operators, those are what we call “Actors”. Unlike ‘Act of Valor’ who use Active Duty Navy SEALs. HUGE difference.

        Why are Active Duty Navy SEALs featured in this video? So, I can join the Navy, do 6 months of BUD/s, SQT etc. and after my first deployment star in a Hollywood motion picture? Where do I sign up?

        Thank god there is still Quiet Professionals (Delta, Green Berets, Rangers) out there.


        • Marcus

          We were talking about the SEALs having a higher media profile than Special Forces. I never claimed those were real operators in those shows. I said the “characters” were Army SpecOps.

        • brandon

          “SEALs=Hollywood”…someone has to be the hater! lol

      • major.rod

        Marcus – I’d agree with you if we were talking S. America but there have been TONS of direct action missions over the laast ten years. In fact there is a lovel of blowback going on right now among Army SF to return to its FID role. The Army and the Marines have done more FID than SF the last ten years.

        • Marcus

          I’m just talking general public perception. I’m not military. I thought FID was when you trained troops of the ruling government. I was under the impression (possibly the wrong impression) that SF’s bread and butter was basically training insurgents to overthrow governments hostile to the US and our allies.

          Forgot about Green Zone and the first Transformers movie were supposed to be SF.

          • crackedlenses

            I wouldn’t call Green Zone complimentary to our troops, therefore, I’d tend to leave that off the list….

          • major.rod

            Marcus – Agree with the general public perception which is based primarily on media considering only 1% of the population serve. Green zone had some SF. They were bad guys, not worth of emulation. The main characters were conventional. Do you really want to use that as a movie showcasing SF in the category of Tears of The sun and Navy Seals. I’ll give you the first stransformers but I don’t remember them ever being identified as special forces or CAG (seemed a side note to me).

    • Civilian

      That SF receives little attention in popular media is natural. Us civvies want to hear stories of lightning fast, dramatic raids, conducted by units so secret their existence itself is a conspiracy theory. The story of an SF-style training mission can only be covered properly in a lengthy book and nobody reads books anymore.

      • major.rod

        Uh, MANY movies are based on books and you may want to check out my post above about training missions and the last ten years. There is plenty of source material out there from the Son Tay raid to SF on horseback in early Afghanistan to the Battle of Debecka Pass. Do a google search, “Silver Star Special Forces” you’ll get your fill of “lightning fast, dramatic raids”.

        “units so secret their existence itself is a conspiracy theory”? LOL, you’ve been watching WAY too much TV!

      • reflexivefire

        On that note, SF advertises its self as a strike force at recruitment stations, ads, flyers, ect… I suspect that if they recruited on the basis of being a FID-based unit that they would have far fewer recruits.

      • major.rod

        Civy – My first post didn’t appear but you have a very stereotypcial understanding of SF. Yes they are FID experts but they also do direct action and as I stated earlier have done more direct action than FID over the last ten years.

        There are MANY open source stories of “lightning fast, dramatic raids” conducted by SF over the last ten years. SF on horseback early in Afghanistan, Battle of Debecka Pass and a google search of “Special Forces Silver Star” will produce PAGES of stories.

        BTW, many of the movies we see are based on books.

        Bottom line is SEALs deserve the kudos they get. They are by far not conducting the majority of door kicking going on in the world today though we hear about more SEAL raids than other ops and that was my point.

  • Battalion Commander

    my vote for film of the year

  • whskee

    I was involved with some of the filming sequences, I was armorer with SBT-22 (boat team) at the time, and this is the first time I’ve seen the trailer. Been worried it was canceled, we worked on this nearly 3 years ago up in Fort Knox (salt river) and down home in Stennis, MS (pearl river). It was a lot of fun for all the guys involved, and it gave everyone a pure rush of pride, I’m so excited to see it’s finally coming!!

  • I screened this movie in February with one of the “stars” and his family. They were having a lot of trouble finding a distribution partner that is until the bin Laden hit. I hated the Sea Monster scene in the trailer where the bad guy gets caught and pulled under. That was especially gay coming right after the graphic said, “The weapons and tactics are real”. Aside from that and and some unnecessary MFF jumps (which are real) the action sequences are mindblowing and reminded me quite a bit of when I used to do that stuff.

    My question now is will NSW allow them to go on Letterman? And if not, why not? Relativity has to give media access to some of the guys to market this film. NSW has no excuses to refuse, but if they allow it it will be very strange as well. I’m not sure this part of the deal was well considered. We’ll see.

  • I screened this movie in February with one of the “stars” and his family. They were having a lot of trouble finding a distribution partner that is until the bin Laden hit. I hated the Sea Monster scene in the trailer where the bad guy gets caught and pulled under. That was especially gay coming right after the graphic said, “The weapons and tactics are real”. Aside from that and and some unnecessary MFF jumps (which are real) the action sequences are mindblowing and reminded me quite a bit of when I used to do that stuff.

  • michael

    What is CAG?

    • 0326CCTdeliveryman

      combat applications group, maybe this question didnt need to be answered.


    I thank God for these men and all the other Spec Op Heros, They showed me so much from the lessons learned back in the day (60″s-middle 70’s). The most professional men who turned out to be like brothers who cared about my life very much. If it wasn’t for them and what they showed us i would not be here today. I am very thankful and lucky to have had all of them care, i am in debt to them forever.

    • brandon

      Hooyah SGT ROCK!

  • Paul Nicholas

    this trailer seems to me like the navy is advertising/ recruiting!!!!

  • Oneoops

    All may be I am old but everyone is forgetting a classic The Duke in the The Green Beret. Then you had Chuck in Delta Force.
    On the topic of SEALs and Hollywood the fact that Coronado is just a few hours south of LA probably does not hurt, and there are a bunch of movies out that have had actual active duty and retired personnel and not just SEALs in them. The Rock, Air force One, Drop Zone, Men of Honor, and Random Hearts those are just a few off the top of head. There was a retired MC SEAL who who used to get guys roles in movies he died making XXX RIP Harry. If you seen Air Force One the scene where they go to recover the escape pod those guys where all AD. EOD TECHs and a PR. Most of the diving in Men Of Honor was done by actual AD Navy Divers. So I think that recently you see more NSW related stuff soley due to proximity.

    The trailer looks cool I’ll pay to see this one when it comes out. Can’t be worse than the hurt locker.

  • corsair

    reflexivefire, You’ve clearly never heard of a CIF team. You don’t know SF, and that’s perfectly fine. The name, Quiet Professionals exists for a reason.

    • reflexivefire

      I might know something about the CIF…they ran our SFAUC training at Group.

  • Truth
  • Go Navy!

    I was starting to wonder if this Jake guy was a real SEAL or even in the military. He was not a team player and constantly screaming or wouldn’t take responsibility. I would NOT want him with me in a fire fight. Yes, I would agree with some of the comments here. There has been a lot of SEAL media phenomenon lately. (I love (NOT)the SEAL team six T Shirts that they have on EBay that are made and sold out of China that are suppose to be the official “teams” shirts). We should continue to honor all those that serve in the military, law enforcement, and paramedics for all their service to this country.

  • Interficium

    Probably because the general public is more entertained by seeing a door get kicked open and everyone inside get destroyed then they are watching a months-log COIN operation, ha ha.

  • Wise Man

    Man Jake was awesome! He was a shining example of a strong Black American Warrior. Tough, Smart, Cunning and unashamedly Black in the tradition of General Officers like Brigadier General Remo Butler, Lt. General Russell Honore, and Admiral Everett Greene. A lot of folks just couldn’t handle Jake being as dashing and dynamic as Jack Johnson or Paul Robeson. While you guys are hating on Jake he will end up a multi millionaire. By the way he is a member of Omega Psi Phi which is the toughest College fraternity in America! With that pedigree getting through Annapolis and BUDS was an easy day.

    • Mike

      To bad he QUIT like a *****

  • Marcus

    I haven’t seen Green Zone in a while. For some reason I thought Damon’s character was SF, but leading a non-SF task group. I guess I was mistaken. The SF team in Green Zone were the “bad guys”, but remember Marine Recon community got bumped up in profile with The Rock. The Transformers guys were wearing SF tabs (the ones with sleeves).

    I often wonder if the USASOC is gun shy about working with Hollywood. They spent some time living down Rambo. I know they helped with Black Hawk Down, but you don’t hear about them in Hollywood as much. The Department of the Navy seems to jump at all opportunities(JAG, NCIS, NCIS:LA, Pensacola: Wings of Gold, Battle: Los Angeles, Battleship, plus the many other films and tv shows mentioned).

  • Marcus

    Depends on how you look at it. Unfortunately, the good guys and bad guys were wearing the same uniform.

  • jka

    I think all Hollywood studios hire military consultants but end up using 50% of their advice.

    But i’m sure it will be better than Battleship.

  • uh huh

    How many firefights you been in?

  • This is a movie which I will definitely want as a Spec Edition DVD so I can re-watch and slow down some of the sequences! If any of you haven’t seen the 5:20 min trailer here posted on 13 Jan 2012, I think you’ll like the interviews, what the director was trying to accomplish and the synergy which happened between the production company and your teammates!
    (click on my name to go to the Apple Trailer website for Act of Valor)

    • p.s. one of my favorite examples of tech advisor forehead slap was the movie Doom. The director wanted technically good hall and room clearing, but there was that one scene where the actors checked their weapons whew :o One of my favorite movies not mentioning SFOD-D directly but having a good advisor was David Mamet’s Spartan.

  • You just mentioned many of my favorite movies :)

  • Jim