Kit Up Salute: A Veteran who’s not done serving

It’s Veterans Day! That means big sales and free shipping, right? Well, of course there will be sales at most retailers and many people will give you a “thanks for your service” today. But, we all need to help America remember that even though the media coverage of the wars has died down; our veterans and their families still need a lot of support.

I wanted to highlight a guy who is trying to remind people of just that. He’s Tim Tuomey, a former Recon Marine that’s raising money for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund by riding his bicycle (yes, bicycle – no motor!) from Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport, CA to Camp Lejeune, NC.  His goal is to raise $50,000 before he starts his ride, and 100% of the money goes directly to the Semper Fi Fund. His project is called Operation Awakening. It’s basically Tim’s way of giving back to a brotherhood that had so much impact on his life.

I know that it’s Veterans Day, and not just Marine Veterans Day, but I think Operation Awakening is a good example of how most veterans never stop serving, even when their tour is complete. We might take some “time off” after we get out, but it seems that we all come back into the community and continue to make a difference for something bigger than ourselves. I guess it’s just in our blood!

So, as we buy things on sale today and enjoy a couple of refreshments, let’s take the cost of a couple of beers and give to our brothers and sisters (and their families) that still need help. Whether it’s Operation Awakening, Wounded Warrior Project, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Navy Seal Foundation or another charity that helps our troops (sorry, impossible to list all of the great charities out there), let’s lead by example and give a little.

From a Veteran to all Veterans, thank you for your service and continue the good fight.

Kit Up! contributor Bill Janson is a former Recon Marine and is the founder of Eleven 10, a tactical gear manufacturer.

  • well

    Vets > beer

  • Tim

    Thanks Bill for this piece. Great work brother and I’m looking forward to seeing on the beach next June.

    Operation Awakening Facebook Site –

    Semper Fi.

  • amyrwise

    I would like to thank you for the great article. I was trying to learn more about Tim and his trip to Camp Lejeune so I could help retrieve funding for this a benefit through Red Knights MS-Chapter 5. So many of our nations warriors have battles that they will continue to fight for many years. The least we can do as Americans is to help with these hardships. Daily life can be such a struggle, but when you have spent time on a battle field facing death at any moment, I just can’t begin to imagine, the hardships these brave people face after an injury. Their families give up so much also. You are not forgotten!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.