Kit Up Week in Review (WiR) with Brandon Webb

Wow, what a crazy HELLISH week.  I’ve been out at Ft. Bragg visiting some old friends and am on my way back to San Diego as you’re reading this.

Most of you have noticed by now that we’re doing things a bit differently on Kit Up. We still have a few new things that are coming down the pipe, but rest assured that we will continue to give you hard core reviews of the best Kit out there.

We are looking forward to having a great SHOT show this year and will have all hands on deck at this years show. Let us know what you want to see at the show and we’ll track it down.

The team is designing a new logo for us, so look for that coming soon.  You guys will have a say in helping us choose the final designs once we have some options back from the design team.  Once that happens, we’ll make up some cool shirts and be sure to have some giveaways.

Please remember to use the new Kit Up Fireteam page to drop us a line on any gear or weapon ideas you would like us to review.  We listen, trust me.

Bill, Dave, Jack and I have decided to give you some regular monthly content on the following topics:

  • Gun of the Month: recognizing that publications like Harris (Guns & Ammo) do not write balanced reviews (most content is just to keep their advertisers happy), me and the team are going to start featuring different weapon reviews each month.  If you want to see something on here, just let us know.
  • Knife of the Month: for the same reasons as above.
  • Book of the Month: We are going to start reviewing and featuring our favorite military related books. Past, current and future releases.
  • Video Game Reviews: Expect to see more game reviews and critique on tactical realism (e.g. did the publisher get it right)  Also look for game giveaways.
  • Current Events-Please let me know if you would like us to provide our feedback on Military Hot Spots.  We are considering more of this.
  • Opinion piece-We feature your opinion on what’s happening. Have a cool post with pics? Send it in via the Fireteam page and we’ll take a look and maybe post it up for everyone to see.
  • Zombie & Biological Warfare with special guest Pat Kilbane.  Pat is Kit Up’s resident Zombie expert.  He’s a comedian, former Mad TV actor and co-author of the Brain Eaters Bible.

Comparison courtesy of Javier Martinez. A signed copy of my book 21st Century Sniper for the first person (not you Javier) that can guess the unit on the right side.

My main goal at Kit Up is to give you original content and reviews on the best/newest kit out there.  Then we sprinkle in a little extra military related topics to keep it interesting. Kit Up represents a very unique perspective on the net.  Our guys have been down range and know what works and what doesn’t.  We know how it feels to live off of MRE’s for 6 months.  We know how crappy it feels to drive by a pile of garbage on the side of the road waiting for the coming BOOM of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED)!  And most importantly, as end users, we know gear, guns and have a thing or two to say about things.

The contributors and I love writing for Kit Up, and I would like to personally thank all of you for your continued support.


  • Lance

    Sounds fun Hope you wont bash guns on there make or age. But keep any predicting on a guns selection for use down tell us on how it shoots and its worth to a personal user. Hope can review historical weapons as well love history too.

    • Go Navy!

      Review on magazines would be nice. I decided to buy some Tapco magazines a few weeks ago. Bad mistake. That’s why some people called them Crapco.

      • gunslinger6

        @Go Navy!-I made the mistake of buying a Tapco magazine once too, bad mistake. I will never buy them again. Good idea on the magazine review, I second it.

        • Go Navy!

          gunslinger6: It was bad. The magazine went in but didn’t come out. I was doing an evaluation on their AK style magazines. I contacted the Tapco Sales rep and all he told me to do was “file down” the locking tab. That was their solution. The most disappointing thing was Tapco suppose to an American company. I wish Magpul would make other type mags.

          • gunslinger6

            Go Navy!- The reason I bought a Tapco mag for my AK was because it is an American company. Unfortunately, my issue was the opposite of yours, the mag would not fit. When I contacted Tapco about refund, I was told to “file down” the mag edges in order to get it to fit. What a terrible fix to a “crapco” product. I keep the mags I already have for the AK that are not Tapco, but when I buy mags fro my AR it is Magpul all the way!

          • Go Navy!

            gunslinger6: I would not get Tapco for AR or Mini 14 given the experience with AK. I bet Tapco outsource their manufacturing. When I compare Tapco to Magpul, there is no comparison on quality. When you pick up a magpul, you know you are picking up quality. I heard circle 10 and US Palm is suppose to be better. Both are tough to find and expensive. (I thought these 2 brands are between $30 to $40) I would stick with the metal mags for AK. PMAGs are great. I keep mine loaded to full capacity for months and still works great.

  • Brandon

    You bet Lance!

  • Tuukka Jokinen

    Foxtrot platoon, ST-1


    Tuukka Jokinen

    • Brandon


      Nice Tuukka, thanks for dropping by. Please send me your mailing address via the Fireteam page and I’ll send out a copy. -BW

  • Tuukka Jokinen


    You posted about the Danish Frømandskorpset earlier, did the snipers last name start with a T?

    If so, I ran into him in Germany a few years back.




    Reading KIT-UP is how I start my day off over here in Afghanistan. I am stuck on the FOB as a contractor but I still love reading about the new gear, news and stories from past fights. Thank god yall do not have it set up to buy an item straight from the website or else my wife would divorce me for spending all our money on the new gear you review. I look forward to reading the new articles you and your guys are pushing out.


    • Go Navy!

      SFC YOUNG: Hey, it’s GO Navy, Beat Army :) :) . Thank you for your service and be safe over there. I start my day too reading Kitup. I have found a lot of good tips and discussions on this site.

  • Oorah, Brandon! Thanks for taking the time to keep this going in the right direction! Also, I sent over an e-mail. Give me a call, I’ve got some stands for you.

  • Jake

    Well this is good news and i am glad to see it put out by for the direction they are taking. Well done!

    • Go Navy!

      Thank you for the nice comment Jake.

  • Mark

    Drop the Zombie angle. Seriously. Your content is what makes this site great. Kit up is not a bubble gum forum and the recent deluge of mindless product placement attempts from the likes of
    Hornady” target=”_blank”>(
    Gerber” target=”_blank”>(
    Brownells” target=”_blank”>(
    and others is what has driven me to Kit UP. Real individuals with practical real world experience discussing gear that works in the real world, not fantasy contaminated marketing.

    The CNBC angle would be a nice move- pandemics, epidemics and exposure to hazmat are everyday realities for and would provide insight into a uncovered topic. Great place to start with this would be with the gasmask and its perceived “need” as well as the changes to current kit in response to actual use.

    • jrexilius

      I kinda agree.. The zombie thing is some good humor every now and again, but should be used sparingly.

    • irobj

      Same with video games. It all starts and ends with Call of Duty, anyway. What possibly is there left to discuss? : )

  • gunslinger6

    Sounds good, keep it up.

  • Michael

    I would like to say Thank you to you and your team. I truly enjoy reading y’all’s excerpts and expect many more!

  • South Florida Airsof

    Been really enjoying the articles here on Kit Up. Between the gear and info from around the world, its a great source of info. Looking forward to the changes and the new articles. Thanks for your hard work Brandon.

  • Brandon

    Give it a chance. No advertisers related to zombies, I promise. -BW

    • Go Navy!

      Brandon: Yes that is one thing I love is that there no Ads popping up which is annoying and consuming PC resources. I am glad you are keeping this site simple and clean. (I think you would get a lot of sponsors though if you do put up ads. You have a great site here especially for us Military and LEO professionals).

  • jrexilius

    Hey Brandon,

    A topic that deserves better coverage that is some serious consideration/cash/consequences is optics. They are usually more expensive than the gun and don’t get nearly the coverage that the firearms themselves do. Tips, details and, for me anyways, durability reports on optics would be much appreciated.


    • Go Navy!

      I agree with you there. EOTECH, AIMPOINT or ACOG. Yes, it’s amazing how much optics costs. Would love an ACOG but can get a very nice AR for the same price. But you do get what you buy for. That’s why I stay away from the UTGs, or NCSTAR, and a couple others. Hey, maybe Brandon should do a test on these other brands to see how they hold up or fall of the rail after the 1st shot.

    • Brandon

      Excellent and noted. Look for optics for sure.

  • george

    How about a section like has where you rate various weapons and gear as must buys, strongly recommended, highly recommended, meh, not recommended and so on? Post these with their links to say amazon or wherever as well.

    • Go Navy!

      I would agree with that. As long as there are no pop up ads or flashing ads. Reference links are good.

  • snakeeater

    I’m gonna guess SEAL Team 3 for the picture comparison.

    • ST3 is the one on the left. ST1 on the right…good guess though!!

  • echo charlie

    Echo Platoon, ST3

    • Brandon

      ECHO on the left, ST1 Foxtrot on the right…..good work.