Kolbeson Leatherworks: High End Custom Kit

We were talking holsters with a couple of our LE friends from the People’s Republic of California (we met them in Oakland at Urban Shield a couple weeks ago) and were astonished to find out they’d never heard of Kolbeson Leatherworks. Now, granted, we’re somewhat more on point than the average flatfoot or knuckledragger when it comes to gear, but still…carrying a gun and not knowing Josh Kolbeson is something akin to someone rocking a morale patch without having heard of MilSpec Monkey.

So, to educate you: Josh Kolbeson really is a Strativari of kydex and leather. He makes pistol mag pouches, rifle mag pouches and holsters of every conceivable breed and style of carry. Inside the waistband, outside the waistband, pancakes, clip-ons, MOLLE/PALS compatible, if you can shoot it, he can make a holster for it. We are unabashed fans, and given the reputation he’s earned in very high demanding end-user circles, he’s earned it.

"Wrong-handed" Minimum tek-OWB with safety guard for 10-8 Operator with Insight LAM

Texas Comfort Holster and Combo Carrier for M&P Fullsize 9/40

Kolbeson holsters are all hand made in a truly one-man shop. He works at home and does not have a storefront for people to visit…. all of his gear is made one piece at a time with each order, so he doesn’t keep extras on hand for test fitting. You can figure weeks to over a month to receive a custom order, but the end result will be worth it (hand-stitched leather, and the kydex is typically lined with leather to make it quieter and protect the finish). We particularly like the adjustable cant knife and pistol mag pouches.

Austin Sure Shot shooters rocking pink Kolbeson gear

Kit Up! readers might also be interested in the fact that he has a discount for military and law enforcement as well as a standard Facebook discount. Check him out the Kolbeson Leatherworks web page or his Facebook page either one. Good stuff.

Kolbeson single Pmag carrier

Minimum OWB AK mags, right and left handed draw

Adjustable Reverse Cant Combo Carrier


Oh, and if you’re interested, here’s a video review. If you watch One Man Army you might just recognize the reviewer.


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  • Go Navy!

    It’s good to see that this is small business and it’s built to order and not mass produced at a factory at some country we can’t even pronounce. I wonder how well it holds the firearm I have a Crossbreed Super Tuck right now for everyday use.

  • defensor fortissimo

    I’m digging the ka bar tdi

  • FormerSFMedic

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second. I like the Holsters, thanks for the review, but who is the girl with the tattoos and who’s Springfield 10-8 Operator is that. I would very much like to see more of both! ;)

  • Jamie Wehmeyer

    Josh is a good dude and the girl is Amanda La Pistolera… I know ALL!

  • Jonesy

    Kolbeson Leatherworks is an official sponsor of the Sure Shots—Austin’s Women’s Pistol League! We love him and his work!!!

    • amanda

      ay jamie! LOL!

  • Hmmm, i’d love to sponsor the young lady. ;)

  • J. Kolbeson

    thanks for the writeup guys…. I definitely appreciate it!

  • Go Navy!

    Josh Kolbeson: Keep up the good work on the holsters. Good to see that you make your own holsters individually with care. More and more I see “tactical” holsters being in some other country and the quality isn’t there. I would pay more for a quality holster made in the USA to know someone actually took the time to make the holster right rather than being mass produced by a machine in order to save money.

    • J. Kolbeson

      thank you sir!


    I find it real disheartening when people think I am any less of an American because I live in California. I had hoped here would be different.

    • Go Navy!

      I don’t think you as a “Californian” make you less American. We have some great military bases in California. It’s the laws in California I think people have issues with especially on our 2nd amendment. This can be said about Massachusetts as well. Unfortunately, these states are very strict on firearm ownership.

      • J. Kolbeson

        NGPOG…. Go Navy! hit the nail dead on the head…. it’s not the people of California we have issues with, unless they’re the ones making/passing the laws…. the issues lies with the state’s constant infringement on their citizens 2nd amendment rights….

  • thebronze

    That chick on the left is kinda hot.

  • rich b

    ive just purchased a blackhawk serpa holster to replace my standard issue holster which seemed to spend more time hindering my drawer than allowing it….in contrast the serpa design still offers decent retention(level 2 for my particular weapon) but a really nice slick draw which is a lot more intuitive….anyone else used one on a long term basis?…id be interested in any comments..

  • J. Kolbeson

    be sure to keep the release button free and clear of all dirt and debris to avoid it locking up on you….

  • rich b

    ok,thanks…id imagine that stuff could get into the release mechanism but hopefully it will still be an improvement on what i have…..ill be wearing it on my tactical vest in any case where,hopefully,it will be in a more protected position.

    we shall see.

  • rich b

    i should probably considered your kit,but i wasnt aware of it until this article sorry……..

    question tho,do you have a release mechanism on your holsters and what level retention are they?

  • Jim Leinen

    From these photo’s I recognize the quality and effort employed in Kolbeson’s products.
    This from a custom leather maker who hand sews all holsters, knife sheaths etc.