Follow up – An AFFORDABLE, Solid Operator’s Watch

Pulsar Solar 4000 Dive Watch

I read Brandon’s post about the Rolex Submariner, and I have to agree that it’s a solid timepiece. A lot of the guys on my team in Baghdad rolled with these. But, to me, that’s a ton of coin to spend on a watch that I’m going to absolutely abuse downrange. I personally would highly recommend the Pulsar Solar 4000 Diver. I kicked it over there every day and it never let me down. And the best part, it’s around 250 bucks!

The Pulsar 4000 is solar powered, so never needs a battery. It keeps solid time, and I rarely have to adjust. The watch comes with a rubber band, which I’ve opted to swap out and replace with a Waterborne dive band. TAD Gear makes a similar nylon band that is made in the USA, which I haven’t had the chance to try out. (So, if anyone from TAD is reading this, let me know when they’re back in stock, so I can pick one up!).  I have absolutely abused this timepiece for 7 plus years. The crystal is still in good shape and hardly shows the scratches that it’s endured. And I’ve taken it with me on a couple of recreational dives, of course nowhere near the 200M underwater rating, but no issues. It also has a rotating bevel and luminous hands.

All in all, this is a solid watch for an absolutely reasonable price. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to spending money on a watch. I personally have a TAG that I wear when I’m not getting dirty. But, if you’re not in a place to spend serious coin on a watch, or just don’t want to mess up your fancy timepiece, the Pulsar 4000 is a solid field watch.

Kit Up! contributor Bill Janson is a former Recon Marine and is the founder of Eleven 10, a tactical gear manufacturer.


    Nice looking timepeace and the best part is it is affordable. I think I may check it out, thanks.

  • John Grappen

    Very similar to my Seiko Kinetic divers watch, the best feature is the need to never replace a battery. I beat the crap out of that Seiko for over a decade, it literally never came off my wrist until the day I retired. Still have it but now I wear a sweet Citizen titanium Eco-drive with my suits.

  • Achilles

    That’s an awesome time piece for a service member without an unlimited budget.

  • T-9

    Better selection for the E-4s out there. Rollexes are nice but ****, I’d rather buy CINC-House a $6k upgrade to the wedding ring (well… it really wouldn’t be a choice).

    • Lew

      I think my girl would have my nuts if I spent that amount of dough on a watch without getting her something equally nice. She tolerates the knives, the gear, the ultralight as they’re useful and make my life easier when out/about. A 6k timepiece? Yeah, that’ll happen this side of the lottery draw…

      • T-9

        Either my wife is leading a double life or you’re married to her twin sister.

        • Achilles

          Same here guys, same here.

          • Lew

            Gawdamn, triplets?

          • SleepyDave

            Quadruplets. If I bought 6 large on a watch, she’d knit a bowl to keep my testicles in, with a really expensive yarn.

            Also, I bought a Citizen kinetic watch at Gurney Mills on Liberty Weekend. Dropped it on a concrete floor, a little bit of the face popped out and jammed the mechanism. Got it fixed at Lynn Haven in VA, popped back out a week later, went back into its box. I was going to take it back to have them re-do it and just leave that bit out, but then one of my bunkmates stole it. Honor, Courage, Commitment doesn’t apply in the barracks.

  • Lance

    Id take one for free ;)

  • Rich

    Nice watch, what size Zulu or NATO band does it take?

    Looks like a replacement for my GShock – I just like the feel of a metal watch better and I still prefer hands over digital.

    • Davey

      I wear a Citizen diver watch that I bought in about 1986. It originally had one of those thick rubber straps. I can’t count the number of bands that it’s worn. The bezel is so worn that I can’t read some of the letters. However – the Zulu watchband is the best thing it’s ever worn! I like metal links, but I can’t make one fit with and without a wetsuit. It’s either too loose or too tight.

  • Mike

    You want true quality for a reasonable price? Go for a Timex, dude. $30 will buy you equal durability and quartz precision. As a retired aviator I’ve worn more than my share of overpriced sundials, what really matters is that chicks dig whats in your head, not whats on your wrist.

    • T-9

      silly pilots. Chicks dig what’s in your wallet, rook ;)

    • Flak

      Bought all-titanium dive watch … and same year bought a 30-buck Casio at bx while TDY. Cheap Casio keeps highly accurate time, 2 zones, stopwatch, countdown timer, alarms, lighted face … still running. Titanium dive watch died. Mike, you speak truth … but the ti watch looks cool and feels good, so ….

  • swilliams

    I have an OD TAD Zulu strap it’s really thick and has lasted longer than the piece of junk it was on (don’t buy a Singaporean watch). It hasn’t frayed and I have had it for almost 3 years.

  • I sport a Movado DURA and roll out with my Asolo Power Matics. I figured if you’re gonna die doing what you love, then die with a nice watch and nice boots.

  • Mike

    OK OK, I can’t argue with the boots part! ;^)

  • Nice looking dive watch especially with those gun metal rings on that Nato strap. They match perfectly with crown protector. Cool timepiece.

  • Scout

    Boots and watch comment makes me think about stories from great uncles about a number of stories re: watches, German officers and WW2.. I s’pose that our current crop of enemy does not have fine Swiss watches on their wrists to offer as loot? Not like the old days huh?

  • waldo

    I can’t tell if the g-shock is just eye-candy, but i’ve beat the crap out of my g-rescue 7900, still going strong.

  • I’ll stick with my LumiNox. You sure can’t wear it out! I got mine cheap since instead of the Seals logo it had Ducks Unlimited:-) That made the price $79.

  • OCCD

    I still have a Seiko dive watch that I bought brand new for $30 in Okinawa, 1968. I’ve been through countless bands, but it just won’t die.

  • A Marine 03 I had to buy 90% of my own gear, so my $30 Timex fit the bill. I wore it for multiple deployments and it never let me down. It started to look a little worn this last go round, so for $30 I just bought another one. Spend money where it matters, not where it’s cool.

    • Mark Wynn

      Exactly. Although, a G-shock for a bit more $ might be more robust.