Follow up – An AFFORDABLE, Solid Operator’s Watch

Pulsar Solar 4000 Dive Watch

I read Brandon’s post about the Rolex Submariner, and I have to agree that it’s a solid timepiece. A lot of the guys on my team in Baghdad rolled with these. But, to me, that’s a ton of coin to spend on a watch that I’m going to absolutely abuse downrange. I personally would highly recommend the Pulsar Solar 4000 Diver. I kicked it over there every day and it never let me down. And the best part, it’s around 250 bucks!

The Pulsar 4000 is solar powered, so never needs a battery. It keeps solid time, and I rarely have to adjust. The watch comes with a rubber band, which I’ve opted to swap out and replace with a Waterborne dive band. TAD Gear makes a similar nylon band that is made in the USA, which I haven’t had the chance to try out. (So, if anyone from TAD is reading this, let me know when they’re back in stock, so I can pick one up!).  I have absolutely abused this timepiece for 7 plus years. The crystal is still in good shape and hardly shows the scratches that it’s endured. And I’ve taken it with me on a couple of recreational dives, of course nowhere near the 200M underwater rating, but no issues. It also has a rotating bevel and luminous hands.

All in all, this is a solid watch for an absolutely reasonable price. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to spending money on a watch. I personally have a TAG that I wear when I’m not getting dirty. But, if you’re not in a place to spend serious coin on a watch, or just don’t want to mess up your fancy timepiece, the Pulsar 4000 is a solid field watch.

Kit Up! contributor Bill Janson is a former Recon Marine and is the founder of Eleven 10, a tactical gear manufacturer.

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  1. Nice looking timepeace and the best part is it is affordable. I think I may check it out, thanks.

  2. Very similar to my Seiko Kinetic divers watch, the best feature is the need to never replace a battery. I beat the crap out of that Seiko for over a decade, it literally never came off my wrist until the day I retired. Still have it but now I wear a sweet Citizen titanium Eco-drive with my suits.

  3. That's an awesome time piece for a service member without an unlimited budget.

  4. Better selection for the E-4s out there. Rollexes are nice but ****, I'd rather buy CINC-House a $6k upgrade to the wedding ring (well… it really wouldn't be a choice).

  5. Id take one for free ;)

  6. Nice watch, what size Zulu or NATO band does it take?

    Looks like a replacement for my GShock – I just like the feel of a metal watch better and I still prefer hands over digital.

  7. You want true quality for a reasonable price? Go for a Timex, dude. $30 will buy you equal durability and quartz precision. As a retired aviator I've worn more than my share of overpriced sundials, what really matters is that chicks dig whats in your head, not whats on your wrist.

  8. I have an OD TAD Zulu strap it's really thick and has lasted longer than the piece of junk it was on (don't buy a Singaporean watch). It hasn't frayed and I have had it for almost 3 years.

  9. I sport a Movado DURA and roll out with my Asolo Power Matics. I figured if you're gonna die doing what you love, then die with a nice watch and nice boots.

  10. OK OK, I can't argue with the boots part! ;^)

  11. Nice looking dive watch especially with those gun metal rings on that Nato strap. They match perfectly with crown protector. Cool timepiece.

  12. Boots and watch comment makes me think about stories from great uncles about a number of stories re: watches, German officers and WW2.. I s'pose that our current crop of enemy does not have fine Swiss watches on their wrists to offer as loot? Not like the old days huh?

  13. I can't tell if the g-shock is just eye-candy, but i've beat the crap out of my g-rescue 7900, still going strong.

  14. I'll stick with my LumiNox. You sure can't wear it out! I got mine cheap since instead of the Seals logo it had Ducks Unlimited:-) That made the price $79.

  15. I still have a Seiko dive watch that I bought brand new for $30 in Okinawa, 1968. I've been through countless bands, but it just won't die.

  16. A Marine 03 I had to buy 90% of my own gear, so my $30 Timex fit the bill. I wore it for multiple deployments and it never let me down. It started to look a little worn this last go round, so for $30 I just bought another one. Spend money where it matters, not where it's cool.

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