Lone Survivor’s Dog: DASY Finally Vindicated

My friend Marcus (author of Lone Survivor) is a solid stand up guy. I was an instructor when both he and his twin brother (Morgan) came through the SEAL sniper course. The stories these brothers would tell us about growing up in Texas would have me and the staff in stitches (and no, I won’t share!).

Tragic about his dog DASY, each letter stands for a fallen teammate and Marcus “Southern boy”: Danny, Axe, Southern boy & Yankee.  I was extremely sorry to hear about DASY getting fatally shot and killed by some young punks, but glad to hear that there’s finally some resolution. I spoke with a close family member of Marcus’s, who told me they didn’t learn until the trial that the guys not only shot DASY, but got out of the car and beat her with a baseball bat until she died. One guy admitted guilt, the other one (who beat her with the bat) did not, but he was found guilty by the jury. The third didn’t even show up to court. They are being sentenced in February with animal cruelty.

Part of me wishes Luttrell would have put a few rounds into the guys that did this (he had the chance), but what can you do. Here’s the initial story, and see below for the Military.com update.

For additional info on this story, click here to follow it on Military.com.

Here the latest interview on Fox News this Sunday morning.

Brandon out.

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  • Matthew Jaffe

    Is there anywhere I can sign the petition. Nobody especially a true hero deserves something like this to happen to them.

  • Brandon Webb

    I’m not aware of anything Matthew. Thanks for the comment though. -BW

  • majrod

    Read the story on Mil.com and I encourage others to also.

    Tremendous self control on Lutrell’s part! Four guys, baseball bats, dead dog, Marcus Lutrell. I’m glad for him he didn’t shoot the dirtbags but a cop coming upon the four dead men might take it as “self defense”.

    People that go around shooting dogs for no reason aren’t too far from shooting people and for sure are up to no good.

  • Cruzer

    That story really got me PO’d.

    His book is great – you won’t regret picking it up.

  • john

    It’s texas, he should of shot them..protection of ones property and family is protected. **** you can defend your neighbours property. Should of shot them dead on the ground and beat them.

  • Neal

    Anyone who shoots a dog for no reason, especially this man’s dog, should be strung up via treble hooks in the genitalia in front of city hall.
    Man Law.

    • RenegadeRobbie

      Personally, if it were up to me(good thing it’s not)that would be far too lenient. Describing the full extent of the various methods of torture I would employ for those sub-human pieces of ****, would be far too graphic and disturbing to type. Suffices to say, it would involve scalpels, needles, bone saws, drills, hammers, dental forceps, tourniquets, Epinephrine/Hemostatics/Hetastarch/Ringer’s lactate, a Picana &/or Parilla, a blow torch, muriatic acid, a soldering iron, an angle grinder, a bench vise, a nail gun, and much more. I would get tried & true medieval on them, and along the way, pioneer several new horrendous ways to inflict torture. It would make the inquisition look gentle. ****, I would sterilize their relatives to ensure the extinction of their bloodline just for good measure.
      Truly, I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from just shooting the pieces of **** on the spot. Marcus truly displayed superhuman self control in not doing so. **** like this seriously makes my blood boil.

  • Brandon Webb

    Neal- OUCH! -BW

  • Matthew Jaffe

    Oh alright. If you receive anything or know of any way I can help, feel free to let me know. Also, looking forward to your book coming out, the piece of it that you shared on the group was pretty awesome

    • T-9

      When this first happened, the guys over at Blackfive set up a donation site to contribute to a replacement dog for Marcus. I was glad to give. I think they raised around $3k.

  • T-9

    And not to beat the horse much more, but any POS that does this should have their nutz nailed to a tree stump, the stump lit on fire, and handed a rusty hack saw blade. I hope their time in prison is spent being raped and beaten repeatedly.

  • Will

    This post has made me choke up thinking about my previous dogs.

    They are your best friend, they don’t answer back, they don’t hog the bed covers and they don’t complain about your *****.

    I think the link between a man and his dog is stronger than a marriage……… Just don’t tell your wife that.

    I hope they get a substantial sentence.

    I was also reminded of the film “Shooter” and this scene:

  • Mike

    I think some cops need to learn respect. I’m talking about the ones who exacerbate an already volatile situation. I had a Culver City Police officer say “give me a reason to kick your ***” to my brother and threw a Navy ball cap (a gift to my brother) in the street. They confiscated a POS*** car I was driving and left me to walk home with my tool. I accept responsibility for my actions but that officer has no idea how close he came to being chocked-out by me. The outcome for me would have been bad but I can assure you that officer would have been quite humbled by this Vet. Be sure to be heard when the police or judges don’t do their jobs properly. Those kids MUST do time. There is no question about it.

  • Mike

    Sorry about that..mean to say “choked-out”. And yes a small minority of police officers out there should be careful when they disrespect the people they serve. You never know when you are ******* off someone like Marcus. Show some respect.

  • Steven R.

    You are completely right. I live in Texas and I know my rights, If somebody comes onto my property without permission. I can shot them dead.

    • majrod

      I agree with you guys but from the story its not clear if he was on his property. Of course the dog can be considered his property wherever it is.

    • defensor fortissimo

      The problem was he wasn’t on his property when he caught up to them he was 4 county lines away ergo, castle law had no standing. I agree with the sentiment though and i think it illustrates what’s fascinating about this story. This is a man who watched his dog bleed out in a ditch, by most standards he would have been well within his rights to rain the wrath of God down upon them. Instead when he finally catches up with them 4 counties later hopped up on adrenalin and righteous anger and God knows what else, he steps back and lets the authorities get these ********. That’s pretty amazing

    • Scooter_Dubek

      Being on someone’s property without permission is not grounds for being shot under the castle doctrine, in fact its not even trespassing unless you have your property line properly marked (i.e. no trespassing signs or purple flags or paint markings at proper intervals), and as long as no other crimes are being committed. Someone who is on your property without permission must be also be entering or have entered your habitation to commit a kidnapping, robbery, sexual assault, or murder for you to be justified in shooting them under the castle doctrine. The castle doctrine also extends to your vehicle, which is considered part of your home. In my younger years I had to stare down both barrels of an ignorant homeowner’s 12gauge as I told him it was not legal for him to shoot me just because I was on his property retrieving my runaway dog. If you think you may have the need to defend you and your’s, it is in your interest to understand the situations in which it is deemed legal to do so.
      If Marcus was not on his property when his dog was shot, I believe he still had the right to defend himself and his dog with deadly force. If he was anywhere near his pooch when it was shot, he could have shot back in self defense regardless of whether he was on his property. If he only had the chance to fire on the attackers once he chased them down, he possibly could have legally done so after cornering them and having them resist him with deadly force. So long as he didn’t display a firearm or shoot before they violently resisted his efforts to follow/detain them, his actions could be justified under the castle doctrine as resisting an assault from his vehicle. The sticky point is whether or not he could be considered to have provoked the attack with his actions. In that case he would not be covered under the castle doctrine.
      I assume the crime took place in Texas. In that great state the legal system is biased towards victims, even those who may pursue justice a little to eagerly. But, it would also take a good lawyer and smart testimony from Marcus to get off without a charge. All in all a sad situation, and one where my heart and ego screams for those ******** to be shot.

  • Mike

    Sorry I jumped the gun. I misunderstood what Marcus said. I thought the officer was talking also “smack” to him as well.Not true. I know they get upset with armed citizens when they are trying to sort out dynamic situations. Talking about bad cops is off-topic anyway, Sorry.


    I say we start a fund to put money into prisoner accounts for whatever prison these guys end up at in order to ensure they have a lot of “accidents” while behind bars.

  • Lawdog

    Mike its quite evident from your quick to respond and criticize LEO’s may be your big problem. “Some cops need to learn respect”? Serious??? You say you accepted responsibility for your actions, but from your post its obvious you didn’t. Talking about cops getting choked out proves your a hot head and probably not done have negative experiences with cops. Sounds like you bring a bad attitude. You believe you could’ve choked the cop out, but guess what everytime we stop someone we expect to get that or worse… Plenty of cops die yearly from being shot, choked and murdered. Just obey the law and carry a good attitude.

    And by the way plenty of cops are vets too.

    • Mike

      My brother is a police officer and I think the world of him. We discussed this at length and he agrees that the officer displayed poor judment. You don’t throw personal items (like a hat) into the street and you don’t stand in someone’s intimate space to offer verbal threats. A capable and motivated suspect has the upper hand. I am a veteran and my record is imaculate. Culver City has some of the best police in the world but this pair I encountered showed poor judgement. The disrespect will not be tolerated by people who have served this nation and made it great. Do you see the anger directed at these dog killing scum? Use common sense and don’t back the 5% of police who are fools and get paid to act like those kids. I’m ending this off-topic subject right here.

  • Mike

    P.S. Thank you for your service as a Vet and LEO, sir. The idea that my brother must LIVE with a gun 24 hours a day as a reservist and LEO is proof of the sacrifice it takes.

  • Slag Trustone

    C’mon Robbie tell us how you really feel, even as you described, it’s still way too lenient. I’m a fan of the old school ant hill & honey, or maybe stringing them up in a cow hide over a fire…

  • RomeoVictorTango

    I hope these guys ain’t got a penchant for ****, it’s punks like these guys that get ate the **** up on the inside. Sir, while I wish you had shot these guys on the spot, I applaud you on a measure of self control that a lesser man such as myself would not of had.

  • Doug H

    I remember hearing about this several months ago but there is one thing I’m not sure about still; was this a ‘specific’ attack on the dog of Marcus? Or, a ‘random’ attack on a dog (that they didn’t realize belonged to a ‘hero’)? Not that it makes much difference in the long run (particularly to Marcus) but it makes a difference in how ‘low account’ these ******** are…

  • JDsHandsomeSon

    This story is one of those that remind us it cannot be argued that humans are atop nature’s food chain. Clearly, some among us are less than the lowest form of Ma Nature’s life. Had anyone killed these kids, it could well be argued that no murder occurred as no human – that is, no thing with human emotions and empathies – was in fact killed.

    We gas millions of dogs every year in this country for the sin of wanting merely to live free and be unarmed, while at the same time we strive much too hard to salvage the lives of “people” who waste their lives engaging in such horrible conduct. Let us pray some day these dog killers suffer the same fate as they handed out to DASY.

  • Dumb Grunt

    These dirtbags should be emasculated and branded as if they were cattle; they should not be allowed to breed.
    My most sincere condolences to to Marcus for his loss.

  • Scott

    The self control Marcus demonstrated exemplifies his character. Revenge Will be had on the guys. One way or another.

  • jrexilius

    I remember hearing about this and was shocked and disappointed that these guys are still alive. A horrific act made all the worse considering what he’s sacrificed and survived in his life. I hope life gives him something back for the losses he’s had to face over the years.

  • coolhand77

    Poetic Justice: Drop them nekkid in the mountains of *************. Nuff said.

  • Mark

    Given the circumstances, he might have taken much more drastic action and wound up on the wrong side of the law. It’s a tribute to his self-control and training that he took a professional and measured approach. Hopefully, in February, he will feel vindicated and those who were found guilty will receive an appropriate sentence.

    By the way, judges in Texas are elected, so a note or email regarding the sentencing can’t hurt.

  • Neal

    “Don’t hog the bed covers…”

    Tell that to my boxer. There’s very rarely sheets left on the bed in the morning.

    • T-9

      I have 2 german shepherds that absolutely ninja the whole freaking bed. But they’re fuzzy so they get away with it.

  • OCCD

    Unfortunately there’s no death penalty for animal cruelty. If I was “dictator” there would be. These sh**bags probably won’t get near the time they deserve. Too bad Marcus didn’t have a couple of throwaways. When they rolled the bodies over he could have pointed out “Look they had knives”. Self defense.

    • T-9

      You and me both, OCCD. Those that bring harm to the innocent (animals) should get it back 10 fold. Were I king? Well. They wouldn’t die quickly.

      Hunting for food is one thing, killing for the sake of killing and malicious intent is another. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that all life is precious, and animals even more so. Spend a day watching “Animal Cops” on the Animal Channel and you’ll be hard pressed not to go track these ******** down yourself. Long story short: contribute to your local ASPCA. And if you have friends that are idiots in this department (I do), school them.

    • T-9

      It’s Texas. Thinking about Marcus’ restraint is almost as humbling as any of the myriad stories that led to this moment.

      I’d have shot them. All. But he didn’t. My heart and my head still can’t get around the self-restraint and composure it took for him to not do that, given all that Dasy was. My brain just doesn’t get there.

    • T-9

      You and me both, OCCD. Those that bring harm to the innocent (animals) should get it back 10 fold. Were I king? Well. They wouldn’t die quickly.

      Hunting for food is one thing, killing for the sake of killing and malicious intent is another. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that all life is precious, and animals even more so. Spend a day watching “Animal Cops” on the Animal Channel and you’ll be hard pressed not to go track these ******** down yourself. Long story short: contribute to your local ASPCA. And if you have friends that are idiots in this department (I do), school them.

  • T-9

    And do these scumbags realize that even when they get out of jail, the entire US Military knows who they are and what they’ve done? And that they can never safely, for the rest of their lives, not watch their backs? I hope they don’t realize this, and they won’t be looking. We never forget.

  • Dumb Grunt

    How about somewhere near Adak, Alaska??

  • Sean

    I can’t believe the stuff some people can do to animals. My dog is my best friend , I can look into her eyes and read her and know her feelings. Some one that can hurt a animal are heartless sick individuals and need more than 2 yrs in prison. This guys a better man than I am cause I would be getting even with a Louisville slugger and a bullet in the ***. I feel horrible that he had to see his dog hurt like That. Prisoners have values and they will most likely get a whooping when the hit the yard!

  • This is just a HORRIBLE thing! It is a real good thing that these guys didn’t shoot & beat any of my doggie friends! There is no way I could have refrained from exacting my revenge for the atrocity! I currently share my life with 19 once-homeless dogs and a big fat black kitty and these guys are my FAMILY. Regardless of their species, they are my family and they are what keeps me going from day to day. If someone were to murder any of them for no reason, they would PAY unless God intervened and saved their despicable lives (like he must have, in this case).
    “Lone Survivor”, thanks for your service to your country – I am an ex-Navy Electronics Tech. Hey, I have a (mostly) Yellow Lab mix named Tan-Tan who has to be separated from the rest of our pack ’cause he gets into scraps with my other boys. I told him about what happened to DASY, and he immediately volunteered to come and help you get through your sorrow. He needs a loving home and is a really nice dog except for his aggression issues. He would like to have the opportunity to help you deal with these perpetrators one day, when they are released from prison. For that matter, so would I! In any case, please consider visiting your local shelter and adopting “someone” who has nobody else. I recently drove 1700 miles round-trip to rescue my “NewBear” – he was scheduled to die in a South Carolina gas chamber the same afternoon that I got him pulled from the shelter and sent to a boarding facility. He is a great friend. The satisfaction & joy of being able to save this fine creature from unnecessary death brings tears to my eyes, as does your story. Please accept our sincere condolences for the loss of your wonderful companion.

    Warm Regards,

    Mark E. Hansen & the “Furz” (***) ***-****

  • By the way, the blotted out number above is eight seven zero nine two five zero zero eight seven

  • Bernadette Hally

    Two years only???? DASY is not a dog Lutrell’s heart. She was great healing influence on this Lone Survivor’s psyche. He said DASY was like daughter to him that carried the names of his close friends killed in action. A great way for Lutrell to give love, caring and protection to his departed friends in symbolic manner. These cowards who shot and beat DASY to death deserves FIVE YEARS at the minimum and be ordered to work at a rehabilitation centers for Veterans and Dog Companion programs for at least three years. Make it painful and memorable and long enough for them so it can really suffer to learn a lasting lesson in their pathetic lives.

  • Mark

    Anyone else pick up on the fact that he said he doesn’t sleep at night…

  • Matthew Jaffe

    Hi Mr. Brandon Webb,
    I was wondering if you knew if marcus was a member of the Wounded Warriors Project, I’m setting up an interest/ fundraising group for it at my High School!
    Hope you have a good holiday season,

  • Buckeye

    Does anyone know if they are still taking up monies for the new dog? I’m sure I could ask the guys if they could give a hand. Although I’m Air Force, I read the book and I hung out with a Doc and a couple of other Seals while training in Pureto Rico. I always wonder what ever became of them.

    This story really ****** me off, I’ll buy the tools needed if I can watch the handy work of the before mentioned handy men.


  • Buckeye

    Sorry, my fat fingers caused me to transmit before I was finished correcting my email address.


  • Lou

    Brandon, I am a little late to this story but as a dog lover(labs too) and a vet who needed my pup MAX when I was alone, is there a fund or address I could donate something to. I know one can’t replace that special dog, I am trying after losing my buddy MAX last april to old age, but that next one finds away to worm into your heart and helps you along the way. Please let me know!!. I never have replied to any story on any site but this one hit a nerve and as it been said by eveyone the two “men” are TRASH.


  • Herman W. Hill, Jr.

    How he exhibited the “presence of mind” to demonstrate restraint AND being a Navy SEAL, is something to behold. I can just imagine the affection he had for that dog and what the dog represented to him. These two young men probably exhibited that same behavior at a far earlier age. Animal cruelty law isn’t that severe where these two jerks will learn any lesson at all! and the cycle of similar behavior will continue with possibly other animals being hurt. There has to be a better and more lasting punishment ffor these two. Other than vigilante reprisals, which I strongly discourage, what punishment can be carried out to where they”get it”?

  • IF these psychopaths live long enough to go to prison, and IF they survive it, I trust their lives will be miserable and short before they have the opportunity to shoot another dog (or a child.) I’d love to give Marcus another puppy, and name it Karma.