Skydiving Military Dogs: An Asset in More Ways Than One

Here’s a great working dog video with a guy that lost both his feet and is back at work.

“I am still rocking! For those who haven’t heard, I was blown up, with my MWD, Axe, Feb 17th of this year. I lost both of my feet, and was back to work in July. …”

If there’s any doubters out there about the bond between man’s best friend, this video is living proof.  Also, look how happy that dog is after the sky dive!



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  • Mark

    Must be some dust in the air or something. Maybe something in my contact lenses. Yeah, that’s it…

  • dbones

    definitely a BAMF video. . . anyone else wonder what was going through that dog’s head when they rolled out of the aircraft?

    • Brandon Webb

      BAMF for sure. -BW

  • B1148

    Just curious, is it standard to do a tandem jump with a MWD so one guy can keep the Dog calm, or is this just for training purposes?

    • Brandon Webb

      Training…and the guy has no feet/not sure if he’s jump trained…

  • john

    Bamf. To recover that fast from a injurey that severe! I wanna take my choc lab tank on a jump just afraid the 15 year old pup would have a heart attack.

  • jrexilius

    Rockin! Amazing to see someone take a hard hit like that and be back in the game so quick.

    Hopefully the trainer gives him a real nice flare for landing. I’m thinking the prosthetic legs would likely hurt on a hard landing..

  • Lance

    Such a cute German Shepard.

  • Elliotte

    Anybody else notice the big lightning bolt in the background at the end of the video when they’re getting everyone together for the group shot?

    • Craig

      Certainly badass when that happened!

  • T-9

    I have a couple shepherds. My youngest is a fireball. She’s only 18 inches tall (full shepherd) and built like a bulldog: as wide as she is excitable. We learned quickly that she’s one of those dogs that needs a job (i.e. great rescue/working dog).

    I’m sure Brandon can attest to the value a working dog brings to a team. They fill a void no one thinks needs filling until you have one. Those furry warriors need a special place in the Hall of Heroes, IMO.

    • Brandon


  • ICE Man

    Put a gigantic smile on my face Brandon. I am planning on going for my first jump next spring. Wonder if I can get my Bassett hound in that sling? :)

    • Brandon Webb

      I’m sure you can! Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Guest

    For that dog its like the best head out the window of a car experience in the world lol

  • Dumb Grunt

    Outstanding!! That dog couldn’t wait to make it happen. What a Great dog. They don’t get any better than that.

  • defensor fortissimo

    that’s a belgian malinois

  • Dog Lover

    Amazing video, love the look on the dog’s face.

    Its hard not to noitce that every person is wearing head and eye protection, but not the dog.

  • rykochet

    It appears that he has an SF, a Ranger and an Airborne Tab, (Around the 2:33 mark). I would say that he is jump trained. : )

    • Sosy1325

      I think maybe Brandon meant not HALO qualified, cus that’s what I was thinking. Plus the whole feet thing might be an issue even on a HALO landing. God knows it would be on a static line. . . :-(

  • Buckaroomedic

    Great video! But why do these types of videos always have to have that horrible metal music playing in the background???

    I guess I’m getting old . . . Wrong demographic anymore.

  • K9TrooperRVN67-678

    I’m an old dog handler out of VietNam. Todays K9 teams are amazing. And YES the bond is unbelievable. 45 years and not a day goes by that I don’t think about my two partners Fritz M315 and King M254 I had to leave behind in that **** hole.
    God speed to all MWD teams – – – past, present and future

  • Juandez

    Never a bad day at Raeford! Great people and the AC always work, I never thought I’d miss Raeford DZ, hot, humid and buggy.

  • This man is my friend I’m very proud to know. We ate supper the night he went out and didn’t come back. **** of a guy and dog. Love you brother, you are lookin good dude.

    • Brandon

      Thanks for sharing Jeff. This was passed on to me by the Strider guys…both good friends of mine who support the MWD community. -BW

  • Carl Milkowski

    Back in Vietnam, the 173d Airborne set up a jump school at Ahn Khe. Since the 173d was on jump status, this school was basically for refresher training. In 1968 when I went through, they were trining a Scout Dog Platoon. It was a static-line course set up just for what they called “War Dog’s” and their Paratrooper handlers. Upon exiting the C-123 aircraft, the dog’s which were slung below the reserve chut where you would normally carry your equipment, would be released to drop from the 20′ line. They would be trained to brace for the landing. Not sure if there was a doggie PLF but none of the dog’s I witnessed got hurt. Most of the dog’s I saw were lab’s so they ran 60-80 lbs. They also had a graduation ceremony for them where they pinned Jump Wings onto their collars. It was truly amazing and I’m busting with pride that the 173d took the extra step to make this happen.

  • Dan

    Airborne ATW!!

  • Mads Vestergaard-Han

    Thank you, this video makes me smile, Inspires me to be the best i can.
    And i love the music, Indestructible, you truly are!
    God bless you and the USA!

    Greetings from Denmark.


  • Jan

    That’s what we were thinking!

  • Jan

    I have the same problem…so I just turn off the sound and watch…hey- I’m half-
    deaf anyway…

  • Jan

    This is an amazing video!!!! Not just the unbelieveable and quick recovery of the soldier but also the loyalty of the dog. I know MWDs are a “breed” unto themsleves but they seem as loyal as they are brave and hard-working. Axe seemed to hang on every move and word of the soldier. The dedication of both dog and man are just one example of our military — thank goodness we have them.

  • Paul

    I can’t say for sure about the discomfort on landing, however a very well fitting leg, with the right feet, can make almost anything possible. I have lived with a LBK (left below knee) since 1995, due to infection, and was training for my Black Belt in Olympic style Tae Kwon Do. I had to stop due to other complicaions that had caused the original amputation, not the amp itself.
    There would be SOME discomfort on a straight down landing, but I have known a lot of guys (and gals) that jump down on their prosthetics from up to 10 feet with no problem.
    In my opinion, just getting back to jumping made any discomfort unnoticeable, especially when it was with his best friend! Mine, a black lab “Nikka” is laying on my foot now. She has done more for taking away depression and a lot of pain than all the meds in the world.
    And if ANYONE doubts the dog was happy, just look at the before and after – That is one very happy service dog!
    God bless, & Merry Christmas – Thanks for the encouraging video

  • jerrad

    Its guys like you that make me strive to be a better person.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Katie Wilk

    All I can say is BAD ***………..

  • Anne

    After? The dog couldn’t wait to get on the plane in order to MAKE the jump! An altogether happy canine!

  • Brandon Webb


    Glad you enjoyed the video!


  • Red Empire

    its in raeford NC, some of the guys that work there are retired SF ect… so i was probably a favor to an “old buddy”. As for the dog team guy, yes SF/Ranger, not sure about HALO either, you want me to ask him?

  • Rodney

    Brandon who did you make this tandem with? It looks like an old friend of mine named Johnny.

  • Valerie

    I am not in the military, but I was move to tears with this video. One reason was because it was great to see the bond between the dog and jumpers. It made me proud to be an American that has soldiers and dogs defying odds to serve us. Thanks for all your sacrifice!!

  • Noreen Seifert

    I have worked with Dogs my entire life ..God has made that my job ..I love it …Dogs were made to work …they love their jobs too!…Yes dogs are mans best friend …The unconditional love that they give is, Gods love …And the love that we give should be given the same way …forever and unconditionally …Both dog and soldier are truly awesome. WOW, WOW, BOW, WOW….

  • AJ

    This video was incredibly inspiring. I am currently over at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia. I am a crew chief on the C-130. Yesterday a MWD entered my plane to go for a ride. Made me think of looking up these videos. And your story about your friend is truly amazing. I want to meet him someday. The world needs more people like him. God Bless you all.

  • Tina
  • Paulo Moreira da Sil
  • stephen felhaber

    atw…this is sweet!