FN’s new FNS-9 pistol, range day at SHOT


Jack Murphy shooting the FNS-9

Bill Janson and myself recently got the chance to try out FN’s new FNS-9 pistol while out at the range day with the Kit Up team prior to SHOT.  I was more than just a little impressed with this pistol, and if I wasn’t living in Mayor Bloomberg’s personal fiefdom this would be my new carry gun.

The FNS-9 almost seems to have the frame of a Glock with a 1911 slide, encompassing the best of both worlds.  Slimline and compact, it also fires like a champ with a very crisp and smooth trigger.  I could never adjust to the over travel on an HK USP trigger, the reset always kicked my ass, but I think FN hit it just right with the FNS-9.  They also threw a marginal thumb safety on the gun, more to satisfy potential military customers more than anything.  In the meantime, we were told that a .45 version is also in the works.  I’ll be keeping my eyes on this project as this will almost certainly be my next pistol when I move back to America.

Kit Up! demo's the FN FNS-9

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  1. he is talking about moving back to America! love it!

  2. Forrest Davis | January 16, 2012 at 4:08 pm |

    As soon as they have a .45 version……..ill buy it!

  3. Looks good. .45 will be good to see!

  4. So whats the difference with this and the FNP-9? It looks the same. I have a FNP-45 tactical with an osprey can, Trijicon RMR on top also a FNX-9 which is exactly the same as the FNP-45 both are different to all the other FNP's as they have a good saftey/decocker. Ive put a couple thousnad rounds through them. both are awsome guns. The FNP-45 tac is a combat pistol that thinks its a target gun at times. The photo looks like a standard FNP-9.

  5. Do they use cheap 1911 mags that would make them worth it, despite all the plastic.

  6. Hi Mr. Murphy,
    I was curious if there was any chance that you had some spare time where I could contact you (possibly by e-mail?) about the Special Forces Community, Special Forces selection, etc. I'm attending The Citadel next year and I am extremely interested in Special Forces and would thoroughly appreciate having the chance to hear from you. -Thank you. – L.Builder
    P.S. forgive me for posting in the comment section and great article, as always!

  7. I used to have a FNP=9 and I loved it. However, it was hard to find accessories (holsters, sights, etc.)…so I switched to Glock.

    I may have to check this one out! Please post more details if you have them…

  8. I know I love my FNP 45 Tactical… 15+1 of .45, threaded barell, and mounting points for optics can't be beat

  9. Yeah until they get gear manufacturers to make accessories for their pistols I'm staying away. I used to own a FNP-9 for a few months until I realized there's nothing out there for it. AWESOME pistol, just crap out there for them. So I've stuck with Glock.

  10. I'd choose the best pistol because it's the best pistol in my opinion. Not because of the gear / options available for the pistol. Their are plenty of manufactures out there that make great custom gear. Just have to research about it.

  11. I actually just got the fnp-9. I have no intentions to sell it yet, in just curious as to what the major differences are?

  12. .357 Sig?

  13. Nice little write-up, looks like a good pistol, may have to check it out. More interested in the .45 though.

  14. Boys, looks like we've found a geardo who needs to be tacti-cool. That's ok, we're here for you. We've been through this before, so we can help you. ;)

  15. The FNP 45 Tactical holds 15 rds, while this holds 17. I imagine it will be the same for the .45 version that's in progress.

    But I won't blame you if you still want the 2 extra rds, though they be smaller.

  16. I recently purchased a FNP-40 and I am really, really impressed by it. Very solid, completely reliable…while a tad large, its my CCW gun at the moment.

  17. Agreed. Glocks get the job done, and there's plenty of holsters at various price points for that meet the need. The "best pistol" is of little use if you can't carry it safely. Not everybody can afford custom made holsters.

  18. I fail to understand why you would want any pistol, outside of a 1911, to use 1911 mags. I understand the price, but they're not THAT cheap.

  19. Agreed, Jack.
    If you can't find any mass produced holsters, make your own! Kydex ain't that hard to work with. All you really need is an oven and a set of punches to knock out a pretty good holster, just like you want it. Then, take the leftovers and make a mag carrier! XD

  20. The FNX 40 is great as well. Thousands of rounds through and no issues. I almost call it the "poor man's" HK. It's interesting that they made a striker version for this series. They are probably targeting the market where people want a striker fired side arm with a MANUAL safety. Yes, the only issues is finding the right holsters. (Unlike Glock, where every holster company makes a Glock version) I did end up using a Crossbreed IWB holster ($80, took a month and a half to get it) which has been working out. The cheapest I found OEM mags are for $38. But it came with 3 mags total which is enough for me right now.

  21. Brandon, any timeline on when you'll be able to post a review of your new Glock 19 Gen 4 yet?

  22. Slag Trustone | January 17, 2012 at 10:11 am |

    Welcome home in advance Jack!

  23. Good. We can use more taxpayers here.

  24. I second that. There has been a lot of discussion out there on G19 Gen 3 vs Gen 4. Some love their Gen4 while others issues…..extraction, fail to feed, & magazines. I am at a point right now trying to decide which version to get (Gen 3 or Gen 4). Right now, Gen 3 are still available. So debating if I should get the Gen3 now while it's still available or wait. Brandon: would love to see your feedback and opinion.

  25. Will that website be part of the military.com empire?

  26. GoNavy, I also went with a CrossBreed Supertuck IWB…its been wonderful.

  27. I'm curious how this stacks up against the g19. Thanks!

  28. Not just some…a lot. People are leaving the city in record numbers.

  29. Got it, still cant see what you did CTO. Thought the hammer was just in shadow and under the slide. Different strokes for different folks. I prefer the hammer fired.

  30. If only the magazines didn't have issues.

  31. You could always try professionalsoldiers.com

  32. why would you buy a huge double stack gun to put a single stack mag in it? that would be idiotic.

  33. Six months ago I bought a FN P 45 (FDE), and for the money and what you get, it is one of the finest pistols out there. Im definitely going to get the striker-fired FNS when it comes out because the only gripe i have about my pistol is my large hands sometimes engage the safety.

    I've put 1,000 rounds through it so far and im curious how it compares long term to Glocks or USPs. Im not overly concerned however.

  34. I think if your budget and time is tight, then go with a Generation 3, because of the potential issues with the Gen 4 (however isolated, it never hurts to plan ahead). I have had a Gen 4 Glock 17 since last year and ive had zero issues with it.

  35. Dick Stafford | June 30, 2013 at 1:59 am |

    'The FNX 9 failed to fire when my 18 yr old grandaughter fired it. She limp wristed it. But that's the only hand gun of many that I've owned that has failed to fire due to limp wristing. Lost my confidence in it. Maybe the new FNS 9 will be more forgiving. A Glock 19 seems to carry more weight than the seldom seen FNS-9.

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