Kit Up Stolen Valor: The Latest Poser Parade

Another masterpiece by my SEAL Teammate Don Shipley.  He is a violent protector of Valor gents, regardless of your service branch, Don’s got your back! Let’s continue to support Don.  Make sure you drop by his website ( and say hello.

Give’em Hell Don!


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20 Comments on "Kit Up Stolen Valor: The Latest Poser Parade"

  1. The first twenty seconds are amazing……….. I had tears in the corners of my eyes!

  2. "… there I was… just me and my M16 flying the F-16 at 30,000 feet with 20 bad guys on my six…"

  3. "….door gunner in the NASA space shuttle….."

  4. crackedlenses | January 8, 2012 at 8:41 am | Reply

    …and then I donned a Juggernaut suit that happened to be laying around and picked up a mini-gun……

  5. -"…..I was shot three times by an AK, but managed to go into last stand and kill the guy with my G18C and red dot; I really didn't think i was goin to make it."

    -That will do for your motivational sceepch; Thank You Sir.

    -Oh but wait there was this time when I was in an AC-130 and i was Killi……

    -No we're good.

    -But it was, i was, a predator and hellfir… I did it under water!

  6. Reminds me of an old Hudson & Landry skit.

    "I'm a red-blooded veteran, with a green beret, and a purple heart!"
    "And a yellow streak down your back!"
    "I was wounded 13 times on an aircraft carrier!"
    "He kept walking into the propellers!"
    "I flew 30 seconds over Tokyo!"
    "He got there from the opium den in Hong Kong!"
    "I fought the Battle of the Bulge!"
    "No contest, right fatso?!"

  7. There's only one good thing about the Army's black beret, it helps Don's cause by making identification of these guys really easy.

  8. Panzerhund0311 | January 8, 2012 at 3:17 pm | Reply

    The best picture in the slide show is at about 2:18….This "Commando" is so high speed that he has his own MOUT facility made my Little Tikes!! Also his ****** airsoft M4 w/ a 203 on it!! Too bad that picture of the lady in the Marine Cammies with an eye patch wasn't on this slide show!

  9. I'm so happy Don defended Muslims nothing I hate more than a bigot.

  10. Okay, this probably isn't the right place to put this, but a friend e-mailed it to me, and I just don't know if I believe it.

    Is that really true, or is someone just trying to sell a knife?

  11. FormerSFMedic | January 8, 2012 at 5:46 pm | Reply

    @Brandon- You really gotta get this comments section looked at. I just posted a reply to SleepyDave and it only showed up as my screen name and no text. Thanks.

  12. He needs to have a version of that video to keep adding to! Amazing

  13. I wonder if the scumbags had twin .50 cals in each arm?.

  14. That's a great video.

    I ran in to a big dumb ass at a local bar in my tiny home town. He was trying to impress the ladies with his "Seal Team" hat that you can buy at a gas station. He saw me wearing my Navy Veteran hat (I have a set of my old Aircrew wings pinned on it). He points at my hat and then points at his hat and asks me what team I was in… I just looked the big lug in the eye and said "I wasn't in the teams and you weren't either". The girls vanished and I had a nice smile for our hero there. The closest I have been to a SEAL Team was to give 4 real SEALs a ride in my helicopter. I was just an Aircrewman and a Rescue Swimmer, not embarrassed to admit that.

    And I agree with swilliams, nice to see Don make that statement. Get tired of the bigotry, there are bad dudes in all religions just like not all service members as saints.

  15. I don't get it. Why do these f-heads do this. Then even when they get flushed out…they still hold onto their lie. Honestly…it takes balls to bullsh#t that you served …when you really didn't. Fraudulent ********.

  16. Mississippi!!!!

  17. I've got one (maybe, cuz I don't know for sure) local to Gettysburg, PA. He's a Constable who told me he was in 2 and went to Grenada. When I told him I'm an MA1 (EXW) he just gave me a blank stare and changed the subject

  18. I would love to add one as an obvious parody but I'd be mortified if anyone thought I were really doing it!

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