KU Week in Review

Kit Up Manly Ops

How Kit Up & the Fireteam deals with Trolls

Hi everyone-

Well the SHOT show is upon us and me the guys are fired up to represent KU and bring home some great new gear and weapons for you guys. 

I will post at least 1-2 on-the-move posts for you guys throughout the day. Mostly video, so stay tuned!

What I’m also doing with the team is taking a look at the tactical gear industry as a whole and taking a look through the crystal ball.  Expect to have a Kit Up, “What’s to come in 2012” post that discusses the declining Defense budget and how this will contract some gear and also open up other opportunities for manufacturing innovation.

Always fired up for SHOT.

Brandon out.

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  • John

    Don’t forget to make a little stop by AEE Jan. 19 to the 21st

  • gunslinger6

    Looking forward to the reviews. The poster is classic!!

  • Brandon Farlow

    Brandon, could you send me an email? Our sister company is interested in having you review some of their products.



  • Brandon Webb

    Brandon Farlow-
    My schedule is already pre-booked but happy to talk if something opens up! Also, I’ll get you an email back now….

    • Brandon Farlow


  • James

    Think the criticism is getting to Brandon.

  • Lance

    I don’t seethe Army getting anything with Defense cuts coming. BUT for gear for individual solders to get and or private contractors to buy for themselves that’s what make your blog rock.

  • jake

    Let’s hope this year the sting operations are down to nothing.I had to laugh when i had seen those clowns get taking down at the show for trying to sell arms to fake african posers.