Navy SEAL Don Shipley Exposes Phony SEAL

Don and I would really appreciate help in exposing this guy for the fake that he is.  Watch the video Don put together and you’ll get an idea at how sick this guy is.  Please don’t let him tarnish the memory of good men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, they do not want to be represented by this imposter.

This guy is promoting an agenda and I’m not here to judge agenda or the content of his claims. This is about a guy claiming to be someone he’s not and that’s an Integrity violation.  He’s in violation and so is the woman who is promoting this phony.  Judge for yourself.

This guy is the worst offender we have had in a while, and he should be prosecuted under the Stolen Valor act in my opinion.  It’s like a fake doctor handing out prescriptions without a license or medical degree. Even worse is that Kerry Cassidy is defending him, she’s just as guilty for not doing her homework and should be ashamed of herself.

I appreciate the Fireteams support in getting the word out on this and so does Don. Don is an appointed representative by the Naval Special Warfare Command (WARCOM) and has access to the SEAL database.  He’s as legit as they come.

I’m sure the families of lost Warfighters also appreciate the fight on Stolen Valor Don is engaging for all branches.  Please share and “like” this post on Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness on this integrity issue.

Thanks everyone-


  • just wow.

    just f*cking wow.

    when he gets his a*s beat take pictures of the aftermath!

  • Matt

    Wow. Just wow.

  • John

    George Constanza gave the secret to lying, “If you believe it, it’s not a lie.” I think this guy believes it. That makes him simultaneously a good liar and bats**t crazy.

  • Brandon Webb

    The problem is also the Kerry Cassidy is giving him a platform to speak on, shame on her for not doing her due diligence. Talk about discrediting her cause at Project Camelot. -Brandon

  • Byron

    This stuff is getting ridiculous. Its horrible.

    However, on the positive side, on another Stolen Valor note, Tim Allen of Home Improvement fame has a new show called Last Man Standing, on ABC I believe. A few weeks ago the episode had a subplot concerning his wife’s friend’s new boyfriend who was pretending to be a Navy SEAL to impress the girl, but was called out on it by Allen’s character who detected issues with the things the so called SEAL was saying: “Semper Fi” and being based out of an Army base that had been closed for fifteen years or so, etc…

    I’m not sure if it has been mentioned on here yet, but I just saw the episode and thought the community here would be interested in checking it out. Allen even mentions the term Stolen Valor, and I thought it was great. I believe the episode is called “Odd Couple Out” if you want to check it out on Hulu or something.

  • Nick V

    I’m kinda lost for words about that one… Jeez

  • Johnny Quest

    In honor of the comedic genius Chris Farley, “That was AWWWSOME!”

    Don should go to Hollywood, the cat has talent. This guy reminds me so much of the Barney Fife character from the old Andy Griffith show. A total ****** nozzle to be sure, but how f***ed up can one individual be? I know this is a serious issue, but damn, every time I see a Shipley “film”, I laugh my butt off watching these nimrods.

  • Matt liebe

    Yea stole valor act for sure. It is an automatic 15 years if I understand it right. Lock this douch bag up for sure.

  • Jarod P

    Get that asshat Don.

  • R

    There are no words.

  • TDubb

    All that talk about psychiatric treatment and implants in his head indicates this guy is nuttier than squirrel turds!

  • jake

    Really????????????WOW!!!! Really????????.

  • Nadnerbus

    You see, he wasn’t in jail for being a pedophile/rapist, he was heroically serving his country in secret special warfare missions!

    Sounds like rationalization to me. He’s constructed a lie for himself as much as anyone else that exonerates him from the bad thing he has done. The part where he said he was committed to a crazy house for six months is about the only part that sounds really believable.

  • Graham

    The Stolen Valor Act has been watered-down and in some cases ruled unconstitutional. However, if you can prove he’s gaining access to a base or secure facility, drawing a benefit from the VA he does not rate or some other overt act that links to a different crime-then you have something to work with. If that’s the case please contact your nearest NCIS office. S/F Graham

  • xpoqx

    “I trained at Area 51… ******* brilliant.”

  • HalP

    This is ridiculous. Keep working Don – I’m glad he has found a way to continue serving a noble cause.

  • CavGuy02

    I don’t even know where to begin…wow….the insanity of this man would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. What a twisted individual.

  • the female that interviewed this guy tweeted that they should ignore the critics. they believe and support him!

    un-f*cking believable.

  • JDsHandsomeSon

    I was ready to sign up for Seal Team 9 until I heard the government implants electronic devices in them. I guess I’ll just stay home.

    • Nadnerbus

      Seal team 9 is 33.3333% better than seal team six!

      • Johnny Quest

        That would be 50%!!!

  • Does the CIA / DOD Know that he’s gone rogue!

    I think it’s time to detonate his implant.

    • The CIA has to be careful how they use this guy. He’s that dangerous…

  • Gerry

    Actually, he’s a member of the democrats’ secret parallel military force that draws its volunteers from the legions of liberal child molester-politicians.
    Seriously, the mention of team 9 is a freudian slip… that’s the age of victim he prefers.

  • Mike

    This nonsense has been going on for years,gentlemen. Every war has had its cases of “stolen Valor”. The traditional response generally included public denunciation, followed immediately with an a**whippin’. Usually works…just sayin’.

  • Morgan

    He’s getting trashed on a lot of conspiracy websites at the moment. Site members are doing their own research and many are even angry that he’s misleading them. Which is good and made me laugh. I was quite amused that ufologists wont believe his bull.

  • John

    I’m not military (yet), nor do I claim to be, yet even I find the claims that this man is making offensive, and disgraceful. The fact that someone could stoop so low in order to get attention offends me as a person.

  • Chris

    That really is pretty disturbing! There sure are some crazy people on this planet :(

    I’ve no idea how common this kind of thing is but I would suspect that it may get worse with all the recent publicity surrounding Navy SEALs.

    I can’t begin to imagine the anger that people like this must cause to the families and friends of people who have lost loved ones while serving in the military, it must be absolutely sickening.

    I’ve seen Don around on TV shows, internet etc and he is NOT someone that I would like on my case! I hope this crazy ******* gets what’s coming to him.

  • zombiekiller250

    This piece of s**t is using his “status” for monetary gain.

  • Jake

    Gerry !!!!!!! that was an awesome posting brother it made me laugh so hard!!!.It’s the truth that’s why it’s so funny!!!!!!

    • Morgan

      So Democrats are deploying paramilitary pedophile units, codenamed ‘Team 9’? You’re both idiots.

      • Mang

        I think Jake was just trolling…?

  • Burton

    Man, I wish it was in our constitution for c*ck smugglers like this to be disappeared overnight.

  • JBAR

    I think that he is just being so outlandish so he can make a case for being mental as a opt out for what he has done in the past and will probably do again. POS. It is unbelievable that ANYONE, especially any organization or media, would publish any of this as real. Hope someone has the opportunity to shut him and any supporting outlets down.

  • Johnny Quest

    Is it just me, or does anyone else see the stiking resemblance to the Don Knotts character of Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith show?

  • ICE Man

    Hopefully he will visit the Chesapeake area of Virginia in the future and the Senior Chief will hand out A** Whoopings tax free!

  • jarhead

    this ******* is a real piece work (S#*t) he must have balls the size of King Kong he ought to be taken to Team 6 base and dropped off see how he likes that those True Seals would really take care of him in a proper military manner.

  • Go Navy!

    These imposters need to be sent to the real special forces to get “validated”. If this guy was really in special forces, he would have no problem meeting the real ones. For those that was really in the military, we would never go around publicizing our military careers for money or ask for special recognition. We know EVERYONE is the military is important. Whatever branch or rating you hold is just as equally important. It makes me sick to see people like these that disgrace our brothers and sisters. Keep up the good work Don.

  • SpcPoole

    Now were did I leave the rope????

  • Strudwick Wickerwire

    If that “Jackwagon” has a device implanted in him, would someone please detonate it!!!

  • This makes me absolutely sick. I am thankful for Don Shipley and his continuing efforts to oust these low life impostors. Hopefully this pile of human waste will be exposed in his community for the unsavory liar and pedophile that he is. Thanks for posting and spreading awareness Brandon.

    • Brandon Webb

      Thanks for the support Brent. Don appreciates it.

  • J.D. Petty Sr.

    Don Shipley, we’ve not met. I was a friend Of Darryl Young, (Seal Team One) and he did a lot of work in this area.Proud your carrying on the tradition. Hopefully, If ya come to Alaska, we will meet and I can thank you personally. With Honor and Respect, J.D..

  • Toby

    For one thing i’ve never know a Navy Seal to stutter when interveiwed!! And was it one year or three years? When did the Government start putting in Inplants? This guy’s seen “Escape from New York” one to many times!!

  • straps

    Fakers and poseurs are always some combination of opportunistic and pathological. This guy obviously took a few extra passes through the “pathological” line.

  • Jason M

    Brandon I don’t know if this guy has been checked out yet but sounds like someone should.…. His name is Jason Truitt and he claimed to be a Navy Seal that was wounded more than 11 times, served 7 back to back tours in Iraq and was a MIA/POW. After claiming this he was givine a hunting trip to Colorado and given a hunting rifle and scope.

    • Squad47

      Don Shipley has already got this guy on everyones radar also.

      • Jason M

        Thank you for the update.

    • Homer J.

      SOCNET has him on the radar as well:

      • Jason M

        Thank you for the update. I will check into it more before posting next time.

  • Ben Delgado III

    Chief You and Mack should take this POS and put him through your mini BUD Training then send him my way. ******* Poser

  • Cadmus

    Noble, yes. Protecting your name and culture. Good on you, SEAL’s.

    But you’re SEAL’s.

    Find him.

  • Brandon Webb

    Thanks for the support everyone. The real culprit is Kerry Cassidy for not doing her homework. Shame on her and just proves that she has zero journalistic integrity….

    Thanks again-Brandon

  • LineDoc

    It’s amazing what some people will say to get their 15 minutes of fame. Thank you to the SEALS who actually accomplish the things this guy pretends to.

  • Corsair8X

    I’m actually leaning towards paranoid schizophrenia actually just because of the elaborate nature of the story.

  • delacroix21

    Am I the only one who feels a little bad…. This guy isn’t a liar, he is a wacko, a big time wacko. He isn’t trying to convince anyone he’s a real seal, otherwise he would make more sense, but he’s just a crazy nut! How could Kerry Cassidy not pick up on that, man she is dumb! He’s a Psychic who trained at area 51?

    he is clearly off his meds. The real issue right now is not that he’s claiming to be a seal, I am more concerned that a child molester is out and about who is mentally unballanced!

  • Slag

    It is a very good episode

  • Bullgator

    A mind reading, alien trained, Snake Pliskin(sp.) that looks like Barney Fife! HALO him into the Stan ASAP!

    Sic’em Don

  • Kenspear

    What a total nutjob. I could have done without the constant clips of of random stuff. So he is child rapist trying to deny it by creating a rather funny totally bull story?

  • majrod


    Visited Kerry’s “site” and went through the transcript. I couldn’t make this stuff up!… Don’t waste you time. You’ll want the 15 min back you waste going through the stuff. Just posting so those interested have the source.

    Its so hard to believe that such grasping for straws conspiracy nuts actually exist. These guys are oxygen thieves.


    WOW, guys like this offend my very nature as a human being, a soldier, and a man. Thuis kind of crap deserves severe punishment. I have worked around seals, Special forces, and most of the Special OPS community, and men like this exist all around the world. This guy makes me sick, and it makes me feel very dishonored to have someone like this who has probably never served a day in his life in any kind of military unit. This is so sad that we have to endure people in this country who can trash the memories of Good men who have worked with all their hearts and minds and souls to be seals, rangers or green berets and be called the best. He should be dealt with harshly in my book. “God will deal with those like this when the day of judgment approaches”.

  • Ben

    The project camelot website is one of the funnier (crazier) websites I’ve seen.

    Mr. Wood is in good company and has found a home. We should all be happy that his claims will only be believed by other silly people who actually believe there was a King Arthur – as Ms. Cassidy apparently does.

    Check out the “about us” section of her website. It’s pretty funny.

  • jake

    “Seriously, the mention of team 9 is a freudian slip… that’s the age of victim he prefers”. The first part was just blah blah but this is the part that i found funny.

    • Gerry

      Come on, Morgan, be nice. It was a joke, kind of like the phony SEAL.
      Thanks for getting it, Jake.

  • Robert Newell

    Just hunt him down and kill hi….no, wait, hunt him down, hog tie him naked and leave him in a gay bath house.

  • RANGER75

    Area 51 huh?……I’d like to “implant” something in his A$%…My Size 10 Boot…

  • Robert Norwood

    You know, I don’t think anyone listening would actually believe him; if they do then they are beyond help. All that side I still think tying him up naked and tossing him into a gay bath house is a good idea.

  • T-9

    There I was, at Area 51. Aliens to the left of me, aliens to the right. I locked and loaded and incorporated my vast training in the Ia Drang Valley and my time on a gunboat in Laos… An M-60 in each hand, the honor of the SEALS on the line. Then I remembered I was also a green beret, pararescue combat controller army ranger with nuclear warhead experience and… I can’t tell you how it went down: that’s classified.

  • I fly for FedEx. We’ve had two fake SEALs outed among our pilot crew force (both actually former Navy P-3 pilots), and most recently a member of the ALPA Master executive Council (the pilot’s union leadership). The problem is far more widespread than I would have ever imagined.

    Or maybe having to settle for P-3’s just creates inadequacies in some.

    Wes Grant
    A-4M Skyhawk

  • Matt

    While I don’t at all feel bad for this guy, I do understand what you mean. It’s clear he has some degree of mental illness, even to a casual observer. I think the real blame should be on the “journalist” that is giving him a platform to spew his nonsense.

  • Johnny Quest

    Does that surprise you? It is much easier to believe than it is to think.

  • xcalbr


  • ZombieKiller250

    Here’s something I found, he said he was in Vegas recently. An arrest record.

  • Mark

    I can completely relate. I know several people that instead of getting court-martialed for having *** with children were just given a slap on the wrist and forward deployed to special high speed combat units like SEAL Team Infinity. These guys are so secret even they don’t know they exist. I have also heard that these supermen (I really do mean that) often wander through Navy bases and pick out clerks to be on their teams. That is because only these clerks can shoulder fire Tomahawk missiles. As for him getting into a hand to hand combat fight where he almost killed a fellow teammate, I find this very hard to believe. That is because no Army Delta Force or SEAL Team member would ever go toe to toe with a clerk. They know better. Good luck within the walls of your twisted mind and thank GOD we have men like those who serve us now. One more thing…I really liked the excuse that just because she is eight…next year she will be nine. I hope someone removes your nuts.

  • Bob L

    A guy I know Michael P Reichenbach’s obituary listed him as serving as a SEAL during Desert Storm

    Normally this would not raise any red flags but my nephew just finished his Seal training in San Diego and this guy could never be in the same organization as my nephew unless he did a 180 degree about face in life

    Is there any way to check out if Mr Reichenbach (age 52 ) actually was a Seal or a Fake Seal?

  • bpr6252

    Bob L. you have no clue the sacrifices these men make on behalf of their country. Who are you to judge or ask? Let’s talk to your nephew in 20 years and see how he is doing? Mr. Reichenbach was never a fake.

    • Bob L

      Michael was a fake SEAL

      No doubt about it

      • Bob L


        Further more I have nothing but respect for “these men” I’m just sure mr reichenbach was not one of them

        He is a fake

      • Bob L


        Further more I have nothing but respect for “these men” (is Navy Seals) I’m just sure mr reichenbach was not one of them

        He is a fake

  • Bob L. it is one thing to wonder about a person but you posted a deceased person’s name that can’t answer to your libelous comments. Plus,you are leaving a PERMANENT record on the internet of your perjorative venom so that his family can wander upon this and cause duress,. There is a time, a place, and PROTOCOL for these things and you failed all three. By your rantings above one can obviously see that you have some psychological, possibly latent, hang up with this guy and I suggest you seek help with that. This fellow is gone and from what I can tell hasn’t taken anything from anyone. I live in the town where he passes and find your slanderous tirade untastefull. My sympathy to Mike’s family for their loss.

    To the bully named Bob: Since you have life, why don’t you GET ONE and leave the dead alone!

    • Bob L

      Reality is sometimes hard to face

      If someone walks like a duck and quacks like a duck he is probably a duck not a Navy Seal

      Just the facts was he or wasn’t he a Navy Seal?

    • Bob L

      Was he a Navy Seal or not

      The guy was a total BULL SHITER not a Navy Seal

      He chose to lie not me

      I would not have responded if he claimed to be a Dentist

    • Bob L


      Michael posted his own name when he publicly claimed to have been a Navy Seal

      I am just stating the obvious to anyone who knew Michael.

      He was a Bull Shiter and not a Navy Seal

  • bpr6252

    Well Bob, I sure haven’t seen any proof that Michael WAS NOT SEAL appear on this site yet. The silence is deafening.

  • Lynn (Reichenbach) D

    Dear Bob L.

    Thank you for your slanderous allegations about my brother who served our country for over 6 years as a Navy SEAL and was proud of it. I am sorry but I will have to respond to you later as I must compose myself because I am outraged. As I sit here at work, crying, I pray that my parents do not see this.

  • Lynn (Reichenbach) D

    Bob L.,

    You do not know the facts. If you say that my brother was not a Navy Seal, please prove it. You have my email address above, please send me proof, confidentially. Obviously, you have no regard for the family of the deceased and who might be reading this on the internet. I have all the proof you need which indicates that Michael was in fact a Navy SEAL. I have the paperwork (Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty) from the military showing that Michael was honorably discharged from SBU 12 in Coronado, CA. He was given special recognition for First Good Conduct award, Expert M16 Rifle award, National Defense Service Medal award, Expert 9MM pistol award, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. Michael’s military education on the form indicates that he was a Stinger air defense missile gunner SEAL. Maybe the government is lying about Michael’s military history. Ha! In addition, I happen to have the ninja outfit as well as the Navy Seal’s scuba diving outfit and equipment that Michael used. I have no other paperwork to prove to you that my brother was a Navy Seal, as Michael was very secretive about his career in the military as per the oath of a Navy Seal. However, we did hear a few stories about Desert Storm which I would not share with others because of the confidentiality. My brother was very proud to have served our country. It is unfortunate that he suffered from PTSD and suffered a very traumatic death as a result of this. And as for your slander of the deceased, I hope that you will someday find the same. I promised myself that I would not lower myself to your standards, but I had to set you straight. My brother was a Navy Seal and if you can prove otherwise, please do. And I sure hope that the rest of our family does not see this because they are all still grieving over Michael’s death and to see this on the internet would be devastating.

    Peter, thank you for your kind words.

    • Bob l


      If you want to believe that I’m OK with it

    • Bob L


      It looks like based on what you have uncovered Michael served honorably with the NAVY SEAL’s as a Special Boat Operator (SBU-12) but he was NOT a NAVY SEAL

      Look up SBU-12

      I got this information from Wikipedia

      “The U.S. Navy’s Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC, pronounced “swick”[1]) are Special Operations Forces who operate and maintain an inventory of small craft used to support special operations missions, particularly those of the U.S. Navy SEALs. Individually, SEALs and SWCC go through separate specialized training programs that emphasize special operations in the maritime environment. SWCC are trained extensively in craft and weapons tactics, techniques, and procedures. Focusing on clandestine infiltration and exfiltration of SEALs and other special operations forces, SWCC provide dedicated, rapid mobility in shallow water areas where large ships cannot operate. SWCC must be physically fit, highly motivated, combat-focused, and responsive in high stress situations.”