The Smallest IWB Holster … New from Raven Concealment

Raven Vanguard II IWB Holster

I spent some time with the guys from Raven Concealment at SHOT, and they hooked us up with their brand new IWB holster, the Vanguard II. This thing is way cool. I’ve never been a huge fan of IWB holsters, because they always seem to add too much bulk. And, if I’m going to stick a loaded pistol down my pants, I really prefer that the trigger is covered, so I’m not in the habit of just shoving my Glock in my waistband. This little gem takes care of that. It’s basically an injection molded trigger guard that has a single IWB loop. It was designed for appendix carry, but I’ve been kickin’ it at the 5 o’clock, which is where my sidearm always lives.

The retention is perfect and the draw is as easy as a full IWB holster. It’s not the easiest thing to re-holster, but I’m much less concerned with the re-holstering as opposed to the draw. The IWB loop is adjustable for cant, so you can get it exactly how you like it. The Vangaurd II is made in the USA, just like the rest of their products.  It’s currently available for Glock, but I’m sure more weapon systems are soon to follow. The other cool thing is this can also be used as a simple trigger guard when your Glock is in a bag. As you know from my post about my Raven holster, these guys make solid concealment kit … nice work guys.

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Kit Up! contributor Bill Janson is a former Recon Marine and is the founder of Eleven 10, a tactical gear manufacturer.

This little IWB is kick a** Bill.  -Brandon

  • 4FingerofBourbon


  • Ian

    Don’t carry your gun like that , you’re liable to blow your brains out ;)

  • Ben

    Already seen all this over at gearscout with Chris Costa.

  • Ian

    In all seriousness, this is a great idea.

    It’s also a great idea to steal and make yourself.

    You could make something similar with a small L shaped continuous strip of kydex using an instructables project as a guide to working Kydex. Just fold a tail out of the holster into the shape of a belt loop.

    Check out this.

    I would use some foam in the trigger guard to help in the holding.

    • yoyo

      Ian – Thanks for the link

  • yoyo

    This looks pretty cool – I didn’t see it on their website but they do have the Vanguard (1st edition, I guess?). I like how small it looks

  • Tim

    Nice holster, but I thought everybody had outgrown the ‘Starsky and Hutch point my gun at my goodies’ style carry….sideways cant, anyone???

  • Nmate

    “You have room for one, I don’t”.

  • Reacher

    Yeah. We have gangbangers and other fartknockers that run around with guns aimed at thier *****, too. It’s not wise.

    Story time: Guy robbed a corner store, ran from us, got about 1/8th of a mile, pistol went off, he went down, shot himself in the test!cles, got arrested.

    There’s a reason why we LEO’s carry on the hip with the pistol pointed down and away from our bodies. Let’s keep our “heads” in the game, people.

    • majrod


  • Lance

    With that top picture better hope this near non existent holster can prevent a accidental discharge. Or this can be the birth control holster.

    • FormerSFMedic

      How is there going to be an accidental discharge? The gun is in a holster! BTW, there isn’t a such thing as an accidental discharge, only NEGLIGENT discharges. This holster serves the same purpose as every other holster RCS makes. You don’t have to cover up the entire gun to carry it safely.

  • jake

    With all do respect sir, NO THANKS another gimick hunk of junk.Sorry this is just my lame little opinion.I am nobody just a tiny dropping on the floor.

  • Tim

    Guessing he had it up front so he could demonstrate the holster and talk about it at the same time (instead of talking over his shoulder). Re-holstering has to be a bit…tricky.

  • Corsair8X

    Certainly small. Not carrying one so unsure, but I do wonder if that would feel sort of uncomfortable. I’m imagining a full holster feeling a bit better against the body than a blocky gun. Or am I off on this one?

  • TDubb

    Wow! The shear lack of education regarding the current state of appendix (AIWB) carry holsters in these comments is amazing!

    The entire premise behind this set up is to block the trigger and prevent a negligent discharge (ND). ********* criminals don’t use holsters! The fact that some dumbass ran from my brother LEO’s while his pistol was Mexican carried AIWB and shot himself in the nuts is just Darwinism at its finest.

    AIWB has come a long way in the last several years, with many quality holsters on the market. Does this method of carry require a little more caution while holstering? Yes. Is it for everyone? Absolutely not…those with beer guts and retards like Tex Grebner need not apply! However once holstered, in a quality holster, it is NO more dangerous than carrying on or behind the hip.

    • Pete

      I’ll second that… I know real, live cops who profess they have all their wedding tackle and who routinely carry AIWB.

      Big boys carry hanguns in various ways… grip clips, s-bend coat hangers and the old fashioned rubber bands on the grips. A lot of those are bad ideas and sometimes they have advantages, if well tested.

      I’ve been trying out the Fricke Zack holster, which is similar to the Raven minimalist holster, just executed even more simply. I started off with a Fobus holster ~ten years ago and at least the market has improved dramatically since then.

    • Greg B.

      “those with beer guts and retards like Tex Grebner need not apply!”


  • Mikey

    Should send a T&E copy to Plaxico…

  • Dumb Grunt

    Reminds me of the Kramer Fits All holster, except this is a specific pistol.

  • Mike

    Question for Brandon or LEO’s/ military Is there a system or holster that emphasizes protecting your weapon from being taken rather than accessability or speed of draw?
    During the L.A. Riots I had to work in an area that turned Wild West and (long story short ) I was forced to protect my pistol from being taken by a kid who really wore me out in the process. I’m glad I did not shoot him or loose control of the pistol because he (finally) rolled down an embankment and I was able to put lots of distance between us and made it to my car. Don’t reply trolls (I’m not finished)….I made no effort to swerve or slow down for people stepping off the curb on my way home, but nobody got killed (at least by me) and I got home safely. I have no regrets.

    • Rob Kramer

      The best example I can think of is the Safariland ALS Level III Retention duty holster. You have a hood guard, the hood itself, and a third button you have to depress with your thumb in order to fully draw the weapon from the holster. There’s a Sentry option that takes it to Level IV retention, but to be honest I’m not all that familiar with it.

  • Stormcharger

    Well, at least we can readily see who has actually attended a concealed carry class and who has not. The fastest draw from concealed carry is from the appendix position, this holster simply allows that with a minimum of holster. In addition, the trigger is protected and enclosed, so I’m not seeing how it’s unsafe except for those how have zero gun handling skills.

    • xcalbr

      storm charger, to support your appendix draw contention, it reminded me of the videos of the sparrow hit men in the Philippines.

  • Thursday

    Mmm nothing like the smell of justice in the morning.

  • Go Navy!

    I don’t like this holster because of the diffculty of reholstering. What happens when you have to reholster your weapon quickly. This holster requires you to take your eye off your target to reholster. I guess the MRSP price on this is $40. I would rather save the money and get an actual (full) IWB holster.

  • Mike

    Thanks, Rob. I need to look up Level IV retention as well. I’m off to learn some more….

  • coolhand77

    I have never heard of a situation where someone that conceal carries would need to “speed reholster” so the “reholstering in a hurry argument” is kindof a non starter [and if I am wrong, please educate me on a situation where “speed reholstering” would be a good idea outside of competitions]. I do have to agree that I like the Zack better, as its not clipped to the belt directly, but by a lanyard, so that you can then snap the trigger cover over before tucking it back in your waistband. I might appreciate this one for the variable cant though. Might have to try one out.

  • Tim

    RCS has great gear…I have a ghost holster for my Sig 229…however enjoy the wait to get the gear!!! WOW!

  • Reacher

    Yep. That’s the holster I use. It’s a great product. You don’t need to worry about speed draw or fancy concealment, etc. After four years in a major-city PD I’ve only drawn my pistol TWICE when **** got hairy. I got the weapon out of my holster just as fast as any of you speed draws out there, I’m sure.

    It’s all about muscle memory. Practice, practice, practice.

    Besides. Most of the time I’m wrestling with crackheads. The security that holster provides is great. Not pretty, not sleek, but great.

  • Eric

    I don’t care how many safeties a holster has or how many safeties a gun has, putting the business end of a gun that close to my business end gives me shivers. I wear a gun every day and I know how safe they are, but I always like to err on the side that any safety can fail.

  • Robert

    Looks like a neat little idea, the only problem I see is from sweat down here in the south…The gun will rust if not careful…I have sweat guards on all of my iwb holsters…I learned..but I guess you could wipe down the gun and oil it everytime you carry it..

  • Qball

    I got my VANGUARD from works great. Called about the Van 2 and it is also available as custom work right now but will soon be available as standard order.

  • Darrin

    You want this now go to  zeroconcealmentsystems / Bare-Bones-Series. They already make this for a lot of guns, Legal issue may be paten problems.

  • Me

    guns don’t just shoot themselves. Good story, but I’m sure mr. gang-banger wasn’t using a trigger guard. You LEO’s carry everything ‘cept the kitchen sink (you don’t carry one of those, right?), so CCW for Joe Average doesn’t really need to bounce his carry style off your style. Apples and oranges my friend…

  • Rob

    I recommend Clipdraw… absolutely the best!