TCI Dual PTT Comm System


I got a chance to check out Tactical Command Industries new dual Push-To-Talk headset system. It solves a simple problem that most of us faced when we were downrange, running dual radios. This system has simplified the comm setup. It features a single color-coded PTT box that can accommodate dual radios. Basically there’s one wire coming from your headset into the box. At the box, you plug each of your radio feeds in, and use the corresponding PTT button to operate the radio. This new piece of kit eliminates the need to have 2 separate PTT switches. You can also still run a hand mike for command and control.

The actual headset is comfortable and seems to be well constructed. They also have some simple connection wires that allow an easy switch between all of the various radio connectors. TCI also offers a non-comm setup for use as hearing protection on the range. Since I’ve been through countless pairs of Peltor 6s’, I can’t wait to check these out. I’m hoping that they offer a longer life-cycle and more durability then the Peltors. They’re going to be sending a pair out for me to check out, so I’ll give you guys an update in the future.

You can get more info about their products at

Kit Up! contributor Bill Janson is a former Recon Marine and is the founder of Eleven 10, a tactical gear manufacturer.

  • lightfighter

    Such a simple solution to carrying dual radios. It’s hard to imagine that it’s only being offered now.

    I have both the Tac 6’s and the MSA / Sordin headset by TCI. I found that for outdoor use the the Sordins have an excelllent sound amplification feature and the attenuation is great outdoors but at the indoor range, for reasons I’m not smart enough to figure out, the Tac 6’s are much better

  • Wow. Now to sell an organ to buy this.

    • lightfighter

      Buy what, the dual PTT ? If you need one, you’re probably in a situation where it’s issued to you.

      • yoyo

        Don’t be judgemental, he might be involved in less than legal activities.

        • ROB


        • Yup. And by Organs I mean I sell organs on the black market. I’ll trade you three kidneys and a liver for the dual comm setup and an iPad2

  • Pliner

    @lightfighter:TEA/ Swat Headset has had a dual radio PTT junction box like that for awhile now called the X-50. Same concept as above but slightly different form factor. What I like about this ability is that it allows you to jack into vehicle intercoms and or aircraft intercoms on the fly, so its not always about running 2 radios on your person at once but about having the ability to interface with different platforms as needed.You can even run a cell phone on the 2nd line if thats how you roll. I don’t know if the TCI version is capable of doing this but I know the X-50 is but I’d imagine the TCI version could do the same thing with the right cable.

  • Lance

    Looks cool.

  • Mat

    Check out Esterline’s RA6000 Talon PTT system. Besides keying a combination of two radio’s or port phones you can also hook it up to an intercom (vehicle, helicopter, airplane) or a cell phone.

  • thinkblue

    Don’t know what the brand name etc is but the UK Army has had a similar system ever since the introduction of the BOWMAN system, for section/platoon commanders who have PRRs and BOWMAN sets…

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