5.11 Tactical Belt Explained

This is a detailed explanation on 5.11’s new Tactical Belt. Worth the watch. Let me know what you guys think. I’m not a big fan of belts like this, I’ve always preferred a Rhodesian Rig with only my handgun on the waistline (but usually in the chest rig).

Brandon out.

  • Micah

    I would probably buy one of those if I was getting deployed again. We are forced to wear those awful leg holsters and a wider padded belt would stabilise that bunch of nonsense a lot better than your pants belt would. This maybe coupled with some low profile suspenders would be about ideal.

  • Balvenie

    I’d definitely use that (may even buy that and the thumb drive holster. Like to be able to drop the vest/RACK and still have my handgun available. Also, as far as interacting with people I think having a sidearm off the chest makes things a little less intimidating. Drop leg holsters are increasingly a hindrance. I think Kyle Lamb chooses his products carefully and so far I’ve been thrilled with my VTAC rifle sling, light mount, and mounting hardware.

  • Lance

    Looks nice.

  • MacDeth

    I have to agree with you Balvenie, and not just because your named after my favorite Scotch.

  • Gunner

    Any idea when they will have these for sale? Looks great!

  • Pliner

    Brokos belts, armored and unarmored, have been made by TYR tactical for some time now, the 5.11 design is identical so I am wondering if Brokos licensed/sold it to 5.11 or if this is simply a case of “no honor in nylon”. The TYR Brokos belt can be seen here http://www.tyrtactical.com/products/details/weapo

    • Gunner

      It sure looks the same—–

      • CorbinDingo

        I’m not seeing it on the 5.11 site, so I’m thinking someone assumed 5.11 / VTAC, when in actuality it is a “True VTAC” product. It is my belief that most, if not, all “True VTAC” gear is sewn by TYR. Which is a good thing.

        The 5.11 / VTAC branded stuff is not quite to the same standard.

        • CorbinDingo

          I amend my earlier statement. Design cues indicate 5.11 influences. They must have crossed that one over, must be in the pipeline for future availability from 5.11…

  • Deacon

    Looks nice, but if it isn’t made in the US then I won’t buy one. There are plenty of other options.

    • Gunner

      The price is rather over the top as well.

  • FormerSFMedic

    The 5.11 Brokos belt (tactical belt) has all the same functional design characteristics as the VTAC/Tyr Brokos belt with a lower price point. The 5.11 belt will be less than $100 and lacks the thick padding that the VTAC/Tyr version has. As many of you know, the original Brokos design has a generous amount of padding on the inside for comfort and costs in the $150 to $175 range depending on who you buy from. There is also a VTAC/Tyr Brokos belt that features soft armour for added protection that costs in the $350 range.

  • SleepyDave

    I’m not really understanding the big uptick in interest on belts that have armor built in. Correct me if I’m wrong, but even if the materials themselves are normally II/IIIA compliant, the actual setup isn’t because the backface deformation is basically infinite. There simply isn’t enough stabilizing material in the belt to actually stop a bullet. It just seems like a lot of extra weight for very little real gain. Maybe I’m missing something here.

    Also, it seems to me that 5.11 has a habit of producing some really clever, possibly interesting gear, and then seriously overhyping it, or underengineering it. I just got a set of 5.11 tactical pants issued, and they’re kind of comfy, but I’m hearing dark mutterings from my coworkers, and I already know that they’re basically an overhyped rip off of a Royal Robbins design.

    • jrexilius

      You raise a good point. I’ve been considering something like Crye’s Blast belt and I believe the armor is just rated for frag-type protection. It has slots for hard plates but I’m not sure how that would really work.

      I am looking strongly at belts along these lines to redistribute kit/weight and go to much smaller plate carrier but I should probably do more research on the value of the armor aspects of them. Like you said, is it worth the weight?

  • Brandon Webb

    I hear you on that Deacon. Some stuff you just don’t want made overseas but it’s a tough decision because some companies have to go overseas to remain competitive in the market (think Ford vs. Toyota). AND at least they’re an American Company. I also wanted to let you guys know that Feb 29 is my last day on here. I’m doing a host turn over on the 29th (will post a note then). We are launching “The Loadout Room” (Gear & Guns) on SOFREP Mar 1.


    • BLACK

      Sorry to see you go…you wouldnt mind us shadowing you over there would you Brandon??


    • Gunner


  • Jones

    If you recall VTAC designed the pouches and soft goods for 5.11, cause they don’t have the knowledge to do so. They didn’t even design the pants that are their main selling point. The belt that Kyle is showing has a 5.11 logo sewn on it, so it looks like it is going to be under the same category as their pouches and such, designed by VTAC.

    Kyle wouldn’t be showing that belt if someone had “borrowed” his design, you can bet on that. You can get the normal Brokos from VTAC for $99, sans the Cobra inner belt, so this one should be just under a C note, without an inner belt as well.

  • Balvenie

    @Sleepy Dave: I was never a believer in extra soft armor till I saw one of my guys survive a bomb attack in 2005 due to his neck protector. The trauma surgeon showed us the torn up neck protector and the repair job he did on the carotid artery. He was pretty insistent that the little extra piece of soft armor made the difference between life and death. No, I don’t have any research studies to back that up, just the one event. But, I’ve insisted on soft armor neck protectors ever since, environmental conditions permitting. I’m strongly considering a soft armor belt since I have a long torso and worry about frag to the lower spine/kidneys. Even with an extra large vest. Just a thought.

  • Hello Gentlemen, this is just to clear up some confusion on the belts. I work for Tyr tactical, I have been involved with 5.11 for some time and introduced the fire line of gear to them several years ago. I am a friend of Kyle, and we make some product for them to sell and we sell some of VTACs products.

    Kyle’s, VTAC Brokos belt is made in the US by a company. It is a well made belt that features the BROKOS tabs on the outside of the belt to molle items on and lets you interweave the inner belt for a rock solid sub load placement. It is a berry compliant belt.

    The 5.11 belt will probably be made offshore somehere and will not be berry compliant but I can guarantee you it will be made to standards accepted by Kyle, and should be made to the high standards that 5.11 requires of its manufacturers.

    The Tyr Tactical Brokos battlebelt, is made by Tyr Tactical LLC., in Peoria, Az. and is Berry compliant. It is made with Tyr’s proprietary PV material and is a slightly different desing shape than either the VTAC or 5.11 belt. It does however use the Brokos molle patches on the exterior. It can also be made with any level of soft armor or worn with just foam padding if no armor is required. Tyr tactical LLC. wishes both VTAC and 5.11 the best on this new product.

    • Gunner

      Thanks for clearing this up. Knowing yours is USA made makes it worth the extra bucks!

    • jrexilius

      Thanks for the clarification points. BTW, you guys make some rockin stuff.