Special Field Boots from Nike: Now REALLY Customizable

Kit Up! Some seriously customizable Special Field Boots.Kit Up! Some seriously customizable Special Field Boots.
This is pretty interesting, if of dubious use to conventional military personnel. Nike now has customizable Special Field Boots. You can choose materials (Suede and Leather) from the base, add in canvas for the upper quarter panel, and pick your colors too. From desert camo to regular “woodland camo” and even two-tone outsoles, you can color it pretty much whatever you want. Then they add in an ID feature with up to 12 characters on each boot.

Kit Up! Some seriously customizable Special Field Boots.

“Gear left adrift is a gift” may be true in some places, but it’ll be hard to explain why someone is wearing boots with YOUR laundry mark on them. Doesn’t look like you will be able to use profanity on the boots, so some of the doorkickers will be unhappy, but such is life.
Hopefully before too much longer a couple of the boys will have the chance to check these out and we’ll be able to let you know how the quality is. (Pending comms with Nike and some time in the field.)
Thanks very much to the Predator Intelligence Blog for bringing this to the Kit Up! team’s attention. Good looking out.
If you want to try it, you can design your own boots at nikeid.nike.com.
  • Awww, no novelty camouflages? Just the fake woodland stuff. *sigh*


  • James

    If those last more than a fortnight… well I’ll let you choose a forfeit. I’ll hapily put £20 on the soles wearing out within that time frame and the seams at the front giving way to form, what I like to call, “Crocodile-Feet!” Stick with Magnum’s or Lowa’s… preferably the first.

  • Riceball

    Somebody over on another blog site commented on these and said that they were more like high-top tennis shoes than true boots but they would be good in all black for use by LEOs as a patrol boot. He, or somebody else, also said that they were good as tac-boot for things like street patrol and door kicking but not very good for field duty because they lacked good ankle support.

    • k-9

      LOL, I’m LEO and k9, so I guess if they have bad ankle support, they are of no use to me. I’ll have to stick to Bellville and Bates.

  • SleepyDave

    I had a set of SFBs. Utter crap. The one thing I need is ankle support and a comfortable sole. Also, I’m pretty sure this is just Nike attempting to cash in on the Tactic00l crowd and their loose wallets. Imagine trying to walk a set of these past an inspection.

  • jake

    Out of all the services i like the most recent Marine Boots.

  • nyiwintun

    so nice special boots for military
    i like that’s boots
    Look like timberland
    so nice


    Boots are great. I wore mine on a 4 mile ruck yesterday and loved them.

    they don’t have a break in period like other military boots. While other soldiers were getting blisters on their feet, I had no problems at all. I recommend them to everyone. And I personally think they would be great for LEOs also as they come in black too.