SUREFIRE X400-3 Weapon Light & Green Laser

I really like this light and the fact that this SUREFIRE light can be a mod to existing hand guns without a rail system.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

Brandon out.

X 400 Features

  • Virtually indestructible LED regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • Tactical-level output with TIR lens for close- to medium-range applications
  • High-visibility 5 mW / 635 nm red laser sight
  • Quick-detach rail clamp
  • Accepts optional pistol grip and long gun forend switches
  • Construction—High-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing; impact-resistant polymer; coated tempered window
  • Weatherproof—O-ring and gasket sealed
  • Includes high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life
  • Lance

    Looks nice but if your pistol doesn’t have a rail its a bit useless then. :(

    • straps

      SF makes rail adapters for many legacy pistols that mount to the trigger guard.

      I used one on an M9 that I checked weekly and only had to tighten a couple times a year. (That was with a ‘200–if using with a ‘400 you have to re-zero after re-tightening).

  • FormerSFMedic

    There just isn’t a better weaponlight on the market that integrates a laser. For those that want that “one light” on their gun for HD, the X400 would be the choice. Personally, I’m not a big fan of lasers for this application. With full size autos, lasers just slow me down. But, for those that don’t shoot at that level, a laser can make sighting much easier during high stress.

    BTW, the mounting solution in the video has been available for quite sometime from SF. It works with any handgun weaponlight with a universal mounting solution.

  • I know this will probably earn me a flaming, but I’m not a fan of lasers on handguns. I first put one on a duty pistol back when they became readily available (over 12 years ago) when answering frequent calls for service to several trailer parks. I was concerned I might throw a flyer and hit some kid two trailers over. I absolutely see the value of one BUT I have also seen several lazy officers essentially stop worrying about their fundamental skills because they had a laser that allowed for easier, accurate hits…So, actually, let me change my stance in mid-stride. I’m not a fan of lasers on handguns if the agency or military unit allows them to be used singularly in qualification. If you have to demonstrate tactical proficiency withOUT lasers first, then with the laser second, I’m okay with it. Seriously, I couldn’t believe it, but I’ve seen places that allow personnel to run qual courses with a laser and never demonstrate their ability to accurately engage targets under stress without one. What if the damn thing goes down? What then? Sorry for rambling and modifying my stance. Long night, no coffee.

    • LEO

      Don’t forget that when multiple Officers are running lasers on a single individual it’s pretty much a guess which little red dot is yours.

      Use your sights, people. Muscle memory is faster than eye recognition.

      The only laser I’ll nod my head to are ultra high intensity ones that are meant to temporarily blind your target.

  • SWAT Medic

    Get idea if that is your thing, but nobody makes a holster for it unless you get some kind of custom Kydex. It is a nice compact solution for CQB riffle.

  • Out on Mean Street

    Is Surefire really worth the extra $200 to $300 more than the competition for a weaponlight? I don’t own a SF weaponlight, but have owned several other of their products. They break just as frequently as the others do, but for twice the price.

  • Jeff

    I’m not knocking it but I do wonder how much a 1911 with adaptor and light/laser weighs? It looks like a brick.

  • livesAquatic

    Is it a green laser like the title says? or red like in the description below the video? I’m with David on this one. A laser is cool to throw on when I take my little brothers and their friends to the range, but I feel much more comfortable trusting muscle memory for when it matters.

  • straps

    I have an X400 (red) and feel the laser is worth the extra money.

    The increased SA you get from taking your arms/hands/weapon out of your workspace is phonemenal.

    And I’ve been on-scene in multiple situations where a weapon-mounted laser “hastened an outcome immediately beneficial to a person justified in pointing it at another individual.”

    Notice I didn’t say “de-escalated.” Because on a couple occasions adversaries evaluated their options, took their chances–and came up short. But they did pause long enough for cameras–and in one case a witness–to support the contention that “he stopped, looked at the dot on his chest and charged.” Which goes a long way toward establishing everyone’s motivations–especially in the slippery civil arena (that would be why I inserted the “immediate”–bad people who make bad choices tend to be litigious).

    Far as availability of holsters, Raven and Safariland both support my X400 setup, which is good enough for me.

    The need to discriminate scenarios where a laser will be useful–and then train to a level of proficiency that leverages its utility–cannot be overstated.

    I don’t completely buy the contention that SF products break as frequently as competing products. I’ve been using their lights since 1998 and in that time I’ve had a two-stage tailcap stop working in low power–one call and I had a new cap overnighted to me (I think my e-mail address at the time helped).

    Short story long, I will be “going green” in ’12.

  • rapier975

    IMO, they are ABSOLUTELY NOT worth the assinine prices they charge. One is served just as well by a streamlight product as they are by a surefire, and they will save a good chunk of change as well.

    • gwb

      Well, they are made in America if that has any value to you.

  • rapier975

    Straps, where did these situations occur? I would definately like to look into them and research the incidents. City/state and time frame would be good. I can find it from there.

  • Brandon Webb




  • SleepyDave

    Okay, interesting, but how does it compare to the Viridian X5L thats about half the price? I know its not as bright, but does it really matter? If 110 lumens will temporarily blind someone, is the difference between 150 and 200 really that big a deal?

  • Brandon Webb


    Exactly. BREAK

    Lance- this is designed for legacy pistols.


  • Brandon Webb

    Well put.

  • FormerSFMedic

    No doubt about it Jeff, the mount and the light weigh quite a bit. But, that’s the price one pays for not having an integrated rail on their weapon system. Some departments and agencies just don’t issue guns with a rail, so this is really a good option for them. If you remember, before we had rails and weaponlights, we had to run the big Surefire military lights which I suspect weighed about the same as the mount and new X-Series lights.

  • FormerSFMedic

    Surefire lights are worth the money. If you only go to the range a couple times a year and never put your stuff through a tough training course, then yeah, a light from a different company may suffice. But, if you run thousands of rounds in one weekend and/or run your stuff in tough environments, then a Surefire is definently worth the extra money.

  • jake

    SureFire has some really kick bottom products. Their lights are what you pay for tough and ready.The current mags are Rocking.

  • BLWarmonger

    Could it be any bigger? :) That’s all i’m saying.

    • Harvey Walbanger

      That’s what she said.