G-Code Holsters (Part 1 of 3)

Kit Up! G-Code XST RTI for a Railed 1911 on a RTI Duty Drop (resting on aluminum shavings).Kit Up! G-Code XST RTI for a Railed 1911 on a RTI Duty Drop (resting on aluminum shavings).

I believe I mentioned back before Christmas that my favorite belt gear was pretty much all HSGI and G-Code holsters, but I haven’t gone into a lot of detail about it yet. I’m going to rectify that.

I’ll start with the holsters, because my G-Code has hands-down become my holster of choice. It is, in my opinion, what the SERPA

Kit Up! G-Code XST RTI for a Railed 1911 on a RTI Duty Drop (resting on aluminum shavings).

could have been if it had been better designed – you may not be aware of it, but the G-Code actually preceded the SERPA, and I believe likewise came before most of the Safariland rigs. I harbor a Safariland 6004 no ill-will, I carried one for years on and off duty. However, when you add in the smooth action of the G-Code’s release (it has pro-safe tension and the SOC has a self-powered tactical release mechanism) and the excellent way it achieves modularity, I find it superior to the Safariland. Now, I’m well aware holsters, like bullets and boots, are a subject of contention, and that many of you reading this have more experience than I do or are better shooters – I’m not arguing you should run one or the other, I’m just telling you what I like, and why. If I had to, I would go back to a Safariland. I should also be clear that I am not a proponent of the SERPA, after experiencing some reliability issues on the range and would not go back to one.

Anyway, I’d honstely never heard of G-Code until I was talking to Mean Gene of HSGI and Blake Danyeur of MSE about the Tacos and P-Tacos (which we’ll get to shortly, rest assured). Gene and I pow-wowed at length about LBE, various types of loadout, holsters, shooting and he wound up sending me a G-Code paid for out of his own pocket, along with a battle belt to try out.

Full disclosure: my first G-Code holster was given to me for T&E. I didn’t pay for it. However, I have since ordered more parts, another holster for my M&P and assorted pieces. I absolutely would spend my own money for one of these, and offered several times to reimburse Gene for it. He wouldn’t take the money.

So why do I personally prefer the G-Code?

First, the fit. It’s flawless, not just on my SOC for the Glock 35, but on every one I’ve looked at. Each of their Kydex molds are made in house, for every variant, to assure repeatable precision fit. I don’t know f-all about CAD and CAM and whatever else, but I can tell you there’s no difference in quality of fit between my G-Code and my custom-made one-off Kydex holster. There’s no cookie-cutter quality issues with a G-Code rig

Second, the afore-mentioned modularity. The RTI Wheel feature of this holster is superb. A lot of people don’t realize G-Code was the first Kydex holster to have a truly modular holster system. Most everyone associates modularity with the SERPA and to a lesser extent to Safariland, but they actually came later. I like their modular integration because of a number of features, including the way it’s streamlined (you put a SERPA or a Safariland on your plate carrier, it sticks way the hell out there), the cowling system for lights (it’s the only thing like it that I’ve seen, and allows you some options for those proprietary holsters that fit only certain light systems) and the MOLLE/belt conversion/attachment systems.

At the risk of belaboring the point, I really can’t say enough about the RTI system and other accessories. You can switch your holster from hip to drop-leg to IWB concealed carry, OWB concealed carry to plate carrier with ease. Not only can you take one holster and move it all over the place, switching out paddles and belt-slides and whatnot, you can change pieces. The RTI can be used for more than just holsters, they can be used now on a variety of magazines and other modular pieces.

Here’s my only issue with the G-Code: it does not have the kind of retention I think you would need to wear on duty in a LEO capacity, at least by most agency standards. If you’re in plain clothes, on a tactical assignment, etc. I think you’d be good to go. However, within the confines of work as a flatfoot patrol officer or deputy I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with it from an officer safety perspective. In a crowd or a fight with multiple suspects I just think it’s too vulnerable to a snatch from behind (not the kind of snatch MAJROD, SFC YOUNG and FORMERSFMEDIC are thinking of, get your minds out of the gutter). Having had two brothers try to get my gun away from me in the process of trying to kill me once (after separating them in a domestic) made an indelible impression on me. In fairness though, this might not even be an issue, since they aren’t currently available in colors/textures that your typical police agency would authorize for everyday wear (and some of you snake-eating ninja types might not be vulnerable to a rear gun grab anyway).

Don’t let that make you think the holsters aren’t secure. They are. I’m confident your weapon would remain where it’s supposed to be even if some big bastard turned you upside down and shook you…though if that happens, you’ll have other problems to concern yourself with.

More to follow tomorrow. Meantime if you want to read up, you can find G-Code on Facebook and their primary website.


Oh, and note; please advise if this sort of multiple installment article is good to go. If you prefer one-off articles, this will be the last ‘series’ we bother you with. Let us know.


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Kilgore & Call
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  • Gunner777

    I certainly agree they make fine products. I have one I use for IWB carry. I still prefer my Raven Concealment for normal belt carry.

  • Anonymous

    Great write up,

    This is what I am looking for. I personally did not choose the G-Code because of the plastic lug which is at the bottom of the holster and fits inside your barrel. Repeated in and outs like that may impair accuracy even if so slightly, IMHO. Maybe they make one without that, if so I would be game. Wondering how the G-Code is with an extended barrel for suppressors?


    • Anon; I will call G-Code in the morning to ask them for an opinion on here. I honestly can’t answer that question and to my chagrin, I never thought about extended barrel for suppressors. I’ll try to get that information for you either from them tomorrow, or by the time I run Part 3.

  • John

    Appreciate the write up, I’d been trying to find reviews for a while. As far as the lug goes, I’m almost positive its only in the SOC holsters, not the OSH or XST.

  • Lance

    Looks nice. Prefer flap safety over a button on the SERPA by Blackhawk.

  • Anon: the barrel plug is removable. Also for guns with extended barrels, just let us know and we can either modify the SOC or in the case of a G19 with threaded barrel use a G17 SOC. The OSH and XST are open bottom so there is no problem with extended barrels there.

    • Thanks Toph. Anon, belay my last, I won’t be calling them in the morning.

  • erick

    Glad to see Scott’s work getting some attention. Hopefully there will be a better distribution network behind it at some point.

    • erick, The distribution network is stronger than ever now. We are accepting orders directly through our website with a 3 week or less lead time, and have grown our Stocking dealer list to more than 25 Worldwide. I am working on getting a list of stocking G-Code dealers up on the website, but have been so busy lately. If you need anything contact us directly via phone or Email.

  • Buckaroomedic

    Thanx for the write-up, definitely answered some questions I had about G-Code holster. I like the “installment” article idea. Installments will make it easier to cover a topic in depth, but still keep it “readable”.

  • Go Navy!

    Gunner777: Just ordered my first Raven Concealment for my Glock 19. It was strange. The holster came VERY tight. It was really tough to draw G19 out of the holster. I believe in retention but not to the point of not being able to draw my weapon effectively. Did your holster do that? Anyways, great customer service! (In USA! Not outsourced to a third world country) I contacted them and they are working on checking my my holster. Also good quality too! Other holsters that I have had are Blackhawk Serpa, BladeTech and Crossbreed.

  • Go Navy!

    David: Good to see you mentioned: MAJROD, SFC YOUNG and FORMERSFMEDIC. They are my favorite commentors : ) They have constro

  • Go Navy!

    David: Good to see you mentioned: MAJROD, SFC YOUNG and FORMERSFMEDIC. They are my favorite commentors : ) They have constributed to some very good comments and discussions.

  • Len

    When you’re talking about the retention issue is it on the OSH holster or all of the G-Code holsters??

    • I believe he is referring to the Level 3 Safarilands where you push the hood forward then have to hit a release inside the holster also.
      We have a new product in the works that will address this issue for Depts that want to run our product on duty and need 3 levels of retention. We have Numerous Depts that our holster is the only one approved for Off Duty carry. Not saying that other holsters are not applicable, but the higher ups said G-Code or Bust.. ;-)

  • marvin g.

    i have the GHS model for my XD45 Tactical with a paddle and a belt attachment.It is GREAT! Gonna get one for my XDSC 40 with IWB adapter for my everyday carry. They need to build a AR mag pouch too!Keep it up G-Code!

    • Marvin, We actually do make AR Mag pouches http://www.tacticalholsters.com/category/RMAG.htm… , and RTI Couplers http://www.tacticalholsters.com/category/RTM.html ..

      • marvin g.

        Crap i feel stupid now.LOL Didnt even see those.Thanks man.

        • marvin g.

          One more thing.Are my GHS holster and the attachments i have convertible to RTI? i have a paddle and belt attachment.

          • Marvin, the GHS holster itself is able to attach the RTI system via the GCA35, but you will need to purchase new RTI accessories, as the standard paddle and belt slide do not line up with our RTI wheel.

          • marvin g.

            Thanks.Sorry for dopuble post.

  • Rapier975

    Grrr! I carry CZ pistols exclusively, but it sure is difficult to find quality bolsters for some models. Right now I rely on Safariland for my duty holster needs, which is great, but finding an off-duty holster for my CZ75D PCR is A PAIN!!! Read this article, and then went to the G Code website hoping they might provide a better selection of weapon specific holsters. Nope. Tactical tupperware time. Oh well. That’s just the price i pay for the gun I choose I guess. I sure wish more companies would offer holsters for a wider selection of guns. Right now, for CZs, it’s Blade-Tech or nothing.

    • Rapier, We have holsters for the EAA Witness and Older CZ pistols, but they have changed the CZ’s so much we had to remove them as an option on our webstore.
      It is on the agenda to get Newer model CZ’s molded up, but I have no lead time on when that will be..

  • Rapier975; e-mail them or put a post up on their Facebook wall. I’ve seen them put up notices basically asking “if we do one of these, who would want one?” and if there is enough response then you get what you’re after. Worth a shot!

  • Rapier975

    Wow. That’s fast customer service! Ok, based on that alone, I’ll keep checking back at the site, and order the holster when it becomes available!

    • Rapier, That is why I am on board with G-Code, I am constantly interacting with our client base to make sure they have the best experience possible with our products and service. I wake up in the middle of the night some times just to answer emails and questions on forums.
      If you need anything feel free to call or email me directly.
      Cell: ***.***.****

  • marvin g.

    Are my GHS holster and the attachments i have convertible to RTI? i have a paddle and belt attachment.

  • Go Navy!

    Topher@G-Code: thank you for all your responses. It definitely shows good customer service. I will have to check you guys out when I need another new holster.

  • Will

    While i still use the model you do for the writeup, most folks are heading to the als design which seems more natural than the folding gate. They come in tan also but you gotta order the right one. My xst is multicam but the felt gets messed up easy and looks pretty beat up after only one month of really hard use. Imo not worth the extra 15.


    I shall procure a kit this weekend.
    I currently have a custom kydex rig that is not very modular and I am finding it to be more and more of a PITA than I would like. I want to be able to mount it in at least 3 different ways without the extra cost of different parts and the time it takes to screw and unscrew all the nuts n’ such.
    I have always been intrigued by the G-CODE modularity and should be passing by a booth on Saturday with these kits at a really low price.

    How difficult would it be to get a knife holster to this level of modularity with your kit???

  • Dave

    What battle belt were you using / prefer. In the market for one, any review articles out there worth mentioning?

    • Dave: I’ve got battle belts here from HSGI, Hard Point Equipment and Tactical Tailor. Be covering them soon, just been really busy and don’t want to do it half-assed. DR

  • defensor fortissimo

    It’s interesting you mention prefering the Safariland over the SERPA. With my job the 6004 is standard issue, and most of our experience with SERPAs come from deployments where we acquire them with our own money. The general concensus is that the Safariland is despised and those who use SERPAs swear by them. To be fair i think this is more of a response to the fact that we’re stuck using a drop platform and the Serpa presents some versatility as far as mounting the weapon.

    • Go Navy!

      defensor fortissimo: I have not use SERPA in combat situations. However, I have used them quite abit on Tactical Handgun classes. I have no complaints about them. I have the CQC series (not the sportser). I have heard people who have used it in combat that dirt gets into the holster and blocks the firearm from unlocking. I have even used it for conceal carry. It is nice to know that when you hear that “click”, your weapon is locked. I do think Blackhawk’s quality has gone down with their introduction of cheap Nylon and Snap button holsters that now you can get at Walmart for $8.99. All made in China. Not sure if they are trying to get into the “airsofter” or just going cheap and hitting up the regular civilian market (people who aren’t professionals).

      • defensor fortissimo

        And to be fair it’s kind of hard to build up dirt sitting in a tower or a humvee all night so my job may not be the best to gauge durability, although i’ve talked to people coming from Kuwait who went through more than their share of dust etc. due to sand storms and they pretty much said the same thing. I’ve never personally used a serpa simply because a)i didn’t want to spend the money, b) I don’t really have a problem with safariland though i’m not that crazy about the leg rig and having to reshuffle it every 5 seconds when i run, and c) serpa’s mounted on vests actually led to some nasty misunderstandings between us and some army brass-our SOPs say that when we’re on duty we keep our M9s holstered with a round in the chamber and the safety off, so needless to say having that little red dot poking out from the holster when some individuals went to the DFAC in the middle of shift and a light colonel noticed, things got interesting.

  • yank

    does the holster have room for laser/lights?.

  • Skinny

    Great write up, and nice to see a vendor visiting the site. Sounds like top notch customer service over there.

    Just my $0.02, but I like these multiple installment articles. Keep ’em coming!

  • DF: I understand your problem (when I want to Panama back after the Great Noriega Adventure we had the same problem with our MP counterparts). Holsters are always going to be something people argue about. I actually carried my 6004 on my belt eventually. Took a little work with a Dremel tool but I got it done. I think thigh rigs are for a very specific purpose and are waaaay over-used. I don’t like ANY thigh rig, frankly, unless I have to wear it for the right reasons, largely for the reason you cited. My reason for disliking the SERPA is strictly based on the malfunctions I experienced when the mechanism was fouled.

  • John

    SERPAs are going downhill quick with shooters. I’ve heard of a few ND’s caussed by the holster recently, one I think was at an IPSC or IPDA competition. And I have also heard about the weapon getting suck due to dirt getting under the locking mechanism. I don’t think its very widespread, but obviously that’s a big problem if it happens to just one person.

  • Browcs

    I have the same exact issue with holsters for an HK USP full-size .45 ACP and Beretta 92. I have to back out the retention screw to the point it rattles in the screw channel. I tighten it to any degree and its near impossible to draw the guns.

  • bbb

    The grips on the 1911 look really cool.

    Also, what is the primary difference between the GSH and the OSH? The shirt guard? Or the ability to be used IWB? I think I might like one for my airsoft 1911 (yeah, yeah) but wondered which one would be a better overall choice.

    (for the record I live in Japan, so please, no comments about real guns being better)

  • LongLiveThe2nd

    Check out the guys over at PatriotTAC; they sell G Code holsters at great prices, offer free shipping, and they almost always have the G Code holsters in stock, too. Everyplace else seems to have a real long wait time.

  • Derek

    What is the adapter in the second pic? I’ve order the HSGI Padded War Belt and like how that adapter fits inside and hangs low. Is it a paddle attached to the inside belt?