New Israeli Machine Gun — The NG7

A number of bloggers have picked this up — including my esteemed colleague at Soldier Systems Daily — but I just couldn’t ignore it. Israel Weapon Industries recently unveiled its new NG7, a 7.62mm version of the venerable Negev 5.56mm light machine gun.

I had a chance to fire a couple of belts through the standard Negev a few years back and I found it just as nice (or better) to shoot as the M249s FN makes for the U.S. military. The NG7 fires 850-1,050 rounds per minute on gas regulator position one and 950-1150 rpm on position two.

Like the standard Negev, it also has a semiautomatic setting for engaging point targets. It has Picatinny rails for mounting optics and Tritium sights for low-light conditions.

IWI developed the NG7 for the Israel Defense Force. It provides maneuvering infantry with an assault gun chambered for the potent 7.62mm NATO round similar to FN’s MK48 LMG in use with special operations units and Army infantry units in Afghanistan.

The NG7 comes in two versions. The standard features a 20-inch barrel and weighs 16.75 pounds. The SF version comes with a 16.5-inch barrel and weighs a few ounces less. Both models have collapsible buttstocks with an adjustable cheek rest.

And of course, it’s on YouTube. Check it out:

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    all i want for xmas…

  • James

    Nothing says happiness like a belt feed automatic weapon



  • Lance

    Looks nice for a shoot but like the SEALs I prefer a heavier MG like the M-60E3 compared to this yeah weight sucks till you shoot a potent cartridge like 7.62X51 NATO then it kills recoil and balances better. For many situations a M-240 or M-60 is still better than a SAW or MK48.

    But compared to a SAW this is a world better.

    • BillyWhat?

      did you not see the video? it has about no recoil. it shoots faster and is more reliable compared to a M240 or M60. this thing rocks!

      • Joshua

        The M240 Bravo is a very reliable weapon.

        I have actually never seen one fail…..the M249 on the other hand I wont speak of lol.

        It is def a very nice LMG though.

        • xcalbr

          I think everybody should agree that the M60 should be put to rest. Of course, its lighter variant is even less reliable than the ordinary platform. With this characteristic, one might as well utilize the Mk48.

          I would like to see a comparison of this machine gun to others.

  • HalP

    you forgot ammo

  • Gunner777

    Damn nice weapon!!! What else can you say.

  • Jerry

    looks like a good weapon lots more firepower than the BAR. weight is good but i don’t want to hump it through the jungle. …. yea granted it has larger rounds than the SAW but … Are we talking 300-500 yards of 50-100yds …. in today’s conflicts only the politicians will tell you there are all around weapons. We still use m-14s, .45 cal, bolt actions and what ever it takes to get the job done. Personally i rather have a .45 cal side arm and a 12 gauge for close support, and a .45 auto. i have wondered why for inclose support the service doesn’t come out with a .45 cal auto rifle, Whats wrong with the Uzzi. I think its second only to the Ak-47.

  • Nick T.

    A gun like that, not sure what else you can take off to reduce weight. Look’ silkier than a greased eel and probably hits like a **** ton of bricks in 7.62. Bigger better badder, though and upgrade like this has a bit of foreshadowing given the state of that part of the world…

  • 1.) 7.62 = stand off range from 5.56mm AK series and able to take out RPG at greater distances with more stopping power.

    2.) Isrealis have solved the recoil problem on full auto with this new MG.

    3.) Semi Auto for accurate suppressive fire under urban and mountainous terrain.

    4.) “Hello SoCom procurement ? How fast can we obtain these new Negev’s ?

  • Mike

    Very, very nice…I feel aroused…

  • robert someo

    good weapon for jungle warfare and manourver kick you can aim easily and get your taget

  • hyh

    should work exceptionally against their rock throwing enemies.

    • jack

      nice one. what about hizballa and hamas?

  • Johnny Quest


    ROF is too high in this weapon. The 240, too heavy. 240L, still heavy and too expensive. I have been told the MK48, like the HK21 series, beats you and itself to death. US Ord has made the 60 what it always should have been.

  • RobertBruce

    Looks like the Ultimax. I like it, looks lite, and plenty of rounds.

  • Zspoiler

    Hey mom .look a new toy