Sunday Funny: the Army PT Uniform


This is better than running in boots and utes, right? Right? Can’t be any worse than AF PT uniform, which actually worked pretty well for morale purposes if you doused your crotch with baby powder and wore it to watch dirty movies.

Is it sad that there probably isn’t a single person in my old unit or the last tracking course I taught that would recognize the phrase boots and utes?

Anyway. Big thanks to Predator Intelligence Blog (website here) for showing me this please go check ’em out. Good stuff, and an opinion many share (judging by the over 700 Shares on their facebook page).

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  • chris

    1% agent orange?! for real?!

  • John

    I actually don’t mind the IPFU and would agree with very few of those…

  • Darrel

    I found myself rolling on the floor…

  • SleepyDave

    I think everyone has a problem with the idea of a PT uniform. I know that given the first opportunity, all of us ditched the navy issue running shorts (dark blue ranger panties) and heavy-as-**** white cotton t-shirt for pretty much anything else. I PT’d in mesh running shorts and an army brown t-shirt I bought at the PX. As for my smurfs, gods know where they went.

    Next thing you know, they’re going to start issuing a Liberty Uniform, which will consist of black slacks (that will bunch in the crotch), a grey polo shirt (that will show even the faintest hint of sweat in the armpits), white t-shirt underneath (wears out in 2 washings) , white socks (that wear out after 2 washings), and white skivvies that put your balls in a vice and don’t breathe. If I never hear the phrase “Proper civilian attire” ever again in all my life, it won’t be long enough.

  • Lance

    Looks better than the USAF PT uniform. LOL

    • lol

      Considering TSA STOLE my AF track suit out of my duffle
      It can’t be that bad looking

  • KG2V

    I’ve been in the Ft Drum area in winter (I’m a civilian), come on, it’s not THAT cold. (Then again, I’m the guy known to walk around outside when it’s 0F in just a short sleaved shirt

  • Nick the Brit

    These are all true! One of the few good things about Iraq was we could PT in shorts and the tan t-shirt, a million times better than the issued grey shirt!

  • Mike

    Boots and utes,eh? Getting up there yourself, my man…For the uninitiated, that means running in boots (usually black jump boots) and whatever uniform-du-jour trousers. Be grateful…

  • mpower6428

    how much money does the US army pay those fashionista gremblins in the bowls of the petagon to produce this unconfortable, immpractical, corn-doggery…? and what sadist is signing the checks…?

    i am truely sorry “army guys”. it seems you will be forever fated to look like dorks, a bunch of dorks.



  • I was afraid of that…Thanks for clarifying for the uninitiated, Mike!

  • I’ll have to disagree with on one point, that being the one regarding professional soldiers. Say what you want about military personnel these days, they ARE professionals, and every one that has enlisted since 9/11 has sworn the oath KNOWING they were going into a shooting war (as opposed to just risking it). If you want to mock someone, mock some of the brass. Do we mollycoddle the troops sometimes? Probably. But the “good old days’ aren’t necessarily “the best old ways”…and if something makes our troops perform better, I’m all for it (such as leveraging athletic lessons learned from professional athletes and putting that into boots, just as a for instance). I can say this Brain Damaged: as much as things have changed just since my time, I’m sure it’s as bad or worse for you!

    • Martin M

      I have to agree with Drain. The US military in too many ways have forgotten what their #1 job is, and it’s not always what you think it is. Too much time and energy is wasted on ancillary garbage like PT uniforms, uniforms in general, equipment that doesn’t fit the bill, dog-n-pony shows, etc. Talk about fraud, waste, and abuse. It’s the same, sad story across all the branches.


        How about eatable PT uniforms, think ofthe cost savings. might reduce the national debt. eliminate mre’s. Hey I’m not bashing the men and women who are serving. m poking the inane ptb who skim from the defence budget ( take note of the civil war) and profit to the detriment of those who serve. when a bucket of **** starts stinking, it helps to stir the bucket and clean it out rather than throw the bucket away. just as we learn from experience if we survive ,epifanies arrive after the fact. old soldiers dont die they just smell like they will.

        • lol point to you! I like the edible PT uniform idea…be a little nasty tasting, I’m thinking! Your bucket analogy is spot on.

  • Nicole Layton

    That **** hole got in the -20s to -30s a handful of times while I was there. Not cold my ***. I’ve never been more thankful for the south.

  • Nicole Layton

    That place got in the -20s to -30s a handful of times while I was there. That’s not cold to you. I’ve never been more thankful for the south. And your PTs made it that much worse but the army is getting new ones… Prob see them in 10 years lol

  • Jim

    Should just do it the British way, and as soon as your in your working unit (ie out of basic) sober (not always) civvy PT will do. Save a fortune!! Alternatively sell all your Aircraft Carriers.

  • Egocentric lifeless **** you are…love it.

  • mmm

    Why? Why is it so vital to have a group of men and women doing exercises in uniform. A white t shirt and pants is all that is required. I wonder who has the contract to make these uniforms and take more money out of the pockets of our young men and women. it is purely financial you know. Has nothing to to with better Pt scores.

  • shotbag

    we don’t need no stinkin pt uniform, train as you fight, fight as you train, ware the freakin combat uniform with boots, the pt uniform is a rip off

  • straps

    Yuuup, the issue PT shirt is awesome for durability, OK for sweat wicking, too damned heavy for actual physical activity.

    I don’t wear that PT uniform for one simple reason: You have to tuck the shirt in. ***, who does that?

    And the long pants and jacket? I believe I’d be less likely to get hypothermia wearing the shorts & t-shirt than cladding myself in that ********** multi-layered abomination…

  • straps

    Running on asphalt in jump boots is the reason boots and utes was outlawed in the first place.

    I went through Basic when you did oblique rotations in in ‘Cruits (USGI boots) and (BD)Utes. Between sets of flutter kicks. Good times.

    And I remember getting to my first platoon, getting halfway through a set when some safety smurf ran up to my PSG screaming, “Thoooooose are baaaaanned! Weeee doooon’t do thooooose any moooore!”

  • You guys see this? It was on Soldier Systems Daily via Doctrine Man:


  • Mekalecka

    I am still convinced that all CSM’s own stock in a PT Belt company.

  • Paul Petro

    I find this article offensive to read starting with the first paragraph and then the so called cartoon that explains the uniform, specifically the patch on the new uniform. It’s a shame that people have to revert to that kind of language to get a point across.

  • steelcobra

    Shirt: heavy weight, does not effectively evaporate moisture, reflective paint not very reflective
    Shorts: Too short, no place to keep a couple keys, reflective points don’t reflect well, made like swim trunks for no good damn reason.
    Pants: Lined with water absorbent material, doesn’t resist getting soaked from the outside
    Jacket: Heavy, not waterproof, too effective at holding in heat and moisture, reflective points don’t work.

    The entire uniform is a complete goat-rope. Black with reflective gold Moisture-wicking t-shirt and shorts and a couple sets of cold-weather layers soldiers are allowed to wear at their own discretion would be the best solution.

  • SGT Will

    That’s hilarious. Never thought of a uniform that way, but I guess in terms of military personnel, anything is possible for those with uneducated minds.

  • Pistol762

    I had to laugh and remember a life-time ago when all we had were the jump boots and fatigues to run in while in OCS (The Benning School for Boys). Usually with a pistol belt and canteen in the center of our back while carrying an M-14 at high port. Lapping the airborne track every morning or running around the Army Airfield for recreation! The company guide-on was usually twirled as we ran & ran singing songs banned long ago by the P/C police of today!

  • Kane

    I was in the Army from ’81 to ’01 and this was the best PT uniform I had. Does anyone remember the “banana suits”?

  • d.malone

    i remember boots & utes,i still have the utes,i think they fit my hand now.that was 30++ yrs ago in panama.

  • Banana Suits!! I searched all over 3 states to find Yellow Sweats because that damn banana suit was NEVER long enough. About the time I finally found some, they changed to a non fitting Grey PT Uniform. This new PT Uniform is not half bad. But that stupid belt has to go. Even dumber is wearing them in a Combat Zone!?!??!?! How stupid is that??

  • Dave W

    When we had the official change-over to the new PT uniform, I remember dumping about $157 at clothing sales for the required compliment of sweats/L/S sleeve shirts and shorts…I had heartburn for days.

    However, I still have some of the old Banana suit stuff from back in the ‘day’-hated the sweats and those stupid shorts, but that 2 sided shirt was the bomb I thought. But, after a couple of decades plus of doing PT in garrison, Field, deployed, etc. I still look to the aftermath of stink and sweat as the bigger problem. No PT uniform fixes that…


  • T B

    Th uniform isn’t that bad. I’m tired of all the complaining.

  • freakydeaky

    Was in the Army ’82 to ’85. Funny, we just wore our BDU pants, OD t-shirts and tennis shoes or boots. DUH!

  • JC

    Got -70 once in the field, that was a cold day, ’95-’98.

  • Leo Mac

    I have to agree David. I as in from 62 t0 70 and reserves 72 to 77 and todays troops are some of the best we have ever seen, male & female. The uniform thing is from a pencil pusher who has not done PT (if ever). Besides every location is different as far as the weather goes so what is good on one place sucks in another.

  • My kind of ARMY

  • MAJ Mike

    “Boots and utes!”

    Yup. Did that at the Ft. Polk School for Wayward Boys back in 1976. We’d wear the “pickle suit” OD fatigue pants, white t-shirt, and black issue combat boots.

    Never really did see the need for an issue PT outfit. And why tuck the t-shirt in? Its an APFT, not an in-ranks inspection. Oh, well, good times. Just didn’t realize it at the time.

  • larry

    U.S.M.C. 1965, if it was green you wore it. If it was black it was your boots. On a tarmac you marched. Anywhere else you ran. At least a million lived through it you crybabies. It’s the military, get real, you are there to fight, kill, drink blood, and suffer discomfort. Not have a good day. If you want designer gear get a job and pay for it. You have the right to complain when YOU pay for it.


      DEAD ON…….

  • xcalbr

    BDU/ACU bottoms, brown T shirt, and running shoes. designated training days for running with boots in soft dirt. might as well train how you fight, and training for combat fitness should not involve gym wear.

  • David

    just about as stupid as saluting in one


    THIs is how WE do it…

  • Jake

    Noway I’m in the Army and this does not even come close to the AF PTs

  • Jake

    Do some PT and you’ll see why these are all true

  • J.J.

    hahaha regardless the uniform is rediculous and i like the captain condom hood they also have.

  • Old Soldier

    Man/Woman Up! In 68, Our PT uniform was issued in zero week. It was called fatigues and boots. First 12 reps. of 12 excercises in the dark at 0530, then anywhere from 2-4 miles at doubletime (in formation), and I dare you to even think about dropping out of formation. That would constitute additional PT for all on your behalf. The only luxury was being able to ground your fatigue shirt and unblouse your boots before taking off. Those new boots would put blisters as big as quarters on your feet. Great conditioning for the Mekong Delta. If you went on “sick call”, you were threatend with “recycle” Sick Call was conducted in the barracks at night with Iodine and band-aids.

    • Doing it does like nothing else will, there is a method behind what appears madness. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. I am hard core ARMY< ALL THE WAY and i dont buy into the interservice rivilry either. Training is intended to prepare troops for combat conditions which are far from any comfort zones enjoyed by civilians. Training also reveals those weak links and culls the herd so to speak. the bonds of brotherhood are forged and strengthend in adversity. I would not car to trust my life to any wanna be or a gimme, wannas and gimmes will get you killed when the rubber hits the road. our elite troops are just that, for those they love they sacriface blood sweat and tears. I'm proud of all the men and woman who serve now and in the past. there is a legacy that transends race, greed, etc......

      • Old Soldier

        Well said “Brain Bamaged”! I want blood thirsty warriors, not wimps protecting us.

  • Fritz

    The only PT I remember from the USN was getting from the aft lower levels of the aircraft carrier to the upper level by the bow in less then 4 1/2 minutes before all the hatches were secured in a general quarters drill. On the mess decks we used long spoons to kill the roaches that appeared when the lights went to emergency lighting. Sitting there for two hours one time I made a record kill. One time we had to clean the deck in a food storage hold so everything was removed to allow us to sweep the deck. I picked up a 50 lb bag of macaroni shells and about a thousand roaches ran 100 different directions. I never ate shipboard macaroni after that.

  • Debbie

    as a woman who joined the man’s Army in 1976 i ran in boots and fatigues – and did not find it hard – i preferred it to the cute little girl shorts – button front shirt with the wrap around skirt that was the WAC uniform – i see many folks on crutches around Fort Lee and wonder if those soft tennis shoe so called boots are the reason why – the PT uniform currently issued is not professional enough to me when i see them in every store and over the weekend looking sloppy and unkept

    looking well groomed and professional is the best

  • My kind of WOMEN, tell it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Patty

    I miss the days when units had their own distinct t-shirts. When I was in the 82nd ABN in the early 1980s each battalion had their own t-shirt with a distinct design on it. It boosted pride in the battalion or regiment. It was even more fun when I spent the rest of my career in Special Forces and each A-Team had their own t-shirt, HALO, SCUBA or whatever.

  • ever try swimming in the Atlantic ocean, Well I did. I was with THE Special Forces and took training with UDT 21 at Little Creek Va our qualifing swim was in the Atlantic in October, our gear was GI PT shorts Booties and Flippers a wool sweat shirt, gogglea and maywest life presserver. That was a little cool. one other thing if we were found down town in fatigue we better be on unit business or we got a DR which usually ended in an art 15. Today these people don,t have to own any civis they wear the BDU,s 24 hours a day. You can find them in resturants at nidnight. Take them off and give it a break

  • me

    dude, the whole thing is sarcastic. a joke. dang….

  • Gub

    You ain’t seen an Army PT uniform if you ain’t seen the “banana suits” worn in the mid-70’s. LOL!

  • Mitche

    Since the record low temp for NY is -52F, Feb. 18, 1979 at Old Forge, NY, I find this hard to believe.

  • Patrick Victoria Jr.

    I’m old school we use to fall out for formation take off blouse do PT then end up with
    2 mi run in combat boots. Feet still sore to this date..

  • Les Newport

    I don’t remember calling the ‘PT’ uniform utes and boots but I do remember referring to that uniform as CB’s and OD’s. Always hated the starched cotton but loved and miss the khaki’s. It looked best coming out of the Drill Sergeant Academy with the round brown and the pumpkin badge.

  • Charlie Shelden

    Just give the contract to Underarmor and wear the same uniforms that football teams do? Nice looking, practical, and affordable. I preferred sweats and a hoodie myself.

    If anyone feels like they can really run, try doing 80 “beat your boots” in two minutes and then try to run a few miles. A very humbling experience.

  • Les Newport

    Regardless of what uniform we wore while doing PT, please let me say to all of you, “Thank You” for serving. I don’t care if you volunteered or were drafted and showed up, you were there. I don’t care if you were a soldier, a marine, in the coast guard or a sailor or an airman. I don’t care if you were enlisted, a warrant or an officer. Thank You. I don’t care if you served during peacetime or during a conflict. you stood up and served. It doesn’t matter if you were stateside or overseas. We are what makes America great.

    Like some have mentioned, I liked the distinct unit t-shirts many of us have from the past. Those days are most likely gone forever. We ALL had U.S. on our uniforms. I ran in combat boots and tennis shoes as well in OD’s, camo. and the PT uniform. I ran in winter as well as in summer and in between. It was humid or dry as ****, dark or light, in flat or hilly terrrain, and stateside and overseas. Been there, done that, and so have you (and you cared) or you probably would not be reading this. Thank You.

    I’m an 11B4X

  • Retiree

    I was one of those individuals who had to run in boots, brown t-shirt, and BDUs. Sure, it was a lot heat to wear, but it prepared you for the 17 mile hike in full uniform and ruck sack with the specific items and rifle.
    Do not call the Army “dorks” if you cannot spell properly. “CHECK WEBSTER” or use spell check before you utter anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noname

    Nothing says that you are a mean warrior like a stupid looking PT uniform and a dorky reflective belt when it’s broad daylight and you’re running on a closed road. I absolutely HATE organized Army PT, but what I HATE even more are the silly uniforms. At least make the uniforms look tough.

  • Mike

    Jeeezzz…I’m an old-timer, folks…(Scout Plt, 1/48Inf, 3AD 76-79) I knew it was getting bad, but this? Holy S**T!!!

  • former jarhead/ARNG

    Joined the Corps in 1966. Our plt. ran with the sateen 107’s buttoned up. Did the P.T. tests in the tennis shoes, red shorts, and yellow sweat shirt. I joined the Guard in 1979 and stayed till 2007. Semper Fi and thank you for your service. And to all of you out there, thank you for your service.

  • EOD Bombbuster

    When I went through EOD school, Navy EOD would wear UDT’s. You think you see to much, when a guy is wearing silkies? UDT’s are skin tone and super tight/short. It looked like they all sat down in some hairy bubble gum.


  • Dave K

    Good heavens yes! I had one back in USAREUR in 1980……….there was also a heavy duty black tshirt that went with it…….ah memories

  • Dr. T. Sanchez

    “Utes” is short for “utilities”, as in a utility uniform. C’mon; even a blind squirrel gets a nut occasionally.

  • Army wife Crystal

    Loli laughed
    As did my husband and his they walked out the door in this stuffLMAO

  • russ

    I served in the Marines and the Trops were the uniform for summer wear.I agree the Khakis looked great my dad was a lifer and i reall those suckers were AJ and squared away.This blue Army class A sucks harder than a typhoon,pure fking ugly,looks like the Wermacht WWII,just blue,i never saw so many badges,Qual badges great all that other stuff i have no idea.